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Never Let An Opportunity Pass You By – A Super Quick Hack That Works



I want to share with you today a super quick hack that works really well.

Your mind comes up with brilliant ideas all the time. The trouble is that unless you take action immediately, you’ll forget what the idea is. Even if you remember the idea, you may not be as connected or passionate about it later on.

This is why whenever I have a good idea I take action straight away. Let me give you some examples:

– Yesterday I thought that joining the gym could help. I signed up within 30 minutes
– I was scared to do public speaking but just got up when I was called for the first time
– Booking my first overseas holiday by myself was scary. I just paid for it within the hour.

You may look like a psycho, but it’s worth it.

Half the time I look like a total psycho. Let me tell you the reason why:

When I have a phenomenal idea that turns into a potential goal, I never leave the site of that goal without taking action. This habit means that I become obsessed with taking action and will ignore everything else in that moment. This makes me, on occasion, look like a psycho.

This strange look on my face is due to the immense focus that comes with avoiding distractions and taking action at a moments notice. It’s become my obsession to take action straight away because I don’t trust my brain to remember a new goal in the future.

This is the one time I am okay with you being rude and looking down at your not so smartphone. Taking notes on your phone, sending that email, or making that phone call is fine if it’s associated with the first action step of a brand new goal.

Never leave without a next step.

If you’re chasing a goal, never move onto the next task in your day without taking the next step.

If you met someone and did a pitch, create a next step straight away before they leave your sight.
If something feels right, don’t be afraid to say yes rather than coming back to the decision later.

Never say “I’ll do it tomorrow” because you’ll forget, and the energy associated with your action will be less tomorrow.

“Take action now while you have the energy and the vibe”

Taking an opportunity is hard.

We all get presented with incredible opportunities and the challenging part is saying yes. It’s often our default response to delay decision making or not even make a decision at all. To avoid this problem, it’s better to make a decision in the moment. Take the opportunity now.

If the opportunity feels right, then it probably is. Trust your gut instinct and don’t settle for a life of delaying opportunities and never getting around to anything that matters to you.

“There’s never a good time to do anything. You can always say yes and then abort later”

My promise to you.

If you follow this little hack and commit to taking opportunities in the moment, instead of delaying everything to the future, you’ll experience more of life. You’ll become an action orientated individual and they’re the best type. Action orientated people have goals and achieve success.

These same successful people never let an opportunity pass them by. They grab the chances they’re given and avoid suffering from the disease and new age epidemic that is overthinking.

There’s no time like now when you see an opportunity.
Take a chance. Be Quick.
Grab the opportunity.

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