Alexi panos
Image Credit | Preston Smiles

Former model & rap star turned motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and life coach, Alexi Panos is on a mission to spread positivity to all people across all walks of life.

In this podcast she shares valuable insight on how her past life experiences drove her to become the person she is today.  She also talks about the importance of a positive mindset, overcoming excuses and how to deal with lifes challenges with a smile on your face.

Press ‘Play’ to listen to this podcast interview and learn how to live a life with no excuses:



  1. Joel, that was a-freakin’-mazing! I have been watching Alexi for over a year now (or os), learnt about this beautiful human being from Preston and her videos, as Tim said, are indeed very well done! I love them and used her advice to inspire me. This podcast opened my eyes on some of the topics, like making excuses. And I loved your example with your recent client call – it is powerful!

    Alexi’s personal story hit me hard, and her talk about innovation, like a modern human is a new human with short attention span, sort of digital nomad so to speak who still learn things from old motivational school and how can we improve what’s works and make it work even better… it’s just fascinating! I finished Preston’s book today and I’m convinced to buy Alexi’s one as well, she’s amazing!

    Thank you so much, Joel and Alexi, both of you! Much <3!

  2. Joel I listened to this podcast recently and loved it. I’ve watched a few of Alexi’s videos on Youtube and they are very well done. She genuinely inspires me to do more and become more. We need more people like this in the world who care about giving back and doing things without necessarily getting anything back. Thanks for sharing this podcast as always.


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