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Casting a Spiritual Vision: 3 Steps to Release the Vision of a Lifetime



casting a vision
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This year is going to be the best year of your life. You are about to turn the biggest corner of your life. Do you know why? All of your life has been leading you up to this point in time. You were born for such a time as this. Imagine yourself casting a spiritual vision for this year that is miraculous in nature.

What is a spiritual vision? It is something you manifest by faith and it may seem just outside the realm of possibility to you naturally. It is outside of your access within your own abilities. 

How can you cast the freshest vision possible for your life? This year you can create something new under the sun, never done before. Your vision can be something not limited by the constraints of the past nor those imposed upon the present moment. Step outside the box and create the largest vision you have ever written for your life.

Jack London who was one of the first writers that ever earned a large fortune from writing along with worldwide celebrity status wrote the following. “I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in a magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live and not just exist.”

Do not let anything stop you just because it has never been done before. You could be the only one in your family, in your neighborhood, or in your generation to ever accomplish it. Anything is possible. 

“Spiritual vision requires that what we see with our eyes of our hearts will be more real to us than what we see with our natural eyes. We must see what is invisible to others.” – Rick Joyner

Ask yourself 3 questions about your vision

What is my perfect 20/20 vision for my life? How can I see with greater clarity the highest vision possible for my passion, my purpose and my destiny? How can I position myself to manifest greatness?

You were born to be a leader in your industry and take the world by storm. You were born to be a champion surrounded by others who have a unique thumbprint and will make a divine imprint on the world.

Step One: Cast Your Vision

A spiritual vision is laid out with a huge dream that you may not know how to complete. You begin it in faith that the end will manifest. It is a dream that accomplishes a purpose driven way greater than yourself. 

It may even seem impossible to fulfill. The energy behind such a vision will invite others in alongside you to help you manifest what you do not know how to do on your own. It is the largest vision possible that gives back to others in the greatest way.

The more defined and clear your vision is the more you can run with it. An example is Blake Mycoskie who wrote the book “Start Something that Matters.” He decided to start a business with a give back principle. He started TOMS Shoes and for every pair of shoes you buy, he gives away a pair to a child in a third world country. People were telling him that it should not be done as a business principle. You can’t give it all away. But, he did!

Step Two: Write the Vision Down

Write the dream out in vivid detail. Vision boards, pictures, words and vision statements. How will you know what it looks like if you cannot see it clearly? Begin with the end in mind. One of my favorite exercises I do at the beginning of a New Year is to write myself a letter for the end of that year as if my vision has already been accomplished.

So write a letter and date it for December 31st of that same year. Write yourself a letter thanking yourself for all it took you to overcome that year to see your vision fulfilled. Write it in the present tense as you are sitting at the end of the year seeing it complete.

You are practicing being in the mindset of completion. The letter goes in your goal journal, calendar or on your vision board to remind you throughout the year you have an end goal in mind. Imagine the joy you experience at the end of the year as you meet the person you have become along the way.

“Your thoughts shape your vision. You see what you choose to see.” 

Step Three: Position Yourself for Your Vision and Release it

Where are you seated right now? You can change your position anytime in life, and step into a new space. How do you position yourself for the highest manifestation of your dreams? I believe it has a lot to do with whom you sit under. Do you have a powerful mentor that challenges you and calls you out on ways you limit yourself?

You need to share your vision with someone in your inner circle to hold you accountable. The inner circle in life defines us. It is our core just like the mitochondria of a cell that gives its very life force to draw strength from. Ask those in your inner circle to invest in your vision by cheering you on during the year to make your end goal on time.

The largest of visions have to be declared aloud in front of others to hold them accountable. Release what is in your hand and let it come out of you this year. There is nothing stopping you! Ask yourself this question: Why did God put me on this Earth and isn’t it about time, I committed to manifest it?

What do you want to accomplish in 2020? Share it with us below so we can keep you accountable!

I am an author, speaker and Mindset Coach. I love to help empower others to transform any area of their life they feel limited by into total access to freedom. I am the author of The Freak Series. I write about a series of problems that I have and how I solve them using my intuition. My books are about sleep, dating and the gluten free lifestyle.

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