belfort_jordan wolf-of-wall-street

One of the wealthiest young men on Wall Street “Jordan Belfort” had the world in his palm at the age of 25 making $50 Million a Year at his own investment firm “Stratton Oakmount“. Jordan Belfort was followed by the FBI for many years and finally arrested for selling artificial inflated stocks, banking more than 100 Million Dollars.

After a couple years in jail and a complete life turn around Jordan Belfort decided to write a book titled “The Wolf Of Wall Street“. The Wolf Of Wall Street was New York Times Best Seller giving Jordan a reputation as the Millionaire Maker as he travels the world teaching thousands of people how to make money the ethical and legal way. Jordan is a true inspiration showing you no matter what you have come from or who you where, you have it in you to make a change for the good and live a wealthy and happy life.

Jordan Belfort – Managing Your State Of Mind & Creating Confidence For Success

Jordan Belfort is in Australia right now on tour, Check this link to see if Jordan is in your city this week.



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