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Billionaire Mark Cuban’s Advice On How To Get Rich

Joel Brown (Founder of




The investment titan and billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, shares his examples and advice on how he created a way to Get Rich! This guy brings it to you raw and real on how to really make it out there and what you can expect on your journey to success.

We also share a video of Mark Cuban explaining how he retired in his 20’s, what ideas he likes to invest in and much more. Checkout it and learn a thing or two from Mark Cuban.



Thats what so many want. Right ? I’m certainly not going to lie and say it is not a whole lot better having lots of money. I had a whole lot of fun and loved my life when I was eating mustard and ketchup sandwiches and sleeping on the floor of a 3 bedroom apartment that housed me and 5 buddies.

I have a whole lot more fun now. It doesn’t suck to be rich.

The question everyone wants answered, is how to get there. There are ways to get there. But there is not a template that works every time for everyone. It works sometimes. Getting there requires being ready when opportunity presents itself.

IMHO, change and uncertainty create opportunity. Times like we are facing now, with complete financial uncertainty are perfect times to start on the road to getting ahead financially.

First, here is WHAT NOT TO DO:

There are no shortcuts. NONE. With all of this craziness in the stock and financial markets, there will be scams popping up left and right. The less money you have, the more likely someone will come at you with some scheme . The schemes will guarantee returns, use multi level marketing, or be something crazy that is now “backed by the US Government”. Please ignore them. Always remember this. If a deal is a great deal, they aren’t going to share it with you.

I dont broadcast my great deals. I keep them all to myself. The 2nd thing to remember is that if the person selling the deal was so smart, they would be rich beyond rich rather than trolling the streets looking to turn you into a sucker. There are no shortcuts.

So what should you do to get rich ?

Save your money. Save as much money as you possibly can. Every penny you can. Instead of coffee, drink water. Instead of going to McDonalds, eat Mac and Cheese. Cut up your credit cards. If you use a credit card, you dont want to be rich. The first step to getting rich, requires discipline. If you really want to be rich, you need to find the discipline, can you ?

If you can, you will quickly find that the greatest rate of return you will earn is on your own personal spending. Being a smart shopper is the first step to getting rich. Yeah you have to give things up and that doesn’t work for everyone, particularly if you have a family. That is reality. But whatever you can save, save it. As much as you possibly can. Then put it in 6 month CDs in the bank.

The first step to getting rich is having cash available. You arent saving for retirement. You are saving for the moment you need cash. Buy and hold is a suckers game for you. This market is a perfect example. Right at the very moment when cash creates unbelievable opportunity, those who followed the buy and hold strategy have no cash. they cant or wont sell into markets this low, that kills the entire point of buy and hold. Those who have put their money in CDs sleep well at night and definitely have more money today than they did yesterday. And because they are smart, disciplined shoppers, their personal rate of inflation is within their means. Cash is king for those wanting to get rich

The 2nd rule for getting rich is getting smart. Investing your time in yourself and becoming knowledgeable about the business of something you really love to do

It doesn’t matter what it is. Whatever your hobbies, interests, passions are. Find the one you love the best and GET A JOB in the business that supports it.

It could be as a clerk, a salesperson, whatever you can find. You have to start learning the business somewhere.  Instead of paying to go to school somewhere, you are getting paid to learn.  It may not be the perfect job, but there is no perfect path to getting rich.

Before or after work and on weekends, every single day, read everything there is to read about the business. Go to trade shows, read the trade magazines, spend a lot of time talking to the people you do business with about their business and the people they buy from.

This is not a short term project. We aren’t talking days. We aren’t talking months. We are talking years. Lots of years and maybe decades. I didn’t say this was a get rich quick scheme. This is a get rich path

Now you wait for times of uncertainty and change in your business. The time will come. It may  come quickly, it may take years and years. But it will come. The nature of our country’s business infrastructure  is that it is destined to be boom and bust. Booms are when the smart people sell. Busts are when rich people started on their path to wealth.

You will know when that time is here for you because you will know your business inside and out. You will be ready because you will have been saving up for this moment in time

With all the change and uncertainty in the financial markets, there are people right now making more money than they ever dreamed of. They are the ones who have been living the real estate market and the financing behind it and understanding what actually what was going on. They re the one who understood the complexities of the credit markets. When everyone was following the crowd, they kept on saving their money and avoiding the temptation of groupthink.

Boom and busts happen to every industry. The question is whether you have the discipline to be ready when it happens for you ?

If you do, you will find out what it feels like to get lucky.


Article By Mark Cuban


Mark Cuban – The Rich Life


I am the the Founder of and I am so grateful you're here to be part of this awesome community. I love connecting with people who have a passion for Entrepreneurship, Self Development & Achieving Success. I started this website with the intention of educating and inspiring likeminded people to always strive for success no matter what their circumstances.I'm proud to say through my podcast and through this website we have impacted over 100 million lives in the last 6 and a half years.



  1. manny

    Jan 17, 2015 at 7:01 am

    mark cuban must be smoking some good stuff. he just suggested a 6month cd which is avg 0.80% when last year inflation was avg 1.4% so my money is doing nothing not even keeping up with inflation and somehow im richer then everyone else? whats next mark keep working at my dead end job save my money at the bank and retire so broke on social security that I have to keep working until I die? Also you say that great ideas are never shared thus everyone else is just scamming each other? LMAO Oh boy tin foil is next for you. This post was for suckers imo.

  2. Angel Villanueva

    Oct 5, 2013 at 6:57 pm

    Hello, Mr. Cuban , my name is ANGEL, It’s funny. I’m going to start with. I to believe it or not I am a Multi-Billionaire, I am a Farmer by trade, I got my Real Estate License back in 2006 While I got sick, well to make things short I got shot with a Shot gun on my back, I have 3 fuse disc on my lower back, plus 3 on my neck. About 40 pallets all over my back. Ok, I almost lost my farm while I was sick. I got well started Real Estate sale’s done well since. Just enough to get by. But here is my lesson to you an everybody out there..Please Thank GOD for what ever you have. I have my Wife an 3 children, 1 beautiful Grand daughter an son inlaw. Best of all my Life. I Enjoy Everyday I Thank GOD. I am a Multi-Billionaire, I have a Family.
    Angel Villanueva

  3. B.Veenman

    Sep 2, 2013 at 8:51 am

    Nice article Mark, I’m confronted with change in my industry at the moment and I know I’m just in the right place at the right time. I have already recognized that this might be my burst, the one that I have been working towards for 6 years. I want to just let other readers know to take to hart what Mark writes here, It is very true, from gaining knowledge about you business to that the change in you industry will come.
    It does not matter if your industry is a big industry, With the right idea a small market can be turned into a big market, or you will see related opportunity in a much bigger market.
    Good luck to everybody into becoming bilionairs

  4. Vital KARANGWA

    Jan 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Well, very nice article! I have very many ambitions and I need help of people like you! I think this article will help me in many things , especially in savings! because I spend more than I earn. So, at the end of the month I find my self in looking for extra mony!

  5. Ibukun

    Dec 30, 2012 at 8:26 am

    Nice article

  6. Darlington

    Nov 29, 2012 at 9:59 am

    well, others who can help yu should find you already helping yourself.This good advice and it works

  7. Hollington Tong

    Nov 10, 2012 at 8:27 pm

    In the section First here’s what not to do he is doing what he said not to do.
    Billionaires Rich Devos And Jay Van Andle seem to disagree with his first not what to do also.

    I am not saying the advice here is unsound but its self defeating when you say no one will help you in an article designed to help you. Simply because if you believe others aren’t there to help you succeed then your advice is would be designed to make sure others don’t.

  8. jacob

    Sep 6, 2012 at 3:27 am

    hey my name is jacob fowler ,im a high school student in montana . ive read alot of your stuff about helping you succeed with your goals ,i have many goals of my own ,and its fascinating how you to be where you are now.thank you and it would be great to talk to you . thanks

  9. Reemo

    Aug 19, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Just a heretical thought to add to the conversation… Wheres the fun in getting rich when the rest of the people are down and out with markets crashing…. I want to be rich when the markets are up so I dont have to be alone in my success….I want to be rich when the economy is booming and everyones happy . I dont want to enjoy at a time when others are weeping … Just my two cents

    • Steve

      Dec 18, 2012 at 4:03 am

      Everyone one wants to grow rich and everyone wants to grow rich with their ones you love. The difficult part is when you start becoming successful and your loved ones are struggling with taking the initial sacrifices, like adding discipline to their lives. What then? Do you carry them on your back so they can “be there” with you in your success? For someone to be successful, first of all they have to want to for themselves.Then take action.

    • Matt

      Dec 25, 2012 at 3:39 pm

      I think you are missing the point…making money is a zero sum game. When someone makes a bunch, someone else lost a bunch. Statements like ‘I want to make money while everyone else is’ is something that someone who will never make money says. Capitalism is just that, capitalizing. If capitalizing on something for your own gain hurts your feelings for someone else, than just start a non profit. Don’t get me wrong I want people to all succeed but the reality is most wealthy people make money by taking it from others. There is a finite amount of money out there, it’s not meant to be shared, it’s meant to be exchanged.

  10. Mike

    Jul 29, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Couldn’t agree more about the statement regarding cash.

  11. Nedu

    Jul 14, 2012 at 4:18 am

    I ve read d post and comments dat ve followed.i observe dat as d years go by and inflation is hitting d roof,a lot of pple wil find it difficult 2 cope not 2 talk of get rich. U save up money and inflation preys on it and u think u ve moved an inch. IF U THINK ABOUT GETTING RICH INSTEAD OF THINKING ABOUT CREATING VALUE THAT U RE PASSIONATE ABOUT,it maybe difficult and impossible 2 be rich.

    • Shamus Mac

      Jul 30, 2012 at 11:25 pm

      “If you think about getting rich instead of… creating value that you’re passionate about, it may be difficult and impossible to be rich.”

      @Nedu: Truer words have hardly been said!

      MLM companies are group-think institutions which dedicate their training seminars to teach only recruitment and ignore retail techniques, because their customers are, in fact, you “independent distributors” which are coerced to fulfil minimum monthly purchase levels to maintain your precious and hard-won discount rate.

      And what an ideal customer you are! Whether you consume or resell or not is no concern of the MLM parent company. The more inspirational seminars you attend, and the more resources you dedicate to reach those exotic locations, the longer it will take for you to accept reality, despite your pantry full of overstock, and friends which have either become your direct competitors or ostracised you for attempting to profit off them.

      I now profit off independent distributors by providing prepopulated e-commerce solutions for a specific MLM company in a sincere attempt to help those who, like members of my immediate family, persist because the mark-ups do look great on paper. What inspired this? Aside from sympathy, the realization that many people made a smart profit off the California gold rush; but almost all of them simply ran tool shops to supply the gold diggers.

  12. Adrian Keys

    Jul 8, 2012 at 1:55 am

    “Boom and busts happen to every industry. The question is whether you have the discipline to be ready when it happens for you ?

    If you do, you will find out what it feels like to get lucky.”

    The most important for the very last…sweet! Nice post….

  13. dave amos

    Jun 5, 2012 at 11:13 am

    I think Lauren is right on the button, he has spelt it out in a simple black n white way to make a point, but basically he is right, learn about business from the bottom up, save your money, work 10% harder than the average and you’ll do well, my dad had a phrase – if you want something done “Find a busy man” I never understood at first, only thing I would add is – don’t let the corporate ladder be the thing that ties you into a salary, jump off at some point and do your own thing … apart from that delay a family as long as you can – that’s advice for men of course … good luck, it’s hard work. 🙂

  14. Mark Hibbitts

    Jun 3, 2012 at 8:20 am

    Lauren is correct that the areas are pretty broad, but I think this is a pretty good article as it tells it like it is. Getting wealthy takes time and discipline, and there are no short cuts. Yes you need to learn investing too but without cash that’s a waste of time. Cash flow is king.

    I’m also interested in seeing Laurens website as I write books for children about the same things and there may be a potential JV for us.

    Mark Hibbitts

  15. DeJuan Collins

    May 1, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    I agree with a lot of his advice, except the business model of a good MLM company this business model may not make you rich, but could create you seed money to invest in other entrepreneurial opportunities. For a few hundred dollars to get started you could break even really fast and be on the road to profit pretty quickly.

  16. Gabriel Do Carmo

    Apr 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    I disagree with some, if not most, of what Mark Cuban said. For anybody reading this comment, go read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It will COMPLETELY change your mindset for the better

  17. Eduardo Salido

    Mar 22, 2012 at 8:38 am

    I dont agree with him, if you have a family it means two paychecks not one! Of course a parent spends with children but the amount is not alot. I think this guy got lucky, Ive read a couple of blogs from him and he just sounds nonsense.

  18. dbizzle03

    Mar 5, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    I stopped reading after he said that most things are schemes and to put your savings into a 6 month CD at the bank. Clearly, not the way to get ahead when there are better ways of saving. There are plenty of vehicles to use to get to where you want to go, the key really is you have to WORK to get there.

  19. Lauren Sainz

    Mar 2, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    I have a website that targets getting financial information to young adults, information that they aren’t getting from high schools or colleges. In my opinion, it’s great that Mr. Cuban has created a rich lifestyle for himself and was able to retire in his 20s. However, some of the points he makes are very broad and won’t work for everyone.

    In a perfect world, starting in your teenage years you’ll know the ins-and-outs of managing money, you won’t charge up credit card debt, you’ll spend less than you make, you’ll save 10% of your income, and you’ll always be able to buy what you need without struggle. For Mr. Cuban, he seemed to understand that and I applaud him for understanding at such a young age.

    However, this new generation of young adults are accustomed to the life of buying now, paying later. They don’t have the discipline to save money and pay for things with cash. They want to go to college and cannot pay for it so they must take out student loans.

    The idea of getting a job and learning all there is to learn about that business and then waiting for your opportunity to strike sounds like an idea that will fail for most. Nobody wants to be told to wait to get rich.

    I’m a firm believer in knowledge is power and I understand the idea of learning all there is to learn about a business. However, ultimately an investment has to be made in yourself either through additional schooling or to start a business.

    I started my website almost a year ago. I’m only just now seeing revenue come in from ads that I place on my site. All my information I give on the site is free to my readers and I never charge for anything. I found something that I love doing and I do that through writing about personal finance on the web.

    But before I started my site, I had to get my knowledge from somewhere. I went to school. I took out massive student loans. I racked up credit card debt when paychecks were too short to pay bills. I made financial mistakes and I’ve learned from them. I’m doing better.

    Most young adults are not starting out with a clean slate. They have debt to repay. They don’t have the time to wait to save money. Some are too strapped that they cannot pay more than the minimum on their debt and there is no room for savings. So, based on Mr. Cubans idea of saving every penny, that won’t work for them because they don’t have enough pennies to save.

    The key to getting rich isn’t just finding a business that interests you and learning about it and saving every penny you have, it’s about deciding where you want to invest your money. You can invest in an education for yourself, invest in a venture someone you know wants to do, invest in a business opportunity for yourself, or invest in your future (retirement accounts). Yes, stay away from scams, but multi-level marketing isn’t evil. There are legit MLM companies out there to choose from. You just have to do your research first and be passionate about the product they sell. If you aren’t passionate about a product, you won’t be able to sell that product through a MLM business. There are also legit stay-at-home jobs online.

    The point is your options for getting rich are endless and as long as you remain focused, it can happen for you. You just have to find your passion and start from there.

    • kirk davis (@kirkd12)

      Mar 2, 2012 at 5:20 pm

      Nice post Lauren and very noble of you not to advertise your website but I would be interested in reading some of your stuff so please do provide a link or tweet me (@kirkd12)


      • Raymond Duke

        Mar 2, 2012 at 8:25 pm

        I too have recently started a site, and have been leaving comments on blogs I follow or find interesting. And Kirk, I agree with you about not linking to the site in your comment because it makes it seem as if you are fishing for hits. If you are leaaving a genuine thoughtful comment, then you are more likely to gain the interest of its reader who will then go on to your site which hopefully leads to more genuine and thoughtful information. By the way, you can visit the site of the person who left the comment by going to their avatar and clicking “visit site” underneath it. Doing this, or clicking on the person’s name, will bring you to their site usually on most most places or sites that let you leave comments.

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Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Have a Podcast, Youtube Channel or Online Show



why you should have a podcast
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Confidence comes from a place of strong understanding of self. After close to three years on radio, I’ve grown from a shy introvert to a shy introvert with an extrovert persona. When the mic is turned on, I can channel a version of myself that some say is attractive, strong, and of course, confident but it wasn’t always this way.

What I want to share with you is what I discovered on this journey into broadcast that you can apply to your life, your ventures, and your personal development. This doesn’t require any fancy gear. It does require a leap of faith on your part because once you go down the road of media; it can change your life.

1. Perceived Expertise

When you go to a doctor, you expect their knowledge will guide them to a solution to your problems. When you have a show, you become your listeners’ doctor. For all the multiple thousands, maybe millions, of YouTube channels, podcasts, and user-created content in the world, each person that gets behind a mic takes a position on their passion, their opinions, and their themes.

They challenge the status quo for the benefit of their listeners in hopes to entertain and educate. With consistency on your side, those fans place you on a platform and give you permission to influence them.

2. Global Acknowledgement

One of the benefits to increasing confidence is when you receive thank you notes from people you may never meet. The feeling of enriching someone’s life from halfway around the globe, provides validation you’re enhancing someone else’s life with your wisdom and your wit.

The very first time I was told I was making a difference in someone’s life in a country other than my own, I felt like I caused massive impact that transcends my circle of influence. When you experience just how much you can cause impact and it comes back to you, it’ll change your worldview.

“Be grateful for what you have and stop complaining – it bores everybody else, does you no good, and doesn’t solve any problems.” – Zig Ziglar

3. Backed By Numbers

One of the most exciting ways to measure success is to quantify your growth. It’s not enough to just broadcast. Having subscribers and downloads helps to know, numerically, how well you’re doing. Word of caution. This can be a way to set yourself up for distress because of number envy but if you understand what the numbers mean; you can control the narrative of the numbers.

The major number that makes most people smile is 10,000. I’d advise it to be 1. Here’s why. As you grow in your industry, so does your reach. If you learned that the one person that subscribed totally changed for the better because of you, wouldn’t that be worth the effort?

4. Effective Communication

While it’s not talked about much, having a show is documentation. You create a dynamic account of your life, your industry, and the pulse on what’s important simply by having a show. When you find a channel to improve your communication skills, you demand attention and people will listen to you. You become more trusted as a leader and people will follow you once they believe you can lead them to their wants and needs.

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.” – Tony Robbins

These insights have helped many people become leaders and, ultimately, move others to their best selves. It’s worked for me and I hope it works for you. At the end of the day, it’s all about showing up and showing out.

Have you ever thought about having a radio show? If so, what would you talk about? Let us below!

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There are many people who don’t have the courage to launch a business in a niche as they think they don’t have the right skills and experience to obtain success. While there are specific skills which determine the success in every niche, there are also some general skills which ensure success in any business you would try.

Below are 5 essential skills you need to drive success in every aspect of your life:

1. Ambition

When you launch a new business, you need to be prepared for difficult moments such as fighting the competition and winning your target audience. Moreover, if you follow some successful entrepreneurs, you should keep in mind that they also faced difficulties and continue to experience them. So, how does a successful entrepreneur get over all the difficulties?

The essential skill you need to possess is called ambition. Set small and clear milestones in your development plan and use your ambition to go over each difficulty and finalize what you had in your mind. It doesn’t matter how hard the path is going to be. Visualize your target and put in all the efforts to achieve it. Staying organized and scheduling each step to get things done are some of the techniques you can use to achieve success.

2. Listen to those around you

While listening to your instincts is necessary if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, this is not enough. As your business develops, you will have an entire team to manage and lead to success. Therefore, you cannot be a successful leader and have success in every niche unless you learn how to listen to the people around you.

You should listen to your employees and discover what they are expecting from you. This is the way to follow if you want to keep your team motivated and help them give the best of themselves.

On the other hand, you will need to listen to your customers to improve your products and services and provide excellent customer support. By listening carefully to the voice of your customers, you will be able to stand out of the competition and ensure their loyalty towards your brand.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” – Jeff Bezos

3. Courage

When you decided to become an entrepreneur and build your own business, it means you are a courageous person. Courage will help you harness the power of creativity. Don’t be afraid to take risks if you feel a specific action will bring more success to your business.

Apart from doing intensive research on your ideas and developing the exact steps you are going to follow, you will need the courage to implement them. Not all the ideas will turn out to be successful.

Regardless, you will have something to learn from each success or mistake and this will help you move your business even further. When you have the courage to follow a path which is not very familiar to you, this is going to be the moment when you will widen your horizons and exceed your limits to achieve success.

4. Creativity and imagination

If you already implemented your idea and you see that it works, you most probably think that you don’t need to change anything to achieve more success. You need to keep in mind that customers’ preferences change and your competition is waiting for your mistakes to “steal” your clients.

Therefore, you need to use your creativity and imagination to improve your products and services to meet your customers’ expectations. What is more, creativity can also mean that you are open to talk to new people and use their experience to improve something in your business.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

5. Continuous learning

If you want to drive success in every niche you will need to show a willingness to learn. You need to stay updated with what happens in your niche and what your customers expect from you.

Education is not only something for school. It is a lifelong process, and you should be open to seek knowledge and improve your skills with every opportunity. An efficient trick is to stay close to people who are already successful in your industry, ask their opinions on various subjects and learn from their experience.

The above five essential skills will help you build a successful business in every niche. A true leader is ambitious, knows to listen to the people around him, and is always open to learning from others.

No matter the size of your business, you will need to be creative and use your imagination to improve your products and services. These skills will help any leader develop new skills, stand out of the crowd, and strengthen his position on the market.

What skill do you think is most important to be successful in life? Let us know below!

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5 Key Investment Principles from Warren Buffett



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Warren Buffett is a mentor for a lot of traders. Why shouldn’t he be? After all, his investing principles have earned him the title of the world’s greatest investor. His way of working is a little contradictory to many others in the arena of online trading. He doesn’t invest the way it’s depicted in the popular media. He is the kind of investor who likes buying and holding.

Buffett has taught us that once you buy a stock, hold it no matter what. Forget that there is a recession in the economy or it is at its boom. Whether it’s good times or bad, you’re supposed to hold onto the stock.

Buffett doesn’t just buy stocks for the sake of holding them. He buys them for a specific reason. When those reasons no longer exist, he sells the stocks. He not only looks for good prices but sound management and a competitive advantage. He shared his opinion that companies such as IBM, Sears, and GM are great but they cannot stay competitive for long. Therefore, these companies shouldn’t be a part of your portfolio.

Why not learn from the pro himself and invest the right way? Here are 5 key principles to begin with:

1. Invest In What You Know

Before investing in a stock, it is very important to understand what a company does and how it makes its money. Ever wondered why Buffett has always avoided investing in tech stocks? It’s because he does not completely understand their business model. He sticks to what he knows.

This also explains why he prefers investing in Berkshire’s stocks. It represents a diverse mix of stocks such as utilities, banking, and insurance and consumer products. All of these are businesses that Buffett understands very well. No wonder he has invested a significant amount of money here.

“Beware the investment activity that produces applause; the great moves are usually greeted by yawns.”  – Warren Buffett

2. Before Buying a Stock, List the Criteria

It makes sense to buy stocks on the basis of criteria, right? After all, you’re ensuring that you don’t end up investing in something unfavorable. You could be searching for stocks in a certain industry with a set price to earnings ratio.

Buffett never makes the price of the stock the sole criteria of his buying decision. Sometimes, great companies end up taking a price dip because of the market situation. However, holding onto these stocks could still turn out to be favorable.

3. Be Aggressive During Tough Times

Generally, it’s not recommended to time the market. But if you’re a long-term investor, you’ll be fine no matter when you buy. This means that even during the tough economic times, you shouldn’t settle down. Keep on looking for opportunities. This is what Warren Buffett does because he knows that things will eventually turn around.

Buffett is known for capitalizing on opportunities during and after the great recession. Bank of America investment is one of the best examples of this. In his latest annual letter, Buffett said that “dark clouds will fill the sky almost after every decade. But it certainly will rain gold.” So don’t despair, keep on investing.

4. Don’t Worry About the Day to Day Market Movements

Along with other tips, Buffett also said that you must only buy a stock if you are comfortable holding on to it in case the stock market shuts down for a decade. Since you are holding onto the stocks for 10 or more years, there is no point in losing sleep over the minor swings.

Ignore the headlines about the trade wars, the government shutdown, and other chaotic news. Instead, you focus on learning the potential growth of your company over the course of time. The fact is, stock prices keep on changing, but it’s not significant if the company’s business still has a bright future.

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.” – Warren Buffett

5. Buy Buffett’s Stocks

Buffett keeps everything simple when it comes to investing. If you don’t want to do the guesswork and research to figure out which stocks to buy, simply invest in the stocks Buffett already owns. But, make sure you understand the business. Buffett discloses his holdings publically each quarter. He has capital in companies such as Wells Fargo, Apple, and Bank of America. To keep things simple, you can buy the shares of Berkshire Hathaway itself.

Warren Buffett hasn’t been successful all by himself. He has a team of investors who help him do legal work and give him investment tips. He’s also a part of an advisor network because he understands that an investor needs all the help he can get. It’s amazing that a billionaire like him still listens to others.

Now that you know how to invest like Buffett, it’s time you prepare your investment strategy. These principles are not hard and fast criteria, they are simply a discipline strategy all investors should stick to. Along with these, you can use math, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and even stock charts to make a decision. You may not end up a billionaire, but you will avoid losses and make more profits than your fellows.

Which one of the 5 key investment principles from above resonated with you most? Let us know below!

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Create a concrete presence within the niche you compete by employing an effective content strategy. Your strategy should:

  • Establish expertise, authority and trust through the content you produce on and off site.
  • Focus on the client. All of the content you produce should have the client in mind in order to maximize the value you’re offering.
  • Implement an editorial calendar for the content your company will produce

Enhance your websites SEO with long-form evergreen content

Long-form content is in-depth pieces of content in which the length is arguably an average of 1200 words or more. When visitors read long-form content it increases the time they spend on your website. Google pays close attention to dwell time because it is a direct indication of how useful a website is to a user.

When we refer to evergreen content we refer to articles that provide value to readers for an indefinite amount of time. These types of articles contain fully developed ideas, in depth analysis or teach a specific skill. They come in a variety of forms but most notably are checklists, how-to guides, interviews, infographics or case studies. If written and optimized correctly, an evergreen post to a company blog will generate positive signals to search engines and contribute to a website’s performance.

Web pages with data-driven, resourceful content can encourage visitors to return to the site. When visitors find value in your content, they’ll share your pages and even feature your content on their own websites.

Returning visitors, longer and dwell time are signs of authority, expertise, and trust which are very important ranking signals that will push your site upwards in the search results. Evergreen content contributes to all of the criteria above.

By producing content that stays current for the foreseeable future, you are investing in the growth of your company. Websites with evergreen content attribute a large percentage of their organic traffic to older blog posts that continue to provide value to readers for an indefinite period. The average return on an evergreen post is 30% on traffic approximately three or four months after the post is published.

“Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – Ann Handley

Here are 11 effective ways to structure evergreen content:

1. Lists & Checklists

Creating a top numbered list is an easy way for people to digest content. The titles are instant hooks if the topic is relatable to the reader because a person immediately understands what they’re getting before reading the article such as “Top 10 Ways To Lose 10 Pounds In 30 Days.”

Including numbers in your titles tend to catch a reader’s eye. It also opens the door to optimize articles to show up in position zero. Google has favoured numbered lists in their featured snippets (position zero) in an effort to make searching for answers easier and more efficient.

Give your list a captivating title to amp up the excitement and get a higher click-through rate such as “Top 5 Reasons Companies Succeed At Marketing.”

2. Best of Lists & Product Reviews

“Best of lists” is a timeless form of evergreen content because it can be updated to remain current. For example, the list “Best SEO Tools and Software” can be updated annually and the post maintains the traffic that has been built up from returning visitors by keeping the same URL intact.

3. Ultimate Guides & “How To” Guides

Ultimate guides serve as evergreen content because they are comprehensive, instructional manuals that teach the reader something actionable. Whether your guide is geared towards beginners or readers with advanced knowledge of a topic, the manual should provide a reader with something they can walk away with and apply immediately.

An ultimate guide should provide step by step, detail oriented advice or instruction on a specific topic. “How To” guides are one of the most popular types of evergreen content because they teach people a skill or give them a way to solve a problem.

4. Expert Opinions or Round Up Articles

Grouping a number of experts together that express similar ideas on a topic can make for a powerfully convincing argument. Using quotes and facts from different sources doesn’t leave much room for rebuttal when you are proving a theory.

5. Statistics & Infographics

Collect a number of statistics that will shock and awe your audience and title it “10 high octane statistics about evergreen content.” Statistics can be listed in point form, but combining your stats into an infographic is an enjoyable way to get readers to digest a piece of content that is primarily facts and figures.

Creating content in this format encourages a large number of shares that can equate to backlinks. Facts, figures, and percentages are always what writers look for to include in their content so attribution will amount to more websites linking to your page.

“What you do after you create your content is what truly counts.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

6. Historical Articles

Writing about the history of a specific person, place or event can be a large-scale effort that readers find interesting. Create a timeline of events and take your reader on a journey of any major developments in chronological order. Historical articles have a particular fan base that enjoys reading about real historical events.

7. Q & A Interviews

Developing an in-depth interview on a person of interest is another option for creating long-form content. Quotes or dialogue can be used to progress through the material covered in a single article. Incorporating video is also a great way to promote user engagement. Include the transcript so search engines can read the entire dialogue for SEO purposes.

When a person is an expert in a specific niche, the interview becomes evergreen since there’s no need to update the content when it is all related to the expert opinion of one person of interest at the time of the interview. Whether their opinion changes over time or not, the interview itself is a standalone event.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes quick-fire questions and answers are a great way to bring up the understanding of any given topic. Structure the content with each question being a progressive stepping-stone from the last.

Frequently asked questions can get a lot of interest if the questions are phrased in an easy to read manner considering there will be a lot of consecutive questions. Make the article more engaging by researching forums and come up with the most common objections and concerns people have regarding a specific topic.

9. Case Studies

Case studies demonstrate your expertise and build authority. This type of content provides readers with first-hand experiences, a story, and hands-on data. Case studies can prove a theory or illustrate how you found a solution to a problem. The best part of case studies is you have first hand data with all the evidence to back it up.

10. Optimize your content and drive up your click-through rates

Long-form, evergreen content will rise to the top of the search results for multiple keywords if it is optimized correctly. Load your article with LSI keywords throughout to enhance the key phrases for which you want people to find on your website.

You can also structure your article to be more likely to show up for position zero by incorporating the tags and list formats. Ask questions most likely to be asked by your potential viewers and tag them as titles.

Tag the answers as titles as well or use a list format if its more suitable and easier to read for the user. There is no guarantee Google will select your snippet for position zero but employing the criteria to be eligible for the featured snippet will at least make your page a candidate for selection.

11. Maximize your audience through high authority websites

Producing evergreen articles is not limited to posting on your website. Market your ideas to well-known blogs that publish related content. There are high authority sites that have a large readership to which you gain access to if they agree to publish your article. The referral traffic you receive from these sites is made up of excellent candidates for your business.

Being published on an authority site gives your company credibility and in most cases a backlink. Guest posting builds the authority of your website allowing you to push your way to the top of the search results. The accumulation of quality backlinks from reputable sites will boost your search visibility to another level and drive more prospects to your website.

Long-form, evergreen content is a strategy that is working across the board to increase traffic and conversions. Implement this marketing strategy to influence key metrics on your website that result in positive ranking signals for the search engines.

The expertise you demonstrate through on site and off site content will give readers the confidence to invest in your services. The investment in creating quality, lead-generating content contributes to the long term growth of traffic and new clients.

Have you thought about building a website to sell products or a blog? What’s the best advice you can give to someone who wants to build a competitive website? Let us know your thoughts below!

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