Jenna Phillips Ballard
Image Credit | Simply Perfection Photography

Jenna Phillips Ballard is the founder of Ascension Leadership Academy, which is an elite training center for individuals who are committed to elevating every area of their life.

In this episode, Jenna breaks down how her hardships that have allowed her to help other people to self-discovery through motivational speaking and life coaching.  She encourages others to be true to their authentic selves as they move forward in the journey of life.  Her perspective on life is incredibly inspiring and she enjoys sharing what she has learned with others.

Check out this podcast interview with Jenna to learn how to embrace your heart and live without regrets:



  1. Wow!! This is a must listen! I was going through certain phases in life and I was not sure what it was. This helped me label them and understand where I was going wrong. Moreover, I could relate to so many situations Jenna has been through. A lot of wisdom to be absorbed. I downloaded the file and will be listening to it numerous times. Keep up the good work 🙂


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