how to fall back in love with your business

Time flies, and it’s easy to get caught in the mundane responsibilities of our business. Because of this, we tend to forget to love our business, and to love who we are becoming as I’ve personally experienced this myself. Have you ever thought of these difficult questions: What if you fall out of love with your business? What if you just lost it? What do you do to fall back in love again?

See, perhaps the best job in the world is to be one’s own boss. Even though it’s not that easy or as loose as it sounds, many people still jump into the bandwagon and try to come up with their own gigs. We’ve all heard it—how it’s better to not be an employee forever, and how you can serve people at a higher level if you have a business.

At first you like being the king of your time and being able to have the say on everything; however, when the realities of business ownership and management settle in, it’s also easy to just lose the zest for your business.

Imagine, you have to worry about financial management, employee retention, customer satisfaction, sales and most of the time, you even get to work on weekends as well. When your to-do list starts to lengthen more than usual, there will be times when all you want to do is shut yourself out and sleep all day.

If you need help falling back in love with your business, here are a few of my time-tested tips:

1. Mindset is key

The first thing that you need to do is to set your mindset right back on track. Ask yourself why you are doing what you do and what your business stands for. Or, if you want to amp up the purpose of your business, ask yourself, “what is the most important aspect of my job?” Another question I like is “How am I making other people’s lives better?”

Whether it’s giving jobs, solving complex problems, helping people improve their personal lives or providing above satisfactory services, you need to remind yourself what your purpose is. Take time to pause for a while and reflect on what we are there for. Usually it’s the daily drill that gets into us, and reflecting on our purpose re-energizes us back into taking those drills more seriously and purposefully.

“Anyone can train to be a gladiator. What marks you out is having the mindset of a champion.” – Manu Bennett

2. Declutter your head

Now, if you think that it’s the huge mound of tasks getting to you, start delegating some of the little ones to a trustworthy assistant or personnel. Pass some important but easy and time-consuming tasks like website maintenance, social media marketing and calendar scheduling off to an assistant. This will give you more energy and time to focus on the more important aspects of your business or future projects. Think of it as freeing up “brain space”.

A productivity funnel I swear by is something Tim Ferriss taught in his famous book “The Four Hour Work Week”. It’s eliminate-automate-delegate. Every once in a while, I ask myself about the tasks in my to-do list which I can just eliminate, then I automate the others, then for whatever is left, I delegate.

The residual tasks after that is just around 3-10 things (depending on how busy that day is) and I usually get it done in an hour or two of deep work. Then I feel good and productive along with being back on track. A lot of procrastination happens when we’re riddled with self doubt and loss of purpose, but you don’t have to go through that for very long.

3. Self-care and team development

Next, don’t forget to take some time off. Take a quick vacation (one weekend will do) to inspire yourself and perhaps generate fresh ideas and more innovative perspectives. Indulge your employees to these kinds of mini vacations once in a while as well. You can also hit two birds with one stone by going on a nice workshop where you can visit a new place for vacation, but also meet new people for possible prospects or additional guidance.

The change of environment will be good for you, plus you’ll come home with more actionable tasks. This has worked very well for me. In fact, I get some of my best business launch ideas when I’m on a massage table on a random beach resort!

“Take time to do what makes your soul happy.”

4. Pat yourself on the back

Lastly, the best thing about having a good business, is that you also have the opportunity to see it through other people’s eyes. And which eyes are the best alternatives? Your happy clients. Review your testimonials, rekindle with an old client, and revive appreciations for your business.

For their time, you can ask these clients what else they would like to have from your offers, and how you can help them further. Don’t sell to them, just ask them how you can help them. It could even be a small introduction which will help them move the needle in their business too.

This kind of connection rekindles the initial feelings of fulfillment that you got when you first served them well. That feeling might have been years behind, but you can tap into the memory and make it work in your favor when times make you feel low.

What’s more, these revitalized connections can even spring new products and services, a fantastic upsell, and a fresh new perspective for your offers. Read old testimonials, get in touch with them and see how it goes. You might surprise yourself.

See, it’s not very difficult? You simply have to start with the right mindset and work from there. For a while, take your time off the numbers (sales, debts, etc.) and work on the heart of your business—the purpose. Once you get it right from there, the numbers will eventually concede.

Which one of these 4 ways can help you most in falling in love again with your own business or job? Let us know your comments and tips below!


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