5 Characteristics of Creative Individuals That Are Often Disapproved Of

5 Characteristics of Creative Individuals That Are Often Disapproved Of

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Creativity is something that everyone needs to thrive in the twenty first century. Entrepreneurs, app developers, graphic designers, start up companies etc. are all new emerging and valid careers in this age. And they all need creativity.

Even major companies like Nike and Adidas need to be creative; in marketing, advertisements, design of clothes, shoes. It takes creativity in an entrepreneur to really make an impact, and successful people possess creative characteristics that make them successful.

Here are 5 characteristics that all successful people have:

1. Willing to make mistakes

Creative individuals are often impulsive and often follow their intuition. In order for anyone to be successful, they have to become familiar with mistakes and failures. The reason this is often disapproved of is because there is a focus in our society on fear, carefulness and paranoia. “Be careful” is a term that is often heard over small things. Creative individuals are not scared of being wrong or making mistakes. Success is a trial and error process, so if mistakes are not made, how can success be reached?

“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something.” – Morihei Ueshiba

2. Rebellious

When you picture a creative person, they are usually someone who goes against the norm. Creative individuals usually break traditions and established beliefs in order to reach a high level of success. Creative individuals break the status quo, they break rules, they do what they have to do to get to where they want to be no matter what. This is often discouraged and many label creative individuals as troublemakers but if there is to truly be positive change, some rules do need to be broken in order to get there.

3. Independent in thought

Creative individuals usually break traditions and established beliefs in order to reach a high level of success. Creative individuals are original, often believing strongly in their ideas and opinions, regardless of what others believe. Einstein was believed by most to be an idiot, but his belief and confidence in himself has proved otherwise. Their ideas may seem crazy and impossible to others, which is why so many people doubt them.

4. Willing to try new things

Doing the same thing, over and over again and expecting different results is what insanity truly is. Creative people are often willing to do things in unorthodox, original ways. They may fail at it, but eventually they will find a solution and reach success. In society, trying new things is often discouraged; children are guided to universities, get a degree, graduate, find a job, get married, pay bills.

“Do things our way, that’s the way it’s always been”. “Stick to tradition” Creative individuals like entrepreneurs, app developers, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, bloggers, artists, authors are all willing to pursue what they truly want, no matter what. That is how change can be accomplished.

“The coolest things in life are things that you have not done before. That’s the key to life: new things always.” –  Afrojack

5. Persistent

Last of all, creative individuals are persistent in what they believe in. They often possess odd habits that they stick to everyday. They hone their craft and dedicate themselves to it until the results are reached. People will tell them to stop, that it isn’t working, it’s not going to work, it’s never been done before. But to me, that’s ultimately what creativity is about. Doing what’s never been done before.

By embracing your creativity, and by embracing our fears of being wrong and being judged, we reach an incredible level of liberation. So regardless of disapproval from others, embrace creativity and it will embrace you.

Which one of these are you going to implement into your own life right away? Please leave your thoughts below!


  1. Hey Martin!

    Great post on creativity! It’s so true, I’ve never really seen creativity in the way you’ve depicted above but it requires all 5 of those points to truly feel as if though your creativity is for the right cause. It’s hard when the people around you are used to the ‘norm’ of life, and trying to create greatness in this day and age is frowned upon until you make it.

    Keep up the good work!

    Stay Inspired, Stay Laughing, Hy-Power.

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