Topher Morrison How To Be A Successful Professional Speaker

Author & Business Advisor “Topher Morrison” has over 26 years of experience in the professional speaking realm and has launched 3 best selling books in the self help industry.

Topher is focused on helping entrepreneurs and speakers to apply tangible, proven strategies to become a key person of influence in their company, network, or industry.

Joel Brown jumped on the line with Topher Morrison to find out what it takes to be a successful professional speaker with longevity.

Topher’s answers are incredibly insightful and will clear the fog for any aspiring speakers that are struggling to build a solid coaching and speaking business.


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3 Key Takeaways for Professional Speaking Success


1. Always Get Paid

There are too many speakers out there right now that are willing to get up and deliver every speech for free. You don’t necessarily need to charge to speak at every event but you need to find a way to monetize from it. If you don’t, then you are not a professional speaker, you are a public speaker and you have a hobby.


2. Originality Is In Order

Don’t use old and washed up examples that have been used over and over again. Innovate and come up with your own original examples and subjects.

Make sure what you are saying is worth hearing instead of just parroting something back that you have heard from a motivational speaker that inspired you to start out in the business.


3. Nobody Hires Great Speakers

They hire people who are INFLUENTIAL. Until you are a person of influence, your full-time job as a professional speaker is to become a key person of influence.

No longer does the world care about what you know, they care about who you are.

As we move into the Collaboration Age, what we will start to pay for is “people”, we will pay for identities.

Strive to be an influential person.


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