This is the true meaning of success…..To make enough money to give back to the world!

Rapper/Actor/Entrepreneur & Philanthropist , 50 Cent is feeding those in need through a collaborative venture with the ‘United Nations World Food Programme‘. 50 Cent has already donated $2.5 Million himself and has found a way to feed millions of the less fortunate in the world through his Energy Drink and the ambition to achieve so much more.


50 Cent – The Street King

50 Cent Street King Energy Drink50 Cent has a goal, that goal is to feed a billion kids in need over the next 5 years. This will be accomplished through sales of his new Energy Drink “Street King” where the sale of each Street King bottle will pay for 1 meal for a child in need.

Street King aims to eat into the market share of the wildly popular 5-Hour Energy drink, leader of the $1.5 billion energy shot category, which is growing at a 50% rate. Experts say the sector carries a whopping 50% profit margin. That should come as no surprise; the New York Times pointed out that the stuff costs twice as much per ounce as Coca-Cola.

“There’s no Number Two in the market,” says Chris Lighty, 50 Cent’s manager and frequent business partner. “5-Hour Energy markets to 40-year olds; we’re looking for 18 and up.”

“We’re talking to an 18-24 year-old consumer,” adds Street King’s co-founder Chris Clarke. “We believe it’s possible to get 20-plus percent of the category.”

Both 50 Cent and Clarke are committing another $10 million to the company, with the hopes of raising another $10 million from outside investors in that same span.

Though the company won’t be profitable for the first two years, they have projected annual revenues of $300-$500 million as possible by year three; 50 Cent says his goal is to feed one billion children.

50 Cent Somalia Street King“It’s mind boggling that people are living under these circumstances,” 50 says. “It makes me feel like my motivation for some of the decisions I made early on were made blindly. If you weigh it morally after you’ve grown, it doesn’t make any sense.”

He believes that if Street King is successful, it will force beverage giants like Coca-Cola and Pepsi to initiate similar give-back programs. The United Nations says it would cost $3.3 billion per year to feed 90 million of the world’s poorest citizens for a year, or less than one percent of all corporate profits.


50 Cent recently sat down with the Wall Street Journal to discuss his life direction and how he is going to change the world, one move at a time.

50 Cent – Thinking Like A Harvard Businessman

50 Cent recently reached out to Joan Rivers & the Self Development MasterDeepak Chopra‘ for his Street King campaign.

Below are the Street King Advertisements that feature Deepak Chopra, Joan Rivers and 50 Cent.


(Video) 50 Cent & Deepak Chopra – The Energy Of A Street King



(Video) 50 Cent & Joan Rivers – Street King Commercial



Street King Information Sourced from Forbes.com


  1. What a dude! Gotta love 50. Check out the 50th law, written in conjunction with Robert Greene (author of the 48 Laws of Power). 50’s a smart guy; and it’s great to hear he’s putting it to good use.. Not entirely surprising, actually!


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