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How to Breathe Life Into Your 10-Year Vision by Joel Brown

how to cast your vision

In just 8 years, Joel Brown went from snake wrangler to music industry salesman to founder of megabrand Addicted2Success, a motivation blog with 162 million hits and 3.1 million podcast plays.

Joel credits his success to committing to a 10-year vision. He says that it’s a game changer because it holds you accountable to your higher dreams and purpose. He shares these 5 tips to seize your 10-year vision now on the Success Resources Podcast.

1. In mapping your vision, start off with the skeleton – Identify what you want in the six areas of your life: finance, career, fun and leisure, romance, self-development, and health and fitness. After working on this, add in the skin and meat. The more detailed and crystal clear it is, the more straightforward it is for you to go and grab it and turn it into reality, right?


2. Joel says it takes blood, sweat and tears to achieve your vision. His advice is to throw yourself into your vision and commit. Draw a line in the cement, not just sand.

cast your vision

3. In pursuing your vision, it’s all about testing without getting attached to the outcome. It’s not about being perfect but working towards excellence.

life vision

4. Negotiate with your mind. Our mind will always try to bring us back to our comfort zone. If you’re faced with something challenging, think that there’s something for you to learn and that there is a reward after you’ve passed it.


5. A lot of people talk about the law of attraction but Joel is more about the law of intention which he describes as “set it and get it.” He believes in living every day with direction and intention, and clarity and focus. Living with intention disciplines you and holds you accountable for your actions so you’re not basing your decisions on feelings.


These tips are pulled from Joel Brown’s interview on the Success Resources Podcast. Click here to listen to the interview.



  1. Priyannka

    Feb 26, 2019 at 11:30 pm

    Nice! This advice can make anyone successful especially if we can control our mind to not revert back to the comfort zone. Loved it!

  2. Peace

    Feb 25, 2019 at 3:49 pm

    Hey I read your article and it was nice!

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