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5 Ways to Use Difficult Life Circumstances to Become Unstoppable



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Creating success in life is more than starting a business, or making a bunch of money, or becoming famous at what you do. The world is navigating the effects of a global pandemic. People are dealing with circumstances that they weren’t expecting to face. 

If you’re going to create success as a business leader, you’ll need an unstoppable mindset. Consumers buy from a person. The vision behind a business is what draws people in. Consumers make a buying decision when they know the entrepreneur, understand what their business does, and develop trust. 

To be the kind of business leader your customer trucsts, you have to continue to grow as an individual. Growth means you never feel as if you’ve “arrived” because that’s when you don’t continue your personal development journey. 

There are five effective and practical ways to grow and become unstoppable — no matter what you’re experiencing or what’s going on in society. 

These are mindset shifts that lead to growth in your life and business. If you’re committed to doing the hard work, nothing is stopping you from living an unlimited life in which you accomplish all of our major goals. 

1. Create Healthy Daily Mind and Body Habits

Habits are the best way to creating lasting change in a person’s life. They’re the fuel in your personal development vehicle. Working on yourself can’t be something on your to-do list.

Creating an unstoppable mindset happens when you build momentum. Creating healthy habits means a daily lifestyle shift. Create powerful habits that help you reach your goals in a more efficient way. 

Change things in your life that ultimately aren’t right for you. Move more, make better nutritional choices, and learn more. 

“Crave the result so intensely that the work is irrelevant.” – Tim Grover

2. Continue Your Learning Journey

To reach a better level of understanding, you have to continue to learn. There is always something new in life and business to know that will help you become better at what you do. Take courses, hire a coach, use the Internet, read books, and consistently pursue knowledge. These growth strategies will reap dividends in your development. There are “experts” who are only experts in their minds. Don’t be an expert in only words. 

3. Network With Success as Your Metric 

Successful people would tell you that a large part of their success was having mentors, a network of successful connections, and inspiring examples of success. 

Masterminding and networking with successful people who are just ahead of you is a quick way to grow. Connect with people who have seen the hurdles that you don’t understand. You can benefit from the life experiences of others. 

You can join masterminds virtually and can soak up all that knowledge. You can also contribute. It’s one key to creating an unstoppable mindset

4. Never Settle No Matter What 

One of the quickest derailers of healthy habits and growth is complacency. When you feel like you’re already successful, you are at risk of going backward. Be grateful but don’t confuse gratitude with complacency. Even when you achieve growth, never let complacency keep you from setting impossible goals and doing whatever it takes to accomplish them. 

“Passion is a powerful force. Passion properly directed is unstoppable.” – Robert Kiyosaki

5. Stayed Committed to Your Purpose 

You started this journey of creating success in your life and business for important reasons. Those “whys” are your greater purpose and mission for living an unlimited life. 

Those who only do this for material satisfaction or “rewards” won’t last long. When you start a business to solve a problem and build a life of value, you will grow and create a clear path to success. 

When you build your life from a place of growth, you’re flush in every area. Creating success is hard work. Living a good life creates freedom and makes an impact. 

You CAN have it all if you’re willing to work for it. When you realize there’s always another growth level, you’ll never lose the hunger that you’ll need to create an unstoppable mindset. 

Today, this week, this month, and every day in the future, is an opportunity to stop settling. Examine your growth levels and determine which one of these five mindset shifts you need to make. Create healthy habits that allow you to create success and freedom.

Tim Madden is the founder of Executive Career Upgrades. He shows high-achievers how to take their career to the next level. He is a veteran headhunter, who has led teams that have fulfilled over 50 million dollars in staffing and recruitment services since 2013. Prior to that, he was one of the top recruiters for the military in 2011. He has seen tens of thousands of resumes (probably more) and interacted with CEOs and senior executives at some of the top companies in various industries. He attracts high-quality candidates for companies and is passionate about helping high-achievers land that next six-figure job, which most of the time is less about tactics and more about mindset and confidence.

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