How To Knock Out Your 3 Worst Time Management Issues

How To Knock Out Your 3 Worst Time Management Issues

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Time Management Problems
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Do you face this daily struggle?

The one where 24 hours to cross out everything on your to-do list is way too little?

It is a tremendous energy drain. But it’s not your fault. You just want to please everybody.

Could you be trying to do too much?

You feel embattled, like an eternal fighter. You never thought you’d face such formidable issues (or enemies!) that make your life so difficult.

Your jabs, uppercuts, and kicks are losing strength, and these enemies are strong.

But you can defeat them. Trust me.

Let’s reveal how you can end your fight against your three worst time management issues. Just recognize them and execute your strategies against them.


Issue #1: You Sabotage Your Own Schedule

How many times have you missed an appointment with your doctor, lawyer or accountant? I bet your answer is close to zero.

Generally, you respect other people’s precious time. So, why do you put yourself at the bottom of the list when your precious time is in question?

You sabotage your own schedule in the following ways:
  • You snooze five times through your alarm before getting up in the morning.
  • On social media, you check your friends’ pictures instead of doing something that will help you reach your daily goals.

How highly do you regard yourself? High achievers have self-integrity.

Make a daily effort to also consider the tasks that are concerning you. That doesn’t mean you should ignore other people’s requests. Just put your one thing first and take care of the rest afterwards.

Do not go forward with anything else until that personal stuff is complete. Don’t turn yourself down!


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin


Issue #2: You Treat Your Body Like A Punching Bag Or A Dustbin

During your time management struggles, do you treat your body like a temple or like a dump?

If you want to get things done, you can’t ignore your body. When you don’t eat healthily or regularly, it doesn’t have fuel to perform.

When you sleep four hours or ignore your body’s symptoms, you are shutting down your required energy level to accomplish your daily tasks. Be honest with yourself and evaluate if you are treating your body with love and respect.

Take a piece of paper and write an honest assessment of the following:
  • What you eat and how frequently you eat
  • The number of hours you sleep
  • Your physical concerns (pain, injuries) that you have not taken care of yet

Then, write a plan to fix the problems you listed. And most importantly, respect your plan!


Issue #3: You Give People Unrestricted Access to Yourself

Nowadays, a constant and insane pressure is on us to always be accessible. You are afraid that you might miss something if you don’t answer the phone now. You are scared that your client will get mad at you for not replying to his email within two hours. But by giving people unrestricted access to you, they take control of your time.

Remember those days when we didn’t have text messaging, the Internet, or voice mail? People would wait and try again later back then.

Each time you answer a call, an email, etc., you stop your work, you break the flow of your creativity and you kill your focus. Make people follow your rules.

Pat Hiban, a serial and successful entrepreneur, asks his employees to pay him $75 every time they want access to him when he’s not available. Lee Milteer, a mindset coach, is hardly reachable. All her calls and emails go through her assistant first to evaluate the urgency of each request.

The more accessible you are, the less people will value your time. Period.



Forget cell phones were ever invented, and shut down all distractions. It’s Time To Knock Out Your Time Management Issues!

Life is short, but that doesn’t mean you should treat your body like crap and be eternally accessible in the pursuit of success, productivity or time management.

Relax! Take some time to think and reevaluate your priorities and your schedule. Be honest with yourself, dare to change your bad habits and get rid of those three issues.

Sure, those changes might take some time. And you will face resistance. But keep fighting it, and you will hear the bell ring. You will win the fight!

So tell me, what will you do about your time management enemies in the next couple of days?



  1. Thank you for sharing, Fabienne! What an interesting topic.
    I learned so far that it’s better to check mails only certain times a day in order to work on projects but also in order to show that you’re not always available and that you don’t reply immediately. I loved the idea about charging when not being available – that definitively makes others think very well about contacting you or not. However, what about a freelancer who started recently? e.g. working in a co-working office with other freelancers who love to chat and don’t appreciate time? On the one hand, it should be clear to all that time is precious and that they would benefit a lot, too, when focusing more. On the other hand, strictly restricting the hours of communicating might be too harsh, especially when you started recently and want to make contacts and build relationships.
    I was thinking about communicating time frames being available and being busy, and when somebody wants to interrupt politely say that this is not a good point of time.
    What do you think? I’d love to hear your ideas.

    • Hi Stefanie,

      Thanks for bringing up the situation where several of you are in the same office…

      What I would suggest first is to take some time to speak with the others about your availability time, or even about the subject of productivity. You might be surprised and find out that a lot of your co-workers struggle with it and need some help…

      What I would also recommend is to have your ear plugs with instrumental music, so your background noise won’t be your co-worker’s phone calls or conversations. Take time though to choose a type of music which you are comfortable working with and that makes you be productive.

      To your success!


      • Thank you, Fabienne!
        The first point certainly requires a step out of the comfort zone because I think that’s a point few persons talk about, especially when they’re new to an office or co-working space. However, this is a point making a difference between a person with an active attitude and a reactive attitude.


  2. Hi Fabienne

    great advice, but sometimes you’ve just got to take that 1am webinar and then get up at 5.45am for that job!
    The most successful guy I’ve ever met told his freelance teams that they could contact him on specific days of the week only and at weekends turned his phone off.
    You’ve now shamed me into changing my lunch habits – usually a bowl of instant noodle in front of the laptop!

    • Hi Mark,

      I agree with you when you say that sometimes, you have to take that 1am webinar and get up at 5:45am.
      The thing is that I just recommend that it does not become your norm…

      Let me know what you decide to eat instead of your instant noodles 🙂

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