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In this podcast interview I go deep with Wes Chapman on what it means to live your life with purpose, to squeeze the juice out of your potential and how you can inspire others to live the same way.

Wes is a powerhouse in the online and offline communities. He has been an Entrepreneur since the age of 8 years old and was self-sufficient by the age of 16. Wes started consulting CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies at the age of 19. He has been featured on FOX, A&E, CNN, TechCrunch, Universal Films and others.

He is the founder of A HUMAN PROJECT, a for-purpose 501c3 with a mission to create a community of empowered youth. He is also the founder of SUPER HUMAN LIFE, a program designed to ensure ultimate understanding of ones true potential.

He recently had Angelina Jolie on his podcast and he also runs THE CIRCLE which is an awesome network of game changers, movers and shakers who are literally changing the world right now.

Checkout the interview with Wes and his message below:

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Wes Chapman’s Message for YOU!



Passion… what the H#@! is that? Live your PASSION! Find your PASSION! Your PASSION will set you free.

Stop it, just stop it.

Your passion can never be found until you are. You are focused so much on how to make a living you rarely ever think about just living. Now before you go all “hippie” on me let me explain this a little more.

I understand you have utility payments, doctors payments, debt payments and a house payment, but in all of this you have forgotten the most important payment of all; the YOU payment.

Who are you? Not who do you want to become or what do you want to do with YOUR life. WHO ARE YOU!?

Forget for a moment that you have payments. Forget you have any responsibilities in this world at all. Sit back for a moment… do you feel that? It is freedom. Freedom to be you. Freedom to experience joy.

Now I want you to think about that credit card or that new car you want. The new shoes your son wants. That new office you want. The newest iPhone you want to have or that new gadget from Brookstone that is calling your name. That new dress that you KNOW will change everything in your life.

do for a living quote wes chapmanNow do you feel that? That feeling is called STUPID! That is feeling called pressure. That is the feeling of being OUT OF CONTROL!

NONE of this means you can’t have nice things, but all of this means you don’t deserve nice things until you can be nice to the thing that matters most and that is you.

I GIVE YOU PERMISSION to be you! To care only about YOU.

I give you the power to learn who the H#@L YOU are!

I give you the honor to live in this world doing something that YOU love doing.

Whether you are an accountant or a house-wife you can work, play and LIVE in passion. You don’t find passion, passion is already there. It always has been. Passion is in the living of “YOU”.

Learn how to live in “YOU”. Learn how to live in clarity, control and power. Learn how to live a SUPERHUMAN LIFE.


  1. Powerful and inspiring podcast! I just started becoming obsessed with podcast, and I came across Joel Brown’s interview on the Sharktank podcast because the title Addicted2success caught my eye. Loved his story(and his accent) and now just listened to Wes Chapman’s story. Feeling motivated to improving myself and changing the world of those around me.

  2. This story relates to me. Lost a darling wife after staying married for 28 days only but had been in courtship for six years. It was a traumatic experience and wanted to kill myself. With counselling from people I recovered from this trauma and made myself to do what it takes to be the best I can be.

  3. Important it is to live life to the fullest by realising our passion. What we love most helps us to be the best selves and that results in producing great results with little effort.

  4. Wow such a great story. For a man that has tried to commit suicide so many times, to be able to advise large corporates at the age of 19, is truly amazing. The way that a Human Project came about almost feels like divine intervention. Thanks Joel for sharing this with us, your questions really went deep. His 30 second speech was amazing as well!!!


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