How to Make Money on Youtube

The highest engaging social media platform that’s out there is YouTube. It has the lowest bounce rate, the highest average time on site and the most pages visited per user out of all the other social media platforms. This is the platform to build authority and engagement with your fans and followers. So why would you not want to join the ranks of those who have amassed millions of subscribers and are earning 6 and 7 figure incomes through their YouTube channels?

Well this Infographic by Jeremy at YTD will show you a number of tried and tested strategies that you can implement into your business plan for YouTube success!

How to Make Money on YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube


  1. Wow that’s really awesome tips Joel! I didn’t know Jenna Marbles started her channel in 2010. I thought it’s been there for a long time since she got so many fans. Only a few years and she’s achieved a big success. Thanks for sharing mate!


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