(Video) Elon Musk – The Real Life ‘Iron Man’, Engineer, Entrepreneur &...

(Video) Elon Musk – The Real Life ‘Iron Man’, Engineer, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist

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Elon Musk is something like a phenomenon, best known for having invented the first viable production electric car of the modern era (Tesla Roadster), for designing a private successor to the Space Shuttle (F9/Dragon) and creating the world’s largest Internet payment system (PayPal) all before the age of 40.

Checkout Elon Musks Interview with Forbes on how he became the Tesla CEO , multi millionaire, rocket scientist, and the man who inspired Tony Stark’s character in Jon Favreau’s “Iron Man” films.


Elon Musks Interview With Bloomberg Risk Takers:


Elon Musks Success Advice:

  • Be Ready to Work If you are motivated enough to start a company, you better be motivated enough to work hard to keep it going.
  • Be Ready to Learn – Sometimes you have to step in and do things yourself, so you need to be ready to learn how to make things happen.
  • Pick the Right Team – One man or woman does not a company make; choosing the right employees is a core ingredient for success.
  • Know When to Grow – Choosing the right time to grow is key, because most companies don’t have the ability to sustain ill-timed growth.

“Don’t panic.” It’s from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. You have to be wary of emotion clouding your decision-making process – and of making a decision that you’ll later regret. You have to be as clearheaded as possible. Of course it’s a fine line, because you don’t want to be completely dispassionate. As for bad advice, my parents advised me to ignore bullies. That doesn’t work. You have to punch them on the nose.

Elon Musk Quotes:

I always knew that there was a chance of failure in all my endeavors. But I felt that they were important enough that I had to try, even if I thought the probability of success was less than 50%. – Elon Musk

Just go and do it. Try to get together a group of people to do something useful. This may seem like an obvious thing, but often people will organize into a company that doesn’t produce anything useful. – Elon Musk



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