preston smiles
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Preston Smiles is a motivational speaker, rising thought leader, and entrepreneur who is best known for his spoken word motivation on YouTube.

In his new book “Love Louder” you can learn how to find, maintain, and embrace love in today’s era.

This is a great read for anyone in any stage of a relationship looking to bring their love life to the next level. He brings a fresh and new perspective on love through his own research and experiences.

Check out this podcast interview with Preston to learn how to enhance your relationships, romantic or otherwise:



Here is the Video version of this interview:



  1. Thanks for this podcast Joel. Preston’s Facebook page is something I visit regularly and I love his Youtube videos. He’s a very clever cat and I loved his energy in this episode.

  2. I love Preston so much. As simple as that. Amazing human being. I have watched your video on a2s youtube channel some time ago, it’s better that way as you can see all the smiles and reaction from the man himself 😉
    Going to purchase his book, should be uplifting reading!

    Thank you so much, Joel, enjoyed this podcast! Infinite <3 & appreciation!


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