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(Video) The Reason Why You Should Start A Business Using Youtube

youtube as a business

My YouTube channel is 3 months old and I make more than a full-time income from it. In fact, I have an employee. I’m not the only one, either – I have friends who are making an income from it. I know 18 year olds who are making an income from it. There is nothing distinguishing any of us from you, except we started a few months earlier.

Make no mistake – YouTube is not the new television. YouTube is set to become bigger than television. It is my belief that you should join my friends and I in the revolution. Start a business on YouTube today, in fact you should’ve started it yesterday.

But not to worry – you haven’t missed the train yet, at all.

YouTube is just beginning to notice the seismic cultural potential of their platform and is investing in their growth. They’ve just opened up offices and huge professional studios in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, and you’ll likely see more soon enough. They’ve introduced a system where you as a “YouTube Creator” can go to these studios (as long as you have 10,000 subscribers) and start making fully professional videos with YouTube’s help. They do this because they know what I know (and do you should) – YouTube is going to be the biggest video platform ever invented. Not only does everyone watch YouTube, they watch its content over and over. A video can spread virally through The Internet in seconds.

This does not happen through television or film; that would be like comparing The Internet of 1999 to The Internet of today.

YouTube has further investment in this expansion because they’ve noticed its highly profitable nature and a lot of (already) successful people are making money on it. Celebrities like Russell Brand (who shoots one video per day) and Bill Gates are active YouTube users, promoting both their work and their personal beliefs. With people at this level of notoriety, single YouTube videos are starting to reach as many (if not more) people as a TV show or film would.

So, what does it take to actually start your own YouTube business and reach a mass audience? Well, it’s not as difficult as you think.

Just a couple of years ago, it was very expensive and time-consuming to start a business using videos and video marketing. However, today all you really need is a cheap camera, a microphone, and a computer to upload your videos on. In fact, you don’t even need that much – many smartphones these days serve as good quality (720p-1080p) cameras, and even come with serviceable microphones. If you want to invest more, you can find a good DSLR camera, an affordable lens, and a decent $40 microphone for audio, much like the set up used in my videos. In short, it’s ridiculously easy to start shooting videos and thus build a company.

If you want me to really blow your mind, you don’t even need that much. One of my clients who I’m teaching to do the exact same YouTube business formula is just using his laptop. He can’t afford a camera, so he just takes his laptop outside and he starts filming himself in the park holding it in his hands!

By now you may be thinking, “Sure it’s easy to record a video or two, but what do I talk about? I don’t have any skills”. I would counter that you probably do. If you have a skill that is marketable or teachable, something along the lines of sales, fitness, self-development, or really anything that people are willing to pay for, you can teach it other people in your videos. Furthermore, if you have a skill that you can actually perform for other people (think graphic design or video editing), you can use your videos to promote your service and get clients. If you can do that much, congratulations, you have yourself a business. You have a bit of freedom in your life.

You don’t have to go to an office, you don’t have to commute through traffic jams for hours each day, you don’t have to sit in meetings with people you don’t actually like – you can work to your own schedule and build 1-on-1 relationships with people in your chosen field. You can live a life on your terms.

mic usb for iphone youtube recording

If you do this, your future prospects are very bright. Almost all of the successful people I know with a lot of insight on how things are going to look in the future are heavily into the revolution taking place in Internet Marketing. But, as I said – it’s not too late. We’re just getting started here. You can do this as well.

Mark my words, when you do this, you develop skills that will never leave you. Public speaking, video editing, sales, coaching, promotion, marketing, branding – the list goes on. For anyone out there still on the fence of the power of The Internet, take solace in the fact that if you create a YouTube business and somehow someway the web becomes less relevant, you’ve developed all the skills listed and can get a job almost anywhere you like.

Yet what kind of current job can help you such a vast array of permanent skills? Many jobs simply pay you for your time, teach menial tasks like copy-pasting emails and formatting documents, and might fire you someday to start the cycle all over again.

Your YouTube company will never do that because it’s yours. Moreover, your value and influence will only increase with time. The videos you make will get views for the rest of your life. If you still to have clients 10 years from now, your videos are quite the impressive resume.

If you start today, regardless of age, in 5-6 years, you can become a world-class master at any of these skills – editing, speaking off-the-cuff, coaching, sales – you will be able to do it all. And you can earn a full-time income traveling all around the world if you want, it’s all online!

I hope I’ve made a good case. NOW is the time. Begin today, implement, learn everything you can. Remember as I said in the beginning – there’s no difference between you and me. Except that I’ve already started.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jeremy

    Aug 31, 2014 at 6:31 am

    Man, I love YouTube so much. So much of my entertainment, research, and learning all comes from it. Never did I think I would start a channel myself one day. Been making piano videos for almost 5 months now. It’s not a business now of course, but who knows where this will lead to in the future.

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