Why You Should Wake up At 4 am And Beat The Zombies

Why You Should Wake up At 4 am And Beat The Zombies

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The time you wake up has a lot to do with who you become. The difference between waking up at 6 am and 4 am may seem insignificant to the average zombie, but the difference is massive. Think about the time you wake up and then by the end of this article ask yourself whether you want to wake up earlier than you currently are.

I am happy to confess that the idea of waking up at 4 am was not my own. How it came about was that I was bouncing on my trampoline at home trying to boost my energy levels before sitting down to write an inspiring article for all of you wonderful people.

Motivational Soccer Player In The USAWhenever I am doing something like exercise, I like to combine the activity with either education, or inspiration, or both. To achieve this, I put on a motivational YouTube video to watch at the same time. The video I watched featured the famous motivational speaker Eric Thomas.

I can’t remember exactly what he said, but the message was that if you are not waking up at three or four o’clock each morning, then your purpose and your vision for your life is off track. I thought about this idea quite a lot and realised that when I am most inspired, I naturally wake up early.

The primary goal of what I am going to tell you today is for you to not only wake up early but for you to wake up and work on your passion straight away. It’s for you to allow more time for your passion.

“The truth is that the uninspired sleep in and find it hard to wake up because they are just cruising through life without any direction or passion. These same zombies are the ones that spend their whole day complaining, and telling people why they feel tired even though they just slept for twelve hours”

The two reasons the average zombie finds it hard to wake up is because of poor diet, and zero motivation as to why they should wake up. It’s easy to just sleep your life away! It’s easy to say I will follow my dream tomorrow! The time is now. Wake up and get working on your dream!

Below are the five benefits of waking up at 4 am:


1. You get to start the day with what you are passionate about

Waking up at 4 am allows you to get right to your passion. This becomes possible because you most likely won’t have any commitments like work at 4 am in the morning. This gives you a good two or three hours each morning to smash at the activities that relate to your passion.

When you then start work or travelling to work at say 7 am, you have spent the first part of your morning being inspired, and this will carry through to the rest of your day. You will find yourself more positive during the day and strangely more inspired. How you start the day determines how you finish the day.

What happened to me, and why I began waking up at 4 am, is that I analysed my evenings when I got home from work. I realised that I usually had lower levels of energy and didn’t have what it took to go and do my passion (inspiring you lot).

So, because I was coming home and not being productive, I used Eric Thomas’s advice and worked out that this evening time was wasted. I realised it would be better to go to bed early, so I could wake up earlier and pursue my passion then. Since forming this habit, the game has changed for me, my friends. The game can change for you as well – I promise.


2. Use the time you wake up as a measurement of your passion

The time you wake up is not only crucial to your success; it’s also a measurement of your current levels of passion. Simply put, if you can’t wake up early in the morning, then you are not passionate enough.

Sleep is important, and you need eight hours of it, but living each day with passion is just as important. Your levels of passion will slide up and down like the stock market over time, but every once in a while check in with what time you are waking up.

“Speak to someone who is living their dream, and they will tell you that they wish they didn’t have to sleep” – Tim Denning


3. Get a head start on everyone else

While all the zombies are fast asleep, while all your competitors in business are still underneath the sheets, you have the opportunity to outwork them. The way you become successful in any pursuit in life it to outwork everyone else.

Given the amount of time I have spent writing and studying personal development, I would have to be a total freaking moron if I didn’t understand this niche and know how to share it with you all by now. I am no smarter than anyone else; I just choose to work twice as hard.

You have that same opportunity and by waking up at 4 am you can leave your competition in a burning cloud of smoke.


4. No one is awake, and it’s quiet

Many pursuits in life require deep thinking, focus, and often silence. The advantage of waking up at 4 am is that you can achieve all three of these things. The rest of the zombies in the world are sound asleep, and so you have the chance to maximise the silence.

I have found that there is something strangely calming and inspiring by being awake at 4 am. I have started to feel like I am doing something that will truly change the world because I want my dream so bad. I feel like one of those athletes in a Nike advertisement that is awake at the crack of dawn to train. The difference is I am not training in a field of sport; I am training in the art of personal development.


5. You will have more time to do what you love

On top of your normal work day, waking up at 4 am will give you extra time when your mind is the most relaxed and active to pursue your dream. You should at least find that you have an extra three hours per day that are now much more productive and focused. Three hours a day times seven days a week means you will have an additional twenty-one hours a week to play with.

Don’t tell me you don’t have time because you do. You now have the one strategy that every successful person in the world has used at one time or another; the art of waking up early. Enjoy your extra time each and thank me later.

I look forward to seeing what art you can create in the world with your passion and extra time.

What time do you wake up each day and why? I’d love to hear so let me know in the comment section below or on my website timdenning.net or my Facebook.
Tim Denning is a former entrepreneur turned intrapreneur, working daily with fast-moving tech companies. He is passionate about what makes startups successful and is a thought leader/ game changer via the use of social media. Tim uses personal development and success as a platform for greatness. You can connect with Tim through his website www.timdenning.net or through his Facebook and Twitter.


  1. I have had some close friends and colleagues try to illustrate the benefits of waking up EARLY… I resisted for years and in many cases … lived like a zombie when it came to how I envisioned my future. 3 children later.. Almost 10 years married.. I have come to my senses.. so far its been a war of the selves. I can thank Robert Green, Mark Divine, Eric Davis and Alan Watts for shaking me out of my zombied slumber! At times I fall short and others come out ahead and get my ass up. I’m 30 days into this!!! The first and second thing I noticed was the lack of coffee cravings!!! My workout intensity was also higher than expected or what it was in past attempts. Third was my focus for the first 2/3rds of the day was way up! The last…… in all honesty…. I recognize all of my negative tendencies and habits … how they infect almost everything I do! SO top of the mornin to you all who have the guts to rise between 4 and 5am! May we never look back. May our early starts grant us time to get ahead, plan, execute, succeed and live by example to the benefit of all we do, those we love and who we interact with!

    • Michael thanks for sharing your story. It’s great to see you getting the benefits and you’ve highlight even more advantages that I wasn’t aware of. Congrats on the new habit!

  2. Hey I really admire the way u mentioned the benefits of waking up early …could you please tell me how i can save this stuff on addicted2success app to read it later as well .

  3. 0430 for me, sometimes 0500 in the weekend. I use the time for personal development. I started january the first of this year, after reading The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 🙂

  4. A life of success is an active life of constant movement. It is very difficult for you to succeed if you are inclined to be at rest(including oversleeping). Raising up early is an orientation to movement. Raise up early and work hard often enough and success will be second nature to you.

  5. Tim, I can’t explain in words how amazing and truthful this article is. Anytime I read about successful people, they all have in common waking up early even when they don’t have to. I was kind of struggling with this and waking up around 6, but your article inspired me to go back on track and keep it up every day. Thanks for your inspiring words.

    • Silvia I am glad my article resonated with you. We all struggle to wake up early at one time or another. Keep trying to wake up just 5 mins earlier than the day before and you will eventually get there. best of luck Silvia!

  6. Thank you for sharing that with us Tim. If I remember correctly, there was a quote in Malcom Gladwell’s book: The Outliers, where it was said: If you wake of 360 days before the sunrise or earlier you ll get rich.:) Wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

    • Jure thanks for reading this post. I had actually forgotten about that quote from the Outliers so thanks for reminding me. Waking up early is the secret to a lot of successful people’s daily strategy. Take up the habit yourself and see what it does for you. I promise you will be surprised!

  7. Dear Tim , it was really nice to read your article ,I have always been an early riser since my teen days and now I am a mom of 4 with the younget 1.5 months. I used to work but after this 4th one cydnt continue but still dint stop myself growing in my knowledge by setting up daily and eventually monthly goals to achieve.I wanted to memorize this one chapter from my religious book so that I don’t have to go back and forth with the book and simply recall from my memory when need arise, and with my busy routine it was very hard for me to to find time. Every night it was 9 o clock and I was like totally drained of energy to keep myself up to study. Then I changed my sleeping habits and became an early riser again 😊 yes the 4 am one, now I’m halfway done. My classmates also ask me how am I able to do it with 4 kids and all the mommy responsibilities? Well waking up at 4 is the secret. Yes it’s calm and quite in the house and I can focus.the interesting thing is that even my religion also emphasize waking up a little more earlier and pondering over the aim and goal of our lives to become a better person to serve the society.
    Really love to see the passion you have and I pray for your success in all your goals.stay blessed.😊

    • Sadaf thanks for sharing your own personal story. I think by being up at 4am you are really setting yourself up for success. I have no idea how you manage four children and I have a lot of respect for what you do. Keep doing what you’re doing and all the best!

  8. Im up at 5am to:

    – Streach
    – Mug of warm water, lemon and honey
    – Read anything positive like addicted2success.com
    – Workout

  9. Hi, that sounds nice and everything, but..
    how do you manage your evening activities with your friends? If you go to the cinema, a restaurant, watch a late football match, it will be around 11-12 PM when I get to bed. How am I supposed to wake up at 4 AM if I only slept 4-5 hours so far?

    • Hi Vince, there are always going to be exceptions. Some nights you may stay up late. My schedule works out that I do 4am most days unless something comes up. Try it out and see how you go.

  10. Great article! I do my best work at 3 or 4am in the morning. When my mind is going and full of great ideas, I don’t want to go to sleep. I’m so in love with my goals that I get an extra burst of energy just thinking about it. I usually send blog articles around this time to individuals in order countries (time difference) so that I can get responses throughout the day. I use my night and early morning hours to position myself to receive news that will keep me motivated and full of energy throughout the day. I’m also committed to publishing my book this year so waking up early is essential to my progress. Thanks for the 4am wake up motivation! It’s always been a challenge to consistently do this for workouts but it always made me feel so accomplished when I arrived at work.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Charlene! I’m keen to know who you are sending your articles too. I love your approach and waiting to get the news for extra motivation.

  11. Hi Tim, after reading your article I realized I’ve been doing it right most of my life. I set my alarm clock at 3:50, get ready to hit the gym by 4:00 or 4:05, workout about 50 minutes then get ready to go to work. I’m a welder and in my area with my work, the day starts at 6:00am. I almost forgot to mention that I used to be in the military back in my country (colombia) and being there you wake up or you wake up basically! That helped me a lot to get in to the routine ,and for those who struggle waking up early try leaving your alarm clock far away from your bed,so you have to stand up from bed to turn it off. Simple right? thanks for your articles Tim, every breath of your life is a blessing.

    • Diego thanks for checking out this article. It sounds like your well on the way to a very positive morning ritual. Thanks to your occupation the decision is made for you and I’m glad you see the benefits. The trick with having your alarm clock away from the bed is a great one which i have been using for many years too!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  12. I like this idea Tim. I have been fighting depression for some time and I know I always feel better and accomplish more when I am up early. So for me setting a goal of being up by six would be a huge step right now as I can barely get out of bed by 8.
    More so the idea that those who sleep in are uninspired or without passion really struck a cord for me. The depression set in when I stopped going to school, going to conferences, being actively involved in community and just stayed home. I am a single mother of three kids who I love dearly, but I am a gypsy spirit who loves to travel and be with people. Teaching and learning.
    So trying to figure out how to balance that is a difficult thing for me for some reason. Cheers to you for this article. I have really loved it.

    • Nikki thanks for taking the time to be bold and share your very personal story. Remember that nothing lasts for ever and that depression is only a season just like winter is. Winter doesn’t last forever and you will be able to rebuild yourself. The first step we you have now achieved is to admit where you’re at and admit that you’re not we’re you want to be. Similar to my previous content, we need to find what drives you so that we can re-energise your life and get you out of the current way you’re living.

      I have found that the simple act of taking a walk for 30 minutes a day with a podcast like “The School of Greatness or the “Addicted2Success” one can start to change things. Find a family member to babysit the kids and then go and do a few weeks travel. It will change your perspective on the world. You’ll find balance once you decide that change is a must I promise you.

      Thanks so much for reading Nikki and I know things will get better for you.

  13. I have a huge problem of waking up early and I know all my effeciency is there !! I tried many times but never achived my goal I think i’m a night owl and it’s not ok, any help about that please ?

    • Amel your reasons for waking up early have to be strong. If I told you that at 4am you were going to do your favourite thing in the world or we were going to a Ferrari dealership to get you a new car, would you wake up early? My guess is you would. So it’s not that you can’t, it’s that your reasons are not strong enough yet. You need to work on your vision more to get to the bottom of the issue. It is definitely possible for you to achieve this goal!

  14. Hi Tim,

    The article is spot on, though I have’nt listend to that the perticular Eric thomas video.
    In my own experience, the time after 4 or 5 o clock in the evening is very dull. At this time it’s hard to do something prodcutive, creative.So what I usually do is have my dinner by 7 o clock sharp in the evening and go to bed by 9. This why I can easily wake up around 5.

    I will challenge myself to wake up at 4.


  15. Hi Tim, I wake up at 5.55am every day.
    I know the importance of waking up early and since then I have tried to wake up as early to get a head start.
    After reading your article, I think I should challenge myself further. I will try to get up by 5.30am tomorrow for the next 2 weeks and then adjust to 5am.

    Just wondering, what time do you sleep Tim if you wake up at 4am?

    • Use a bedtime affirmation. Tell yourself when going to bed that you’ll be alert, refreshed and focussed when wakin g up. You can even practice it a few times at night. Imagine your alarm clock going of and get out of bed quick. Take a few steps and feel what you want to feel the next morning. Try to do it with passion!

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