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5 Travel Hacks To Achieve Your Dream Of The World For Insanely Cheap

Joseph Lazukin



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What if I told you, that you could travel around the world for less for $1,500 a month?

Sounds like a dream, right?

…but wait, doesn’t it cost a lot money to travel?

travel tips

Ever since I got the first stamp on my passport, I’ve become obsessed with traveling around the world, and with that obsession came the question…

How could I make this cheaper?

So after a few years of wanderlust and traveling around the world, as well as landing my friends cheap flights, here are my top 5 travel hacks I’ve learned in order to travel around the world for less than $1,500!

(In many cases I was able to live for under $800)

1. Whenever you fly international, do not combine your domestic and international flights!

The majority of the cost associated with your ticket, comes from taxes!

Depending on where you are flying from and where you are flying to, there could be an additional 19 different tax codes driving up your airline fare!

So whenever you book your flights, make sure that you book a domestic flight to the biggest international airport, and then fly out from there via separate tickets!

To give you an idea on how much you can save, it costs around $900-$1100 for a round trip flight to Oslo, Norway out of Phoenix, Arizona (PHX) where I am based – and they are never direct flights!

However if you fly out of Los Angeles (LAX), a major international airport, you can find round trip flights for only $325 – and they are direct flights!

With a quick $150 round trip flight from PHX to LAX, my total round flight cost from PHX to OSL ends up being only $475 instead of $900 or more!

That’s over $400 in savings!

travel hacks

2. Separate your international round trip tickets into separate one way tickets

So we all know that the farther away that you book your ticket, the better the discount you get, so why should you get penalized for booking for your return flight in advance?

When you separate your international round trip flights, you can save up to another 10%-20% or even more simply because of the way that airlines hike up ticket prices closer to your flight date.

Also if you read our tip above, every nation has it’s own different tax rates, so the effective tax rate on your ticket from where you are leaving from, may be higher than where you are coming back from, so when you book them separately you get those additional savings!

travel for free

3. Skip the hotels, rent like a local!

How much do you think it costs to live five steps off the beach in Greece for a month? $5,000? $2,000?

Nope! A whopping $695 if you rent via if you want to keep things simple (you get up to 60% off some rentals if you stay a week – month), but that’s still a little too high!

The other option requires a bit of work, but if you type in “Greek Google Search” into Google the first result will be the Greek version of Google, which means all your results will be relevant from a local’s perspective instead of from a tourist’s perspective!

Wait, what does that mean?

Well if you search “Rental homes in Santorini Greece” while you’re in the United States or any other country other than Greece, google thinks you’re looking for a vacation rental, but when you search via the Greek version of Google, it thinks you’re looking to rent an apartment, not a vacation rental.

So the results that appear, are local Greek apartment rental sites, and you can find month to month rentals right on the beach, for less than $400 a month!

How wild is that?!

Feeling that impulsive wanderlust taking over yet? Keep reading!

travel for less

4. Put your cell phone bill on hold, get a local SIM card

Almost every country outside of the United States, charges less for cell phone service; in fact in some countries, unlimited data, text, and minutes is only $15 USD!

So while many avid travelers may already be picking up local SIM cards in the countries that they fly to, what most do not know is that you can “freeze” or put your cell phone on hold for little to no charge, saving you even more $$$!

In other words, you’re welcome for that extra beer money! 🙂

travel for free

5. Travel for FREE by creating a lifestyle blog – yes, guys you can too!

How does free hotel stay, free cruises, and free flights sound?

Pretty amazing, right?

If you think it sounds too good to be true, it’s not!

Hotels, cruise lines, amusement parks, and tour companies invest millions a year in influencer marketing, covering travel expenses and often times even paying lifestyle influencers to experience their hotels, cruises, parks, or tours in exchange for sharing their experience to their following or fan base!

…but wait, what if I’m just getting started, will anybody pay for my travel?

The short answer is, no, UNLESS you use the following advice!

All of these companies care about one thing, EXPOSURE, and how do you show that you are worth flying out and having your stay covered?

Simple, analytics!

Now I know I just threw out a crazy word right there, but I’ll break it down for you.

If you can show these companies a general idea of how much exposure they’ll receive by putting together a one page document with screenshots of how many people end up coming to your blog every month, and engage with your Facebook and Instagram posts, you’ll be able to convince them!

…but what if I don’t have any traffic or have a following?

Well, it’s time to get to work!

Create a Facebook page, a Pinterest account, and an Instagram account, and start writing posts and sharing them with your friends!

The founder of Addicted2Success also has a great article on how to get started which you can find here

However if you are impatient like I am, and have a little money to invest, here are two tips that can help you achieve a following a lot quicker!

  1. Place Google ads on your blog to earn you money per visitor
  2. Run Facebook ads to your blog

How does adding Google ads to your site help you develop a following?

It won’t, but what it does do, is pay you every time an ad is displayed or clicked by a visitor on your site. On average Google pays around $10 per 1,000 visitors to your site, and while that might sound like a daunting number to hit, you can use Facebook ads to help hit that number!

With a little bit of testing, you should be able to get clicks from Facebook for around penny or two per click, so every 100 visitors to your site will only cost you $1-2, and while you might not make money in the beginning, having Google ads on your site will help you recover some of your ad spend, while will you rapidly develop a following!

Eventually those paid visitors will start coming back to your site organically and you’ll turn a profit, but here is the catch!

Remember when I said, that exposure matters?

Not only will you start turning a small profit, but now you have a following which you can start showing hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies!

Guess what that means?


( If your head is spinning from all the information above, don’t worry! I’ve taken the time to write up a step by step guide to make it easier! )


So like I hinted above, it doesn’t cost a lot of money to travel! Stop thinking that you have to be rich to enjoy the world! Feed your wanderlust and get out there, adventure is calling!

Thank you for reading, and if you enjoyed these tips, share it!
Or if you know someone who loves traveling, send them this article!

Give the gift of affordable travel 🙂 it’s the best gift you can ever give!



  1. Piyush

    Oct 26, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Who else can think like this? we don’t really realize that we are leaving something right before our eyes. You are awesome. I am just checking for the tips and gone through great tips today. Would love to apply soon buddy!

  2. Timo

    Oct 9, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Boom, the first advice already blew me away, so simple yet I never came to think about that one haha, genius! The others are also very good will definitely use those soon when I plan my trips to Asia, thanks!

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Success Advice

You Don’t Have To Listen To Every Bit Of Career Feedback. Some People Just Don’t Get You And That’s Fine!



I recently got rejected from what I thought was a fantastic career opportunity. I was told that I was “Not entrepreneurial enough.”

Those that know me well know that it’s probably one of the few things I’m good at. Many of my mentors who I told this story to laughed out loud.

These three words were career feedback and I was always led to believe that to ignore this feedback would be ignorant and stupid.

I pondered that thought for a few days and then had a revelation: “I don’t have to listen to every bit of feedback I get.”


Pissed off is a natural first reaction.

That’s how I felt after someone told me I was crap at the very thing I love and have dedicated most of my time to. Our brain wants to be angry and fight back. Our first reaction, though, is often not what we should pay attention to.

“Empty space and time to reflect is how we process career feedback for what it really is: an opinion”

Don’t let your first reaction dominate how you think about the feedback. Maturity that can come at any age will show you to question everything – even your reaction.


Some people just don’t get you.

You’re not their type, they don’t like you, you speak a different language or you may have different values. Not everyone is going to get you and what you stand for and that’s okay. In my case, I didn’t connect.

Buying into the circus that is me is not for everyone. If you don’t like vulnerability or breaking comfort zones, then you probably won’t like me.

If you’re not obsessed with big goals, doing the impossible and trying to improve just a little bit every day, then you probably won’t like me.

That’s okay and I forgive you. I don’t have all the answers and I’m far from perfect – like the rest of us.

Learn to accept that some people will never get you and what you’re about.

That realization is how we overcome career feedback that we may not agree with.


Sometimes it’s any excuse. The real answer is something different.

Feedback can be disguised by the truth. The truth is maybe there was someone else the whole time and I never had a chance at this career opportunity. Maybe it wasn’t me at all.

Sometimes feedback is given because the real reason is much harder to deliver. It’s not easy to say “Tim, thanks but we hired someone else and you were never in the running.”

Admitting you never even had a chance is something many of us would never want to say. Being brutally honest takes courage, and courage is not everyone’s kind of kebab with garlic sauce on top, sprinkles and chili flakes.


We all get rejected.

I nearly forgot this fact. Everyone gets rejected. In fact, right now, someone is being rejected.

Rejection is not limited to you and me; learning to deal with it will only help us, not hinder our ability to achieve success in any field.

“We’ve all got 99 problems and thinking you’re special will only create more pointless thoughts that won’t serve you or your goals”


You’re responsible.

The thing about career feedback is that you have to take responsibility. Maybe in my case, I didn’t deliver the message of how obsessed and skilled I am at entrepreneurship. Maybe I could have done a better job at explaining my entrepreneurial background and passion.

It’s highly likely that I am entrepreneurial enough for this career opportunity and that it’s not a lack of skill at play here but a lack of effective communication.

“Responsibility always trumps the blame game and it helps us grow more as a person”


There’s always one lesson.

Mine was to develop more skills in strategy.

Let’s stop for one second: I hate the word strategy. The other career feedback I got was to do more strategy yet that’s not a skill of mine and I have no desire to do lots of that in my career.

The key here is that there’s always a lesson from all feedback and it might not be the intended lesson that the giver left you with.

There’s either a great lesson in the feedback or a reminder in the feedback of what you stand for. Don’t let any feedback compromise your values and who you are.


You are good enough.

You just have to believe in yourself and eventually, the right opportunity will find you.

Don’t give up your hopes and dreams because of one rejection. Interrupt the story in your head that plays on repeat and focuses on anger towards another person.

Replace that story with thoughts of how you can do better and get to the next opportunity.

Through rejection and bad career feedback, you find your way to what you’ve always wanted. That’s the hack and it works.

I’m off to suck up the rejection and take my own advice. Much respect.

If you want to increase your productivity and learn some more valuable life hacks, then join my private mailing list on

Tim is best known as a long-time contributor on Addicted2Success. Tim's content has been shared hundreds of thousands of times and he has written multiple viral posts all around success, personal development, motivation, and entrepreneurship. During the day Tim works with the most iconic tech companies in the world, as an adviser, to assist them in expanding into Australia. By night, Tim coaches his students on the principles of personal development and the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. You can connect with Tim through his website or through his Facebook.



  1. Piyush

    Oct 26, 2017 at 7:00 am

    Who else can think like this? we don’t really realize that we are leaving something right before our eyes. You are awesome. I am just checking for the tips and gone through great tips today. Would love to apply soon buddy!

  2. Timo

    Oct 9, 2017 at 2:47 pm

    Boom, the first advice already blew me away, so simple yet I never came to think about that one haha, genius! The others are also very good will definitely use those soon when I plan my trips to Asia, thanks!

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