SImple Pickup Gratitude $100 Bill

The guys at were refunded a lot of money by a charity after they fundraised a huge amount of cash for them.

Jhaj & Kong decided to go out and tip those who are roughing it out in their minimum wage day jobs and the look on the workers faces are priceless.

This video shows you how far a $100 bill can go for some people who are struggling to pay bills and rent and how grateful people can be when you extend a hand and help them out.

Great video Jhaj & Kong, what an awesome thing you are doing for people out there.

Keep it up guys!


Tipping Minimum Wage Workers $100


“We handed out more than $1,000 total, and surprisingly, we actually got more tips refused than were accepted during all of our excursions,” Jhaj said.

“For many fast food chains, it’s against policy to accept tips, and many of the workers were actually scared to take the money for fear of getting in trouble — misaligned incentives, if you ask me.”


  1. Awesome acts of kindness. This video shows that all is not lost in human love, and caring for one another. Thank you for sharing…it’s truly inspiring. #payitforward

  2. Thank you for doing what you do. It’s an amazing feeling to give back. Last summer, my sister and I went downtown and bought many boxes of timbits (mini donuts). We went around the streets handing them out to the homeless. The reactions we received were priceles! Many were confused, some thought it was a joke, or we were playing a trick…but after explaining to them that we were just trying to do nice things for people in need, their smiles, excitement, appreciation and thankful reactions were more than money could buy!
    Simular to the end of your video, after walking around and handing out the last box of donuts we had, we saw a man in the distance, running towards his homeless friends, shouting with excitement…”Guys! You’ll never guess what just happened!” And with a box of donuts in hand, he reached his friends and yelled “who wants some?!” They all cheered happily and my sister and I walked back to my car and headed home. I wish we had videotaped it…but I plan on doing it again soon…and often!
    Thanks for inspiring me again!

    P.S. To other viewers: Yes… we do need more people like this in the world! Are you doing your part? It doesn’t take much at all and the rewards are incredible!

  3. That last part of the video at the end where the girl gives the homeless guy money….Wow faith in humanity restored. Pay it forward!
    Awesome guys keep doing what your doing.

  4. Hi Joel, Thanks so much for posting that video. Those guys are awesome and it will be amazing all the good they are doing and the attitudes they will change. This is an awesome example of “Pay it Forward”. I will be following them from now on.

  5. Hi Joel, thank you for sharing this video. We need more people like them. The world will be a much better place to live in if people cared for others.


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