(Video) Winning Or Losing? – Handling Your Business The Charlie Sheen Way

(Video) Winning Or Losing? – Handling Your Business The Charlie Sheen Way

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I think it’s safe to say that the well known actor in the movie Wall Street & the Hit TV Show “Two & A Half Men” “Charlie Sheen” has been a respected and well admired person for his work in the Entertainment Industry for a long time up until recently. With an onslaught of wild rants about “Winning” and biting several hands that feed him Charlie Sheen seems to be on a downward spiral to rock bottom. Some in their own opinions say that Charlie Sheen is handling business in a creative and impressive way, whereas others state he has lost the plot and there is no coming back.

Checkout our run down of Charlie Sheen’s performance so far and some Advice on how to handle or not to handle your business the Charlie Sheen way.


Charlie Sheen Interview Highlights Part 1


The Charlie Sheen Way

  • The Ol’ Bird In Hand Thing:

Seems to me that Sheen is trying to reinvent himself as something of “The Next Hugh Hefner” or “The Next Howard Stern”. Which is fine. Tweaking your brand is not a bad idea…unless you already have a great one going! Sheen was making millions – per episode – in a job that garnered him not only money but a modicum of success and stability. He blew that all away because he was unwilling, or some say unable, to control his erratic behaviour. The lesson here is if you want to reinvent yourself, make sure that you’re not fixing something that just ain’t broken.

  • Seek Wise Counsel:
    Like Tom Cruise before him, Sheen’s public blowout began right after he lost his longtime PR handler. How many of us have been cranked up with what we think is a great idea…only to be brought down to earth by a friend who has a clearer head and less biased perspective. If you are about to do something new or risky, always make sure you run it by someone who’s judgement you trust. Even if you don’t like what they have to say, hear them out and think hard about their advice. They could be saving your business!
  • Don’t Make Impeded Decisions:
    Charlie may think that he’s just fine while high, but his actions clearly show the opposite. Obviously, it’s key to be totally in your right mind any time you make key business- and life-changing decisions. But remember, impeded decision-making doesn’t just come from the effects of drugs and alcohol. Other things like anger, sleepiness, sickness, stress, and distraction influence our ability to think clearly and rationally. And one of those decisions is “stay off TV” unless you’re thinking is totally unimpaired!
  • Nix The Dirty Laundry:
    This one seems obvious. It’d be too easy to dismiss Sheen’s propensity for describing his love life and personal drug habits as just a one-off, very unique celebrity delusion. But it’s not. I have seen too many cringe-worthy business emails from my students and peers in my day. If you miss a deadline, apologize to your clientele, but don’t tell them it’s because you’re going through a divorce. And whatever you do, don’t ever talk trash about a former business associate to a current business associate! Its often more than sufficient to call whatever issue you had with that former partner an “unexpected circumstance” and move on. Resist the urge to spill your guts in a business setting. Save that for your spouse or your therapist!

What can we learn from Sheen’s Online & Marketing strategy?







These lessons may not be useful in all circumstances, but have certainly worked for Charlie Sheen:

  1. Do something big just before you execute your ‘real’ strategy. Do something worthy of online chatter. Once that’s done, you can have a head start once you finally start your social activity.
  2. Be vocal/passionate. Not happy about something? Verbalise it in a way that may cause some shock value but still keep people interested in what you have to say.
  3. Use imagery. Twitpic, yfrog and other services can let you easily show images to the masses. Even if it’s not that interesting sometimes people will already be interested in what you have to share.
  4. Think long-term. The internship is a wonderful example of this. It has its own hashtag (#TigerBloodIntern) and will keep people tweeting for the next few months.
  5. Create a catchphrase that anyone can use. This is a hard one. Whether Sheen fell on this by accident or planned it beforehand, “winning” is a phrase anyone can use, and now the very generic#winning hashtag will be connected to him from now on.

With nearly 4.3m followers on Charlie Sheens Twitter Page and nearly 1.3 million ‘fans’ on his Facebook Page, Sheen has just, conveniently, opened up an online shop at charliesheen.com and has been touring around the US for his own production of stage shows.










8 Helpful Life Tips That Are Not the Charlie Sheen Way:

  1. Be a strong man. Make a decision and stick by it but those decisions should not include becoming “an F-18, bro, and I will destroy you in the air, and I will deploy my ordnance to the ground.”
  2. Be dependable. Look out for the people you care about. Never put your children in a situation using insane public rants to have your children taken from you.
  3. Be honest. You are never wrong if you do the right thing. “Other people cannot be like me because they don’t have tiger blood and Adonis DNA” Accept your mortality and be honest enough to understand we are not bullet proof.
  4. Be a leader. Stay calm cool and collected even in the mist of chaos. Spinning out of control on the drug Charlie Sheen is in no way being in control.
  5. Be responsible. Need The Man Truth say more?
  6. Respect others. Respect yourself and believe others should treat you with respect. “Zero for three.” Addressing his boss, Chuck Lorre, Sheen said, “Your cleanup hitter is on the bench just waiting to spin to win and crush.” Never mind, he just crushed his once boss over the skull with a verbal bat.
  7. Be confident. Take pride in who you are and what you’ve accomplished. Admitting “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special,” he says. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total freaking rock star from Mars.” This is not what The Man Truth had in mind.
  8. And finally be sincere. A genuine person is a rare and appreciated. What we have seen is simply a show that lacks anything genuine or sincere.


What’s your opinion? What else can we learn from Charlie Sheen, good or bad? Share them by adding a comment below, and don’t forget to Tweet and Share this post!



  1. charlie sheen is a pathological loose cannon, he makes soo much money that his business doesnt even matter to him anymore. its a shame he has lost it, oh well move over charlie, here comes ashton kutcher.

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