Luxury Private Jet

This website makes it ‘nice and easy’ for the super rich to place an order on a brand spankin’ new item of their choice.

This website is a new online store catered towards multi millionaires and billionaires who are looking for ideas on how they can spend their copious amounts of cash. From Luxurious Yachts to Exotic Sports Cars to park by their water front mansions. wanted to make it easy for those with ‘Big Change’ to order what they want, all in ‘one click’.

The Billionaire Shop was initially created by the founders of to connect lotto winners with the latest in lifestyle and expression. is offering its customers to play on the world´s biggest lotteries and felt the need to also provide the lucky winners the possibility to get a slice of the good life.

Agera Luxury Car

Bombardier Private Jet

Trinity Carpe Diem Million Dollar Yacht






You never know, after building your own business empire, you could be dropping by to pick up your very own Bombardier Business Jet or a Penthouse on Collins Ave, in Miami.

The world is your oyster, and this online store may be the inspiration you were looking for to dream big and live, even bigger!

Nevada Mansion Real Estate

Patek Pilippe Watch

MTT Turbine Motorbike






Images via The Billionaire Shop



  1. I thought about this the other day, now to just figure out ‘how’ to get 1-10% off each deal 🙂

    I just tried to buy the BUGATTI VEYRON SS (Black & Blue), but had to click a few times and the site was not user friendly, being a billionaire I don’t want to fill in any details, they must call me back !!!

    especially if I’m just about to spend: €1,950,000 (EXCL. VAT)


  2. haha!! Omg! I love that idea!! It’s magnificent…oh yess..and I love love love Addicted2Success. Sometimes when I’m sad or feeling steamy- your tweets and links make me smile!! Thank you for that!! =) Ciao!! Have a wonderful day!!


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