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5 Underrated Ways to 10x Your Self-Confidence In 7 Days

How you can become more confident and successfully achieve your goals



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Several factors impact your success and failure. Self-confidence is a trait that can help you do great things in life.

As a shy and introverted person, I’ve always had difficulty with confidence. I prefer being in my comfort zone and not dealing with people and circumstances.

In recent years, I’ve learned that a lack of self-confidence can negatively impact your success. It won’t be easy to achieve your goals and live the life you truly want. So, self-confidence is a must-have skill to live a fulfilled life.

I began researching and implementing self-confidence practices. I’ve become a better person because of them.

You must understand that self-confidence is a skill that can be learned. It’s not something people are born with. Instead, one can develop it with practice and persistence.

Below are five underrated ways to develop self-confidence that have worked wonders for me.

1. Dress well

Your external appearance matters. People first observe how you look when you meet them. If you are not dressed well, it negatively impacts your persona.

It doesn’t matter if you have a good personality. People will judge you by your appearance, especially if they are meeting you for the first time.

Dressing well doesn’t mean wearing expensive and branded clothing. Aim for a basic minimal outfit that makes you look good. Look up the internet for some fashion advice. You can also ask a friend to help you out.

In addition, you must maintain good personal hygiene. Make sure you smell good, care for your grooming, practice skin care, and exercise regularly.

I was a lazy guy in my teens and early 20s. I didn’t bother practicing skin care and dressing well. But I’ve realized their importance. Since I’ve begun working on my appearance, I’ve noticed a significant change in my confidence and how people perceive me.

2. Practice self-care

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Take care of your mental and physical well-being. It should be your number one priority.

Health is a crucial aspect of life. Take your physical, emotional, and mental health seriously.

Exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, engaging in joyful activities, journaling, meditating, practicing yoga, doing your skin-care routine, feeling grateful, etc., are some activities you can do to practice self-care.

Affirming good things about yourself also helps a lot. Always love and respect yourself.

When you feel good on the inside, it reflects on the outside. It can significantly boost your confidence.

“Self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and mastered — just like any other skill. Once you master it, everything in your life will change for the better.”- Barrie Davenport

3. Celebrate your achievements (even if they are small)

Most of us believe that only big achievements deserve celebration. But the more you prioritize smaller achievements, the more confident you become.

For example, you don’t have to win awards to believe you are confident. Instead, a simple compliment from someone you admire can be an achievement for you. It can massively boost your self-image.

Celebrating your achievements makes you believe you are worthy. It will minimize self-doubt and grow your inner strengths to achieve more.

4. Set realistic goals

Setting goals gives you clarity about what you want. It motivates you to take action and achieve things you desire.

You must set goals to become who you want to be. For example, if you want to lose weight, set goals to exercise and eat healthily every day.

Being specific is the key to goal setting. So, don’t just say you want to lose weight. Instead, say you want to lose 20 pounds in 6 weeks by working out for 30 minutes daily.

Goals are essential in your personal and professional life. Set daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and 5-year goals. Write them down and plan the steps to achieve each goal.

Ensure your goals are realistic because failing to achieve them can lower self-confidence. Instead, break down big goals into smaller, achievable ones. When you accomplish these smaller goals, you feel good about yourself. It also takes you closer to your ultimate goal.

5. Affirm you are confident

I found this ridiculous when I first heard about it. How can I become more confident by repeatedly saying, “I am confident”?

But as they say, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” I gave it a shot. Even though nothing massive happened, I can sense a change. I feel more powerful when I close my eyes and affirm a few positive sentences daily.

You need to understand this before you start affirming positive words: No matter how many times you repeat them, you won’t see a change unless you do it with emotions and self-belief. For example, saying I am rich won’t magically manifest $1 million. You must experience the feeling of having a lot of money and believe you can have this experience.

Confidence is all about your inner feelings. It’s how you perceive yourself internally. Your self-belief is a crucial aspect of boosting your self-confidence.

If, deep down, you believe you are confident and can achieve what you want, you have already done the hard part.

Now, all you have to do is maintain the same self-belief and take action. You can achieve any goal and live a successful life if you do so.

Biliz Maharjan is a writer, creator, and entrepreneur who writes mainly about self-improvement and online writing. Since starting his blogging journey in 2020, Biliz has consistently inspired thousands of readers to become better humans. He has written multiple e-books and is an aspiring author. If you want to learn more about his work, check out his blog. Also, don’t forget to grab his free online writing guide.

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