Janine Allis Boost Juice

If you are from Australia or have visited down under, you will be familiar with the juicing bar “Boost Juice”.

Boost Juice is the largest and fastest growing juice and smoothie chain in the Southern Hemisphere. With outlets in more countries than any other smoothie chain, and currently pursuing an aggressive international expansion strategy, Founded By Australian Janine Allis, Boost Juice is well on the way to achieving their aim of being the world’s most loved & favorite brand.

Few entrepreneurs can take credit for establishing an entire industry, but Boost Juice founder Janine Allis sparked a craze for juice bars in 2000 when she opened her first store in Adelaide. Since then the company has expanded to over 1,850 stores in locations around Australia and in countries including Britain, Ireland, Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Macau and Mexico. Boost also owns the Salsa takeaway food franchise brand.

As a working mother of three, Janine was fed up with the lack of available healthy fast food for her and her family. On a trip to California in the late 1990s Janine struck gold, coming across a juice and smoothie bar. She loved the concept and put her theory into practice; her Boost Juice dream was born!

Janine had a great idea that she acted on and now, 10 years after the opening of her very first store, she is an Australian entrepreneur and millionairess! Janine is doing very well with yearly revenue of over $143.7 million from her stores!

Janine Allis On How to build a Successful Juice Bar Franchise


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