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As young children through comic books and movies very early in our lives we are introduced to the mysterious powers and abilities of superheroes and mutants. Most often appearing to be quite “normal” at first glance, below the surface something amazing was always hidden.

What’s interesting though, is that these same fantasy driven stories that continue to captivate us even today may not have been too far from the actual truth…




We Are Mutants

It has become one of my strongest convictions that when we spend focused time in our “gifting”…or areas of natural talent, we can through consistent practice, passion and overall development begin to resemble the traits of real life mutants.

This does not necessarily mean we will begin to grow fur and turn blue with an infatuation for colored tights, capes and flying through the clouds…but instead we can begin to create, perform and demonstrate feats of human ability that set us apart from the common man.

From explosive athletes that seem to defy the laws of gravity to computer programmers that possess the mathematical genius to build satellites that can determine the power and makeup of the sun…I believe mutants walk among us.

Those incredible dancers, charismatic speakers, masterful teachers to celebrated musicians and entertainers…what often draws us to them are the magical possibilities and experiences they create as a testament to what can happen when we put everything we are into the talents we possess.

Know now that every man, woman and child has something extraordinary given to them at birth to fulfill their purpose and expression in this world, but it must be discovered and nurtured to see its ultimate power come alive.

Begin to look at the unique talents, gifts and passions that stir your heart…for these unique attributes were not given to you by chance. They are but the gateway to so much more…

Shock the world with your true identity…and remove the disguise you’ve settled for.

Beautiful mutants, you know who you are…


  1. this a a awesome post.this is telling about how we can enhance our inner strength. the very powerfull line is “we are mutants

  2. Loved and appreciated this article. I don’t usually comment on blogs but this article really resonated with me. Thank you birthing & writing it.

  3. hello; this was a short but very powerful post. I love the imagery. You have a real gift for language. i grew up a fan of underdog. this post remind me how that mild mannered pup would become the super hero when he was needed to be. we all have at least one special power inside us and its up to us and the people around us to find it nurture it and of course use it for good. Thanks and take care, max


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