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3 Ways to Know You’ll Have Success as an Entrepreneur



entrepreneurial success

Entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart. When you signed up to be an entrepreneur, you gave up your right to be comfortable. You traded stability for uncertainty, one title for many and set hours for “however long it takes.” It takes grit and grind to make something out of nothing and wonder from day to day if all your hard work will eventually pay off. But, in entrepreneurship, uncertainty is the name of the game.

Success is planned, it doesn’t happen by osmosis or by wishing it into existence. Social media has glamorized entrepreneurship and made it look easy. The only vantage point given regularly includes the highlight reel of entrepreneurship and not the backstage chaos. There are daily actions you must take and mindset shifts you must experience to muster up the courage to be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship is messy and more often than not, it’s downright scary. Yet, hope abides!

If you are considering entering the world of the unknown, aka entrepreneurship, here are three ways you can tell if you will be successful or not:

1. You know the risks

Entrepreneurship is full of risks. Sometimes all of you have to work with is an idea and a hunch. You have no solid ground to stand on in knowing if what you want to put out into the world will be well-received. And while it’s nearly impossible to know each and every possible scenario and outcome for your situation, when you have an idea of what could happen, you’ll have an advantage.

Go out on a limb. That’s where the fruit is.” – Jimmy Carter

2. You feel the fear

Most approach the idea of entrepreneurship with excitement because all they consider are the positives. Being enamored about being your own boss, setting your own work hours, having the freedom to be location independent, and not having a cap on your earning potential can lure even the highest paid professional into entrepreneurship.

On the flip side, those same ideas can cause anxiety and fear when one realizes the magnitude of the weight that being an entrepreneur puts on oneself. You realize your success falls back on you and your action. Entrepreneurship and mixed feelings go hand in hand. It’s okay to be excited and to be scared. You are not alone.

3. You take the leap anyways

When you accept the risk of the unknown, allow yourself to feel every single emotion in the book, and you still make the choice to plunge into entrepreneurship, you know that success is on your side.

The truth is that many never take the leap because they allow the possibilities of what could go wrong to paralyze them into doing nothing. If you push past your apprehension and make moves towards your future, you have no choice but to experience success. The good news is that your success will be on your own terms.

“You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

Taking risks, being fearful and taking action are the keys to your success. It’s one thing to allow your fear to keep you stagnate, it’s another thing to allow that same fear to push you to do and to be better. Before you venture out into uncharted territories, assess where you are and plan for where you desire to be. You may discover that you are closer to your next win than you are to your last loss. Whatever you do, do it well.

How do you assure yourself you’re doing the right thing when you take a big risk? Share your thoughts below!

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Maleeka Hollaway is a 3x Best-Selling Author, Serial Entrepreneur and Writer.  As a professional, Maleeka is obsessed with everything that has to do with success, leadership and small business growth. As a human being, Maleeka is infatuated with wanderlust, inspiring stories, and individuality. Follow her on Instagram and connect with her on Linkedin.

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Rock up with confidence

If you want to keep those nerves at bay and ooze confidence at networking get-togethers, you’ll need to downplay it rather than seeing it as a big occasion. Try not to put pressure on yourself and see it as a casual meet-up with a bunch of people with similar goals to you. To help you relax in the run-up to the event, be sure to set achievable goals and expectations before you go.

Keep your chin up and your goals in mind – positivity is key. One easy goal for your first networking meeting is very simply to speak to one other person and see where the conversation goes. Introduce yourself and your business, but take the time to listen to their story, too. It’ll only take a few minutes and will be over before you know it, so it’s nothing to fear. You may even enjoy it and want to speak to a few more people, too!

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you.” – Dale Carnegie

Where to go networking

If you’ve never been networking before, it might not be very easy to find a group – but only because there’s so much choice and you don’t know where to start your search! Groups come in different sizes and styles, so it’s important to find one that suits you and your business. Informal, formal, big, small… the choice is yours.

For your first meeting, start small to ease yourself in – a big group could prove too daunting, and stop you from feeling comfortable enough to get involved. After all, you want to make a strong first impression!

If you’re wondering which group to opt for in the long-term, give a few a go! Get a feel for them, speak to as many people as you can, and see which one suits! You’ll know when a group feels right for you, and you can see where those all-important relationships are most likely to be built. If a group doesn’t feel like the right for you, give a different one a go.

Get more leads and referrals

This will happen for you, as long as you put the effort into building those relationships. If you take the time to get to know people, and then check in with them and support them, they’ll see you as a trustworthy and reliable contact who they can call on. And when they feel that way, those leads and referrals you’re looking for will come a-knocking.

Once you’ve made relationships with people who you trust, and they’ve had a positive experience working with you, you can even ask for referrals! But don’t rush this, as you don’t want to inadvertently push people away or try and force the relationship along too quickly.

When you do get an opportunity to work with someone you’ve met at a networking group, go above and beyond to offer more value than they’re expecting, as then, they’ll be much more likely recommend you and introduce you to more of their contacts!

Grow your business

By investing your time and effort in networking, you will gain more business through the relationships you make, and you will be able to grow your business.

We know that it’s not easy, going networking for the very first time. And that’s why we want to give you all the advice and tools that you need so you can walk in with confidence and make the most of the opportunity.

2023 is just around the corner, and you have the chance to make it the year you make networking work for your business. And the benefits could be incredibly amazing for your business, just like they have been for ours, and many business owners we have worked with over the years.

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