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Life Is Precious – Don’t Waste Yours



Last Thursday I lost an uncle. Today I found out that my aunt, who played a large part in raising me, is in the hospital with a serious condition. Over the last two years, I’ve lost my grandma and another close aunty. At what point do we not understand that life is precious.

With each death or near death experience I’m reminded of this concept. Don’t take your relatives for granted because they can disappear when you least expect it, which is what has happened to me of late. Once they’re gone, the pain of missed opportunity hits you in the face like a brick.

Don’t waste yours

Let each death you endure, remind you of how precious life is. Each death should be a reminder not to waste your life. We only have so many days on this planet and then we’re gone. Nobody really knows what life beyond our human existence is, so enjoy being human right now.

For me, when I endure a death in my life I funnel even more passion into what I do. I hit the reset button on my comfort zone and wake the hell up from the lie that I’ll be young forever. None of us are going to live forever, so all we have is right now.

Who knows if we will even get a tomorrow

The other day I was crossing the road with a green man signal and a car came speeding through and nearly hit me. The man that was standing next to me said to me, “That was nearly a tragic accident, I’m glad you are okay mate.”

It clearly wasn’t my time to leave this world. I have much more to give and so much more to see in this magnificent world. The same applies to you. As sad as it is to say or to think about, there are so many ways to die.

Rather than dwell on this tragic thought, let it inspire you to greatness. Let your mortality be the cold shower you need to follow your dreams and smash your goals to pieces. Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something just because they’re too scared to do it themselves.

“Go out and shake the world to the tune of your dreams. Don’t hold back any longer and quit living in fear”

Be grateful for the people that are there for you

My close friends have been amazing when I’ve gone through each of these significant losses. We have to be grateful that people care about us enough to send their best wishes, provide unexpected gifts and call us to make sure we are okay.

There are so many distractions in the modern world and it’s easy for your close friends to forget about you, but your real friends won’t and that’s what death reminds me of.

You must not fret the small things

So many people care way too much about dumb stuff. Life is precious and so in the scheme of things the dude that cut you off in traffic, or the mom that hit your car with her pram, or the guy that was talking loudly on the phone and upset your train of thought, is insignificant.

Death reminds us how dumb all of these small things are. Why couldn’t you stop fretting the small stuff and focus on what matters?

So what matters? You do. Then followed by your family, your dream, the way you serve others and finding or maintaining love.

Don’t wait!!!

Ask that girl out!
Start that business!
Do that trip!
Don’t take your relatives for granted!

Stop waiting to take action. Death shows us that we must do what we have always wanted to do now. Do it today! These dreams that you have matter way too much to be put to one side when you’re old and gray or maybe even dead.

“You can spend as much time as you want worrying about things and procrastinating when you are dead and in your coffin”

While you’re breathing, I want you to live life to the fullest. Think about death as your motivation rather than the thing you fear, or the event that makes you sad when others pass away.

The time is never going to be right to start anything. Live with peace in knowing that every action you take has a meaning behind it, which will propel you forward in some way. Every step taken is better than no steps taken.

Bringing it all together

So you’ve heard all of this advice before have you? I’m sure you have and I’m not the first person to say it. With that said, you still haven’t taken it on board and used it to reap the advantages. Your life has to have meaning. Otherwise, you are going to become horribly sad at some point.

Your life must mean something otherwise it’s a complete waste. Find out what that meaning is and then go away and take action towards making it a reality. Don’t let the death of those close to you hold you back.

These people that have passed away in your life would all want to see you take the island and burn the boats behind you. Let their deaths also have meaning by helping remind you that your life is precious and it shouldn’t be for nothing.

Peace, love and respect to all of you. All of you are the reason I do this. It’s because of you that my life has meaning and I will never forget that.

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