(Video) Eric Thomas – Living & Breathing Your Dreams To Succeed

(Video) Eric Thomas – Living & Breathing Your Dreams To Succeed

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Eric Thomas is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, youth activist, preacher and mentor who has changed the lives of thousands. His strong words cut into the minds of his listeners and totally transforms their way of going about life, accomplishing their dreams and ,ultimately, reaching success.

Eric Thomas is well known for his “Thank God it’s Monday” videos where he elaborates on a couple tips for success and gets his listeners pumped up and motivated for the week.

In this post we feature a Video by Eric Thomas where he speaks to MSU students about the importance of dedicating yourself 110% to your goals to achieve success. 


(Video) Eric Thomas – Great Motivation Speech About Putting Your Whole Self In!



  1. until we’re convinced,
    we have no reason to try.
    If you feel defeated,
    you’re absolutely wrong,
    for if you follow your dream,
    you could never lose for long.
    Ignore the minor set-backs
    that pile up and trouble you,
    or you will build a mountain,
    out of the stones hurled at you.
    The future holds great promise,
    your destiny unknown,
    but God is always helping,
    and you’re never alone.
    Soar bravely toward your goal.
    Let nothing darken the way.
    You can change your tomorrow,
    if you seek your dream today

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