Lorna Jane

Lorna Jane is one of Australia’s biggest success stories and nowadays this successful female entrepreneur is crossing the ocean and offering her fashion products in America. The story of how Lorna Jane made it this far is a very noteworthy story worth discovering. It shows just how committed she has been over the years to providing people with all sorts of quality products.

The evolution of the Lorna Jane brand came from her desire to create unique apparel for today’s women. Today it has expanded to include an international reach while also offering a special philosophy that rings true to today’s woman.


A Humble Beginning

Lorna Jane ClothingLorna Jane Clarkson started developing t-shirts and other fitness-related pieces of fashion from her own garage in Cairns. She was working as a dental therapist when she noticed while looking for fitness clothing that there wasn’t much of a selection of clothes for people to find.

She used an old swimsuit in her home as a pattern for her first workout outfit and started to show off some of the clothes that she made for herself during her part-time job as an aerobics instructor. As Clarkson started to notice people talking about her clothes, she found that it might be smart for her to start selling some of her products, as there was a clear market for them.

As Lorna started to make more and more pieces of fitness clothing for her clients out of her garage, she eventually got to move out of her dental therapist job to work full-time in making fitness fashions.

She gave her brand the Lorna Jane name and eventually opened a store in the Brisbane area in 1993. It didn’t take long for her fashions to start to take off among those who were interested in finding quality products for sale.


Evolving the Brand

lorna jane ApparelThe brand has evolved over time to include a number of different products for all sorts of specific needs. The brand includes dance and yoga clothing as well as clothes for use in the gym. Lorna Jane even has its own cycling line.

In addition to the many different fashions that Lorna Jane sells, the brand has evolved to include accessories like fitness bags, water bottles, hats, headbands and exercise mats among other items. These are all added to improve any active woman’s life and are certainly worthwhile for anyone’s overall plans.


“It’s all about putting yourself on the line. If you’re not willing to do that. How can you really achieve anything?” – Lorna Jane Clarkson


Moving Into More Countries

lorna-jane-storeThe Lorna Jane brand has expanded its reach over time thanks to its overall popularity. The brand has expanded to include many new stores and online retail sites for different countries all around the world. It has its own United States website and its own series of stores in the Los Angeles and Valencia areas that have recently opened up.

Additional locations are expected to open up in the very near future.

In addition, the company has expanded to include websites that cater to several international markets. There are particularly Lorna Jane websites that cater to audiences in the United Kingdom and South Africa, for instance. The growth of the brand has become particularly noticeable as more people begin to see just what it has to offer for everyone.


What Lorna Jane Does Today

Lorna Jane FitnessToday Lorna Jane Clarkson works with several key aspects of her line. She continues to design new collections for sale and works with contacting global suppliers for all the individual parts that she uses in her fashions.

In addition, she particularly promotes her products with her “Move Nourish Believe” campaign. This states that today’s woman should be motivated to be active and to feel her best about who she is. This includes the belief that she can do anything when she puts her mind to it. The effort that Lorna Jane creates to this day is one that transcends cultures and has become especially noteworthy in the States.


She has even developed an application to use for the iPhone and other Apple devices. The Lorna Jane app can be used to review workout statistics.

The goal that Lorna Jane has for her business is to encourage people to be more productive and capable of taking advantage of different styles for their lives. She wants women to feel good about who they are when they work out. The evolution of what she has to offer is certainly something that makes what she has to offer all the more worthwhile.


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  2. I love the quote. It really is all about conquering your fears and taking the first step.

    It’s so important to believe in yourself and not care about risking failure or humiliation.

    It will all be worth it in the end.


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