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Succeeding Is Good, But Is It Bad to Fail?



why failing isn't bad
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In one of the Earth’s corners, lived a boy. He was a cheerful and happy human. But, on a fateful day, the smile vanished from his face. It was replaced with tears in the eyes. What happened to him? Well, he became a victim of the world’s worst disaster. What? He failed in his exam. His once colorful life now turned to a desert. People were discussing what he will do with his life. It seemed like there was no hope left to succeed in the future.

Well, that was one corner, now let’s talk about another. There, a young gentleman was planning to take the extreme step, he was searching on Google, “How to end his useless life?” Why was he doing this? Because his dream venture failed, and society left no stone unturned to increase the already existing negativity.

Is failing that bad? Does your life end when you fail? No. Agreed, success gets you claps, but failure gives experience. And, these experiences can make you achieve the heights of success you’ve not even dreamed of. Don’t believe me? In that case, search for the success stories of famous personalities. You will come to know how many times they failed before becoming successful. Feeling lazy to search? Well, let’s talk about some of them.

“Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.” – Henry Ford

Switch off the lights. What’s there? Darkness. This is how our lives would be if Thomas Edison had not invented the light bulb. Was it an easy thing to do? No. He failed numerous times. But, do you know what he said? His words were “These were not failures, they were my steps to success.” If he hadn’t kept this positive attitude, would it have been possible for him to leave his mark on the world?

If this example is not enough, let’s take another one. Steve Jobs, the founder and CEO of a tech giant, we all know as Apple, got expelled from his own company. Yes, he was shown the door by the same company that he founded. Is it anything less than a failure? No. But, he did not lose hope, he kept fighting two fights. Yes, not one but two. First to get his position and reputation back and the second to snatch his life from cancer’s hands. He may have lost the second as winning that was not completely in his control, but won the first battle, and with that our hearts too.

Would they have ever known what success is and how it feels when you succeed without failing? No. We know the sweet dishes’ taste because we’ve tasted the bitter ones before, the same is the case with success too. Have you heard of the quote, “A man can never taste success if he hasn’t tasted failure.” The quotes like these further voice my opinion.

What is Failure?

All our lives we defined the term “failure” in an incorrect way. The below-mentioned points will help you understand what it means in the correct sense.

Failure is a teacher: There is no better teacher than failure. It teaches you patience and how to stand for yourself when no one is by your side. These are some of the teachings we get from our teachers, right? When the teachers are good, then how can failure be bad if it also teaches the same thing? 

Failure is a new way generator: Will anybody see a problem with a different perspective if he becomes successful in solving it on the first shot? I do not think so. 

We try to find alternatives only when the original idea fails. It is human nature. Therefore, failures become necessary. They make us glance at the situation from a new angle so that we can discover all the possible approaches to address an issue. After all, it is this trial and error that leads to great inventions.

Failure is a motivator: Yes, failures also motivate. When you fail multiple times a thought strikes your mind, “I am tired of doing the same task, again and again, this time I’ll complete it without failing no matter what”. What has failure done? Well, it has motivated you to give your best and succeed.

“Failure is so important. We speak about success all the time, but it is the ability to resist or use failure that often leads to greater success.” – J.K. Rowling

Failure is a praise winner: It may sound weird, but failure gets you more praise than becoming successful. How? When you fail, people criticize, however if you get up and fight again, then the same people applaud louder on your success. Their words change from “He can’t do anything” to “We never thought he could do this, he is a fighter.”

Failure is toughener: This is something you surely cannot deny. Failure toughens you. It makes you mentally stronger so that you can prove yourself. It inculcates the skill in you to ignore the societal pressure and chase your dreams with more vigor and zeal.

Still thinking failure is a curse or have you realized its importance in life? Even if you have failed, don’t give up. Instead, learn from it and continue moving on the path leading to your dream. One day you’ll be successful. Remember, you do not fail when you’re unsuccessful in achieving something. You fail when you’ve stopped trying to achieve it. Get up and fight back.

Tell us about one of your failures, how you approached it, and how you overcame it! Share your stories with us below!

Kelly Brown is an academic writer associated with Global Assignment Help Australia, a renowned website providing assignment writing services to the students for more than 10 years. In addition to this, he is also an ardent motivational speaker, researcher, cook, reader, and traveler.

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