3 Common Monsters That Are Killing Your Success

3 Common Monsters That Are Killing Your Success

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Killing your success
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It is highly unlikely that you would ever come across someone who doesn’t want to be successful. If everyone wants to be successful then why is it only few succeed? Success is a constant battle with monsters within. Monsters which do not allow you to achieve what you truly are capable of achieving.

If you do not kill the monster when it is small, the likelihood of these monsters growing bigger than you and become part of you and overpower your success is inevitable.   

So who is killing your success? Below, are 3 of the most common monsters that are killing your success:

Monster 1: Failing the success ECG test

Every time I meet a new client I just perform a quick Success ECG check and 5 minutes into the conversation, I know where they stand and how far they will be willing to go to achieve success in their life. To my surprise 90% of the them fail within 3 minutes.

When I check their ECG I mean, I am counting the number of Excuses one gives, how Comfortable have they become with the current circumstance and how without having a set Goal one is trying to chase the so called mirage of success.

The truth is, if you let excuses become part of your everyday life they kill your excitement and drain your energy to death.  When you become too comfortable you give your power away to all the other things which are not so important and you lose control on your life. In my observation, people who become comfortable are the ones who have become too complacent and  are unwilling to accept any challenge thrown at them.  

An individual without a goal is already on a lost path, traveling on an unknown path with no clue of what the destination is an ultimate path to failure.

Ask yourself this question: Have you allowed this monster to grow inside you? On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how big is this monster and has it killed your success?

“Excuses sound best to the people making them up” – Tyrese Gibson

Monster 2: The need to be accepted

One of the biggest reasons why people do not achieve what they are capable of, is because of their need to be accepted by everyone.  Conforming with society and following the dictated path instead of creating their own path has been the formula for many. To achieve acceptance, many kill their true self and create an identity which is shallow.

This shallow self creates shallow success. Some call it masks and some call it the “social norm” but the truth is the monster of needing to be accepted has killed your true identity and now you only conform with everyone.

As the monster grows bigger than you, you actually find yourself in a space of shallow success. Have you seen celebrities or sports stars who seem to have achieved great success but have actually lost their inner self and often such people end up committing suicide? That’s exactly what the monster of wanting to be accepted can do to you. Your need to impress will only kill your desire to express.

Ask yourself this question: Have you allowed this monster to grow inside you? On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being highest, how big is this monster and has it killed your success?

Monster 3: The seduced art of perfection

Perfection is a mysterious world some people choose to live in. Do you get driven by wanting everything to be perfect before you make your next move?  In my coaching sessions, I have seen individuals unwilling to start a business because they want the perfect moment or perfect plan in hand. Many do not want to get into a relationship believing the myth of a “perfect” partner and many more waiting for the right time to initiate something they think they want.

The truth is “perfection” keeps people from accepting the truth, even to themselves.  Most people’s desire to stay where they are instead of where they want to be is often mislead by the seduced art of wanting perfection. Perfection is the biggest monster that kills your progress.  Perfection is the string that pulls you towards mediocrity.

Ask yourself this question: Have you allowed this monster to grow inside you? On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being highest, how big is this monster and has it killed your success?

“Perfection is not attainable. But if we chase perfection, we can catch excellence.” – Vince Lombardi

The truth about success is, everyone wants it but not everyone is willing to work for it. Not everyone is willing to fight the monsters within us. As it is said everyone wants to be a diamond, but very few are willing to get cut. Today, you need to kill the monster that is killing your success.

What monsters are stopping you from being successful? Leave your thoughts below!

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  1. Thanks for the article. I find myself making to-do lists. Lots and lots of lists. Then I get frustrated that the lists aren’t completed and start beating myself up and realize it’s time for a self-talk check-up. I’ve found that making a list for the day only works for me if I make it a short list of 3-4 PRIORITY things. These are the biggies. I try to ask myself “If you ONLY get these things done today, will you have made progress towards your life goals?” That usually helps me prioritize and focus less on the unimportant. It’s astounding how much time gets spent on little, useless things that don’t head us in the direction of where we want to go.

    In Motion to Improve, Achieve, and Create Value

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