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How to Overcome the Emotional Rollercoaster of Success



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If you’re reading this, I’ll let you in on a little secret: you’re a human being. You have feelings, emotions, beliefs, complexity, and a mind that’s always racing. Your feelings at any given moment in your life have the power to affect what you do and how consistently you do it.

When you feel terrific, you can focus on what brings growth to various areas of your life and conquer your list of things you want to accomplish. When you don’t feel the best, every feeling and emotion inside your mind tells your brain to blow off tasks and get comfortable binge-watching your favorite shows. 

Learning the best way to get control of your emotions is a superpower. It creates the difference between successful days and ones you can add to the wasted column. Successful leaders understand this. They are consistently committed to putting in personal development and mindset work that helps them better understand themselves. 

Adding self-awareness to their toolbox helps successful leaders ride the emotional roller coaster without wobbling or losing control. Building a fulfilled and successful life requires working on these three life skills that put a W in the battle of your emotions.

1. Learn how to create and operate a peak emotional state

Tony Robbins often talks about the power of learning how to get back into a peak state quickly when your feelings and emotions start to spiral to a dark place that has the potential to derail you. 

The idea is that when something negatively triggers you, you acknowledge everything you’re feeling instead of trying to dismiss it. Process through the feelings, emotions, and thoughts so that they don’t have time to grow louder in your mind.

This exercise is the key to changing your state and getting back to a higher vibration in your mind. Getting into a peak state happens quicker through physical movement, music, or talking. This helps you get back to a healthy place in your mind and take control. 

The process can happen within minutes. The more you practice the exercise of processing and getting back to peak state, the better you’ll become at always finding your healthiest you. And that leads to success. 

Getting control of your mental states is a game-changer. It allows success-focused leaders to master their feelings and emotions. Think of how athletes operate in a high-performance peak state and what they accomplish in those states. It’s the same principle for us and a skill we can add to our toolbox.

“Peak performance beings with your taking complete responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you.” – Brian Tracy

2. Get clarity on where you’re going

The first step to getting to a healthier place is knowing where you’re going. Many leaders get lost in all the tactics. They run from one task to the next creating the feeling of accomplishing goals without realizing it doesn’t make sense to the overall success picture.

Doing tasks only makes sense if the things you’re doing fit into your primary growth strategy. You have to know who you are, who you want to be, and your purpose. It would be best to have a vision, mission, and operating guidelines to consistently achieve your goals. 

It will help if you understand your growth strategy inside and out. The main components should show you what tasks you work on every day and in. what order. The clarity in taking action is how you combat imposter syndrome and self-limiting beliefs. Clarity is powerful. Don’t get lost in the busy work that feels important but is a diversion.

“When your clarity meets your conviction, and you apply action to the equation, your world will begin to transform before your eyes.” – Lisa Nichols

3. Optimize your mind and continue to train it

Your brain is a muscle that can and should be trained. By training your brain, you can optimize your mind to actively put in the work. You control what’s in your mind and can feed your mind strong content that challenges you. Old-school beliefs need to be rewritten. 

Don’t reach for your phone first thing when you wake up and start filling your mind with other people’s demands of your time. The distractions of life can wait until you’ve optimized those first few m minutes.

Instead, feed your mind motivation, inspiration, and education through videos, audio, or books that are aligned with your growth level. Use the time when you wake up to meditate, get centered, focus, and tell yourself all the things you’ll accomplish. 

Put in the work to optimize your mind. It’s the first step in battling emotional challenges that keep your mind from getting into a healthier state. As you plan, schedule plenty of time to work on training your mind. You can hire coaches, take courses, study how the brain works, and create more self-awareness. 

Getting control is the secret weapon for experiencing growth. Don’t let your feelings, emotions, and the baggage of others make decisions for you. Step into your power and do the work.

Zach Benson is the Founder of Assistagram, an Instagram growth agency that’s helped influencers and Fortune 500 companies accrue millions of new followers on Instagram. Dubbed “the influencer’s secret weapon” by Entrepreneur Magazine, Zach founded Assistagram to empower influencers such as Yanik Silver, John Lee Dumas, Russell Brunson, and companies such as ClickFunnels to connect with their target audience and cut through the noise. Throughout his career, Zach has shared stages with powerhouse speakers such as Tony Robbins, Sylvester Stallone, Grant Cardone, Daymond John, and Gary Vee.

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