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Finally, we can call 2016 a wrap.  Nevertheless, life is still life; same old, same old. The hustle for a dollar is still the primary purpose of living. Bear in mind that every New Year brings its demons. These uncertainties can be overwhelming to the point of stressing us up. But I have some good news. I can show you how to get rid of stress this New Year for a peaceful time.

Get rid of your stress by managing the tense moments that come with making new resolutions with these tips:

1. Stop to meditate

2017 is just a few weeks away. The economy today demands so much from us, especially for the city dwellers. Modern life is hectic. As such, you may feel stressed up or overworked. Fear brings about tension, frustration, and life seems like a whirlwind. The day looks short. When the sun sets, you realize that you have not lived up to your expectations. When you feel like your life is in the fast lane, then it is time to meditate.

Meditation helps us transform from disturbed to peaceful people. Everyone can do meditation; it is not a religion thing. Yes, it originated from the Buddhist community. Nevertheless, our society today has little tolerance for single-minded individuals. If just breathing deeply and disconnecting from this physical realm for a few minutes can help you organize your mind to achieve a calm mind, why not do it? Getting rid of stress has never been easy as meditation.

“We all hope for breakthrough rebirth moments.” – Dane Cook

2. Choose freedom over fear and anxiety

Life is tough. Nevertheless, you have to be tougher. Stressful moments come and go. But do you take the time to realize and demystify the source of all that tension? No. Why? Because most of the time we choose to sidestep the uneasiness by distracting ourselves with work. However, this New Year, we have got to do better. We will have to learn how to embrace moments as they come.

When things get thick, challenging and unpleasant, we have to be more resilient. How do we accomplish this? By riding the waves of uncertainties and exploring the demons lurking in the shadows, we connect with ourselves to find the source of the intensity. Knowledge is power. So instead of squirming with fear and anxiety when faced with stressful situations, choose to be free. Face your demons.

3. Eat right

The mind is a slave of your stomach; garbage in is garbage out. Modern life is demanding. Lets us see the diet punch lines you probably need to indulge in. Vitamin C has its largest body store in the adrenal gland, the same gland that produces cortisol- the stress and adrenaline that keeps the body in the fight or flight mode. So change the contents of your adrenal shelves by taking lots of citrus fruits.

Secondly, coffee stimulates your adrenal gland to secrete adrenaline keeping you awake. Why not switch to Vitamin B found in leafy green vegetables, bananas, avocados, and nuts? Vitamin B helps increases your metabolism for an active day and also helps you get rid of stress. Or better change to green tea which has a lot of antioxidants, instead of taking coffee. In a nutshell, increase your intake of stress-bursting foods by reducing your consumption of stress-inducing substances.

4. Take Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali also known as Eurycoma Longifolia is an indigenous herb growing in the lush tropical forests of Malaysia and Indonesia. The natives have used Tongkat Ali to get of rid of stress because it happens to be very effective against cortisol-the stress hormone. With our busy lives, running up and down sweating for a dime or a penny, we get so much into hustling and forget to take care of our mind.

When things jumble up, we push the troubles aside to increase the hustle. When we get home, we are too tired to sleep and end anticipating tomorrow. This new year, choose to say no to stress. In 2017, we take control of the future. So when you get home, make a cup of tea from Tongkat Ali Extracts and sip yourself to a stress-free life. No remedy compares to what Tongkat Ali can do in your life. It is your ultimate stress reliever.

“A rebirth out of spiritual adversity causes us to become new creatures.” – James E. Faust

5. Stressed out without enough sleep

Last but not least is sleep. Nothing surpasses the role of relaxing in getting rid of stress. After spending hours planning events or traveling during the holidays, it is tempting to start work right away without stopping to rest.

Holidays are time to indulge in uninterrupted rest, but that is hardly the case. So instead of juggling from one activity to the next, make time for your mind and body. Spare just seven hours of undisturbed sleep. Resting rejuvenates depleted stores. For example, during the day, the body produces lactic acid which causes fatigue.

The electron pathways that transmit information to and from the brain start to malfunction because phosphocreatine, chemicals that enhance neurotransmission and recovery have been depleted. However, sleep can restore and fix these deficits in ways that diet or exercise cannot. So rest enough to get rid of stress easily.

This new year let us take control our lives by getting rid of stress. When the going gets tough, only the tough get going; stressed up people are left on the sidelines admiring others strength. Let us get tougher, and get rid of stress naturally. Happy New Year!

How are you going to better your life this year? Please leave your thoughts below!


  1. Eating right is extremely important to stress. A better health is gonna be a greater life. And the first rule to health is eating right! Thank you for this awesome post!

  2. I loved your thoughts on Meditation! A 6th recommendation for reducing stress is to sweat. Exercise has always been my best stress reducer due to its immense release of dopamine to the brain.


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