3 Ways Fear of Failure is Keeping You From a Fulfilled Life

3 Ways Fear of Failure is Keeping You From a Fulfilled Life

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3 Ways Fear of Failure is Keeping You From a Fulfilled Life
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Do you realize that there is nothing stopping you from living an amazing life—a life you’ve dreamt of since you were little? We live in an incredible time. Today, we have access to information and tools in a way that makes what was once out of reach possible for anyone reading this.

We have access to the Internet, social media, podcasts, books, videos, and many forms of inspiration that take the guess work out of accomplishing big goals. We have all the resources that take away the old school gatekeepers that you would have encountered in the past.

Yet, with this access and the tools, too many people settle for a life that could best be described as existing. They don’t chase big dreams and don’t believe this kind of life is possible for them. The reason that is a fear of failure keeps them from believing and taking action. Each of us struggles with a fear of failure and it keeps us from a fulfilled life. Here are three ways how.

1. It feeds into your self-limiting beliefs

There are self-limiting beliefs every person has to overcome to achieve success in their life. These beliefs are rooted in what we perceive are the negative qualities that hold us back. The fear of failure amplifies what we already struggle with and convinces us that these beliefs are a reality—they’re not.

You can conquer a fear of failure and beat your self-limiting beliefs by taking action despite them. Change starts with you believing it’s possible in your life. It then becomes a reality when you do the hard work. Beat your fear by consistently doing the work despite your fear.

“I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate.” – George Burns

2. It keeps you from seeing past your situation

The fear of failure has a funny way of making everything seem like it’s not working. It feels like what you’re going through right now is all that’s possible in your life. It covers the road to success and gets you detoured in your current situation. It doesn’t have to.

In a moment of experiencing a setback, close your eyes and breathe. Realize that your life isn’t over and that you can overcome that momentary setback. Your current situation doesn’t have to be your permanent situation if you move past your fear of failure.


3. It convinces you that settling for “good enough” is an option

It’s hard making changes that lead to whatever a successful life means to you. Settling for what feels like a “good enough” life is a more appealing option. The fear of failing, and failing publicly, makes good enough look like “incredible.”

Yes, creating your dream life will probably be one of the hardest things you do. Yes, you will experience failure, and it may be public. But, the life that’s waiting for you beats living a life of regret. Life is too short to let a fear of failure keep you from doing what it takes to overcome it. You can and will if you decide good enough is not enough for your life.

“Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.” – George Edward Woodberry

Fear is a natural emotion, but it can be an asset instead of a stumbling block. Fear can keep you on your toes and can help you make sure you have a solid plan. It can help you move forward cautiously, and that could help you see trouble ahead.

I let a fear of failure work as a stumbling block, and it kept me stuck for 12 years. Today, I’m writing this article from Tel Aviv, Israel. I spoke at an event here and will speak in Cairo, Egypt in a few days. If I had continued to listen to my fear of failure, I wouldn’t be here living my dream life.

It took four years of beating fear, creating a plan, and taking massive action, but it was worth the struggle. Anything that’s worth it in life won’t come easy, and that’s a good thing. You learn to be grateful for what you worked hard to accomplish. You’ll never get rid of fear completely, so take action anyways.

Are you letting a fear of failure keep you from your goals? Please leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


  1. Fear is realy a dreams killer i have this fear of rejection but i want to be a motivational speecker. But from now i will overcome that fear

  2. Les Brown once said that fear is the number one dream killer and I truly believe that when you can overcome your fears, you can truly live life on your own terms. My number one fear in this life is fear itself. I hate being afraid of something. I want to be the person who is comfortable with being afraid and brave enough to face any fear that I may have. These are some great reminders to why I should overcome any fear that I have.

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