4 Important Money Lessons I Learned From a Grueling Job


  1. That’s a interesting read ! Thanks Mourad for those powerful insights.

    I have a question from the story. Why did the person that kep the trays get 15% of planted trees? How was the system designed for that?

    • Hi Pierre, thank you for your message. The person who picked up the trays at the end of each row was also the person who supplied the trays for the entire crew. That way we didn’t have to go back to the truck every time and could plant more as a group… No one was on an hourly rate therefore everyone’s salary was linked to their performance. So it was also an incentive for him to have the team do well. If the crew did well, he would earn good money. If the crew didn’t, he wouldn’t.

  2. Great reminders! I think there’s a lot of truth in the 4 points.
    I learned that when hiring people, you really need to focus not only on their technical skills but also on their mindset and make sure it’s compatible with your philosophy. I love Blair Singer’s concept of the Code of Honor. If you don’t have one, people will play by their own rules and probably bring mediocrity and excuses into your company.

    • Thank you for your comment Stefanie 🙂 I very much agree with you, I’d take a solid mindset and values over a solid business plan any day.

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