(Video) Kim Kiyosaki – Inspiring Women To Be Millionaires

(Video) Kim Kiyosaki – Inspiring Women To Be Millionaires

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Kim Kiyosaki

You may be familiar with her last name ‘Kiyosaki’ from her husband Robert however Kim Kiyosaki is a well-known public figure and self-made millionaire-ess, passionate and dedicated to educating women about money and business. She is the author of the number one seller Rich Woman where she encourages women to take control of their lives, start a business and live their dreams.

Watch the Video in this post for Kim Kiyosaki’s Success Advice On Investing and becoming a Millionaire!


Kim Kiyosaki’s Success

In Kim Kiyosaki’s early twenties, she was employed by one of Honolulu’s top advertising agencies giving Kim her first encounter with the world of the financially successful; the business world! Kim’s passion to succeed and risk taking personality saw her at this advertising agency for a short time only before moving on to working for a magazine that was directed towards the business world of Honolulu. It was here, Kim was inspired even more so to become her own business woman where she moved on to owning her own clothing line business,  investing in real estate and now owns and operates a real estate investment company that deals with buying, selling and managing properties adding up to millions of dollars in assets.

Kim met her Husband Robert Kiyosaki in 1984 when she joined him, D.C Cordova and Marshall Thurber in the touring, financial and business seminars called Money and You. Kim and Robert now tour together and speak at Seminars promoting financial freedom and success.

With Kim’s experiences from her travels and from her personal and business success throughout her life she decided that it was a dream of hers to be able to help inspire  women all over the world to stand up for their own financial rights and take control of their financial destinies!

Kim will be joining Robert Kiyosaki, speaking at the National Achievers Congress being held in Sydney, Australia on September 19th – 21st 2011.

Watch this video below as Kim speaks about her first Successful investment:

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