Ricardo Semler

Brazillian Entrepreneur Ricardo Semler
turned his company Semco upside he found he worked less, got richer, reduced the stress of work dramatically and became a worldwide bestselling author. The company went from a top-down authoritative operation to one where you could do what you like, when you like, so long as everyone agreed to it.

At Semco you can rock upto work when you want to and  are able to vote a dismissal of your boss with other employees if you are not happy your boss. This is a very radical approach for sure, but Ricardo Semler has proven it works, how many other companies out there will follow in his wacky footsteps?

Check The Video in this post for a Tour Of SEMCO.




An Interview With SEMCO’s Ricardo Semler


Ricardo Semler Quotes:

“If we do not let people do things the way they do, we will never know what they are really capable of and they will just follow our boarding school rules.” – Ricardo Semler

“Growth and profit are a product of how people work together,” – Ricardo Semler

“I am not interested in…making sure that you (the employee) are here, that you are giving us so many hours a day. We need people who will deliver a final result.” – Ricardo Semler

“If you look at any kind of modern organization and you think — what are the foremost tools of power? You will find that it is information.” – Ricardo Semler



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