8 Rock Solid Rules That A Millionaire Blogger Lives By

8 Rock Solid Rules That A Millionaire Blogger Lives By


I had the pleasure to speak with Addicted2Success.com‘s founder and star blogger Joel Brown in a webinar recently. Joel is somebody every entrepreneur should know – in three short years, he has created a $1 million blog, grounded in the principles of success and self-motivation.

At just 27 years of age, rather than taking the easy route and collecting some quick cash, he turned down 3 million dollar offers to buy out his blog and continues to pump out content based on value, community, and quality above all else.

Below are 8 of Joel Brown’s Key secrets to building a value-sharing $1 million blog


1. A $1 million blog has a variety of content in each post.

The most successful blogs utilize content that will appeal to audiences from all backgrounds. Some of your visitors will be visual learners, some auditory, some voracious readers. Have something in your post to grab the attention of all of them.

Joel emphasizes covering as many bases as you can in a post – something interesting to read, a quality video, perhaps an audio interview – it improves the overall value of the post, and improves your SEO rankings as well.


2. Don’t just build a blog, build a brand.

Joel never thinks of Addicted2Success as “just a blog” or “just a website”. He highlights the importance of building it as a brand.

There should be a culture and community associated with your blog; when someone logs onto it, they should feel a larger sense of purpose and connectivity than just any how-to blog or news article headline. Make sure each article has an emphasis being of the highest quality, and have faith that the audience will start coming back.

A focus on your blog as a brand also increases your chances for expansion. Addicted2Success is now involved in promotional events, keynote speeches, and training workshops. With a focus on branding over blogging, your site will take on a life and culture of its own.


3. Reach out to new business opportunities the right way.

Joel Brown gives us an industry secret: “Keep an eye on [any successful personalities] Social Media accounts and Amazon’s Pre-Order list. If they have a book coming out – that’s the perfect time to reach out. They’re looking for exposure, name promotion, and so on. Reach out then.”

Mention your strengths and how working together with them could be a win-win. As Joel tells it: “I’ve got leverage because my blog reaches 3o million worldwide a year. That brings people I reach out to with some interest.”

Now you may not quite have THAT level of interest, but make clear what you CAN offer to potential connections. If you’ve got a strong Twitter presence, mention the potential interviewee’s upcoming book tour. Give, give, give, and soon enough, you’ll get something in return.


4. A $1 million blog promotes platform-by-platform

Joel tells us he focused MOST of his energy on just building his Twitter presence first. By building a strong and consistent audience there, his transition to Facebook and collecting likes became that much easier. Now he’s moving on to the Instagram world. This is another path to success in getting your blog noticed.

While it’s ideal to be on ALL platforms to some capacity, by focusing your energy on one specific site for a time, you help build a solid base to move to the next one. Eventually, you will gain “organic traffic” from Google searches as Joel did (currently, around 60% of Addicted2Success.com‘s traffic comes this way), but when you’re just starting out, don’t be afraid to chunk your business plan down and go Twitter-to-Facebook-to-Instagram and so on.


Joel Brown Perth CEO
Joel Brown | Photo by Paulius Staniunas – Mindvalley


5. Have “Better Than” interviews than your competitors.

Don’t always ask the “safe” questions. Put yourself in the viewer’s head – what kind of questions would I, the viewer, want to hear in this interview? If you ask a quality question, you get a quality answer. Your audience will begin to connect your interviewing skills with culture and value of the brand. They will begin to engage more and look forward to your unique ability to draw answers out of an interview.

Joel Brown’s principle is be “passionately curious“.

As he points out, some of the great minds of the past and present – from Albert Einstein to Elon Musk – are passionately curious about everything they do and develop. The best interviews are produced from the same spirit.


6. Don’t be afraid of a broad market.

The broader your niche, the more likely you are to find somebody who identifies with it. If you’re doing a self-improvement blog, your reader might be a professional athlete, a fellow entrepreneur, a recent university graduate, or any number of things. What they all have in common, though, is they all want to improve themselves.

Your broad topic may seem cliché at first, but it can be your strongest asset in inspiring a larger group of people. Never shy away from making the biggest impact.


7. Handle the “dirty work” before it threatens your expansion.

We all hate it. The server updates, legal work, the tax reports, the trademarking – it takes the fun out of business. But it’s necessary. As Joel tells us, the sooner you get those day-to-day headaches out of the way, the less you have to worry about a server crash or lawsuit if your blog gets lucky and grows at a rate faster than you expected.


8. Create a standard of quality that readers can depend on.

Joel Brown only puts out content that he believes in. This “no-compromise” approach means that on some days, there may not be a post, but the fans know for a fact it’s because the quality isn’t there. If he just put up a post to have quantity and pure volume of post, the quality standard of the blog would go down.

The longevity of your brand and the consistency of your audience will come from reaching a certain level of quality over quantity in your posts. If your fans know that you are only posting the best of the best, they will come back every time.


Words from Joel Brown

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Addicted2Success Founder Joel Brown’s Advice



  1. I realise this article got posted some time ago but I really enjoyed the interview you did Aleksandra with Joel. You got some key insights from him that I haven’t heard anywhere else before. I think the standout tip is about having a standard of content that people can depend on. Blogs are a dime a dozen so as they say “content is king.” If you are trying to build a blog then I believe you need to post the best articles you know how to write and get some other people to help you. Cheers

  2. Joel & Aleks,

    This is such an awesome collab article, and Joel you’re an inspiration bro!

    I really like the part about thinking bigger towards your personal brand instead of just a website, because I too am headed towards massive expansion with my brand. I built it to be unique and valuable as I add to people’s lives and construct the success community to expand in millions of people’s favor.

    Everything you do is your brand, so we definitely should treat it like that and watch our every action! That’s why I really vibe with that advice of keeping everything in perspective.

    Like Michael Ellsberg says in “Education of Millionaires” – A brand is everything people think of when they hear your name.

    Thanks for the awesome content as usual!

    – Evan

  3. Nice, I am reading your blog for many months, and I also started my blog.
    It’s going well, you just need to work on it.
    Thank you on your motivation 🙂

  4. Articles in this site are generally inspiring that following them step by step, one will never miss step on the road to success. They are highly educative and inspiring that any time i visit the site, i always go with something tangible. Please ride on and continue with the good work.

  5. Wow Aleksander that was a truly great post on Addicted2success and Joel. The first post I read at Addicted2success was of Dwayne Johnson way back in 2012 and it took my motivation to a whole new level. I was a college student back in 2012 and now in 2014 as I’m beginning my entrepreneur journey I have to admit that Joel success story have again inspired and motivated me a lot.

  6. Re: 7. Handle the “dirty work” before it threatens your expansion.

    What are the dirty works that a blogger usually face? Maybe it’s a great idea to post another article about ‘DOs’ and ‘DON’Ts’ and what to do when the worst case scenario happens? I would love to read more about this. Thanks!

  7. Hi Joel,

    I appreciate the advice on 4. A $1 million blog promotes platform-by-platform.

    I’m always concerned with thinking should I be using more and more social network sites. Lately I have considered just building the one up then moving onto the next (like you said platform-to-platform).

    I’m a natural muti-tasker and doing one thing at a time feel odd – But in this case it makes sense and will properly gain the better results. .



  8. Points 2 and 7 are something I’ve seen people skip over. Great article Joel! I honestly believe these words of wisdom combined with passion and a never quit attitude and you will succeed.

  9. WOW! I think I have been here for about 2 years now gaining inspiration and motivation but…. never really thought of expressing how grateful I am. Thank you Joel! And thank you Aleksander.


  10. I came across addicted2success.com half way into 2011 if I’m not mistaken. Righ in the beginning of my jorney and I find that the quality has only gone up. It’s worth pointing out that I was also reading other success related websites, and addicted2success is the one that not only kept up the great content but increased in quality (reffer back to rule #8, cuz I couldn’t agree more). Thank you so much Joel for acting on this project. Couldn’t tell you how much you’ve helped me if I tried. 🙂 Needless to say, keep up the good work.

  11. Finally took initiative to comment.

    It’s wonderful getting an insight into your mind Joel. Always have a go-to-place when I need motivation.

    I know you have much deeper motivation, but keep on going!


  12. #6 is interesting to me. Usually IM’s go after niches which equates to a smaller targeted audience. Writing for a broader market is probably harder to penetrate at first, but if done right it makes sense that the traffic and potential for success would be higher.

  13. I’ve been a fan since the beginning. Your website is my homepage and it’s full of great inspiration and positivity. Thank you Joel. Congratulations on building a successful brand. I wish you and yours great success and the money that follows.

  14. I love passionately curious people! Anyway, loved these 8 points. Been a fan of Addicted2Success for about half a year now. I don’t read every single article for sure, but every now and then there will be a few that really inspires me. And as always, all are of high quality. Great great job with the blog, Joel.

    Now I’m going to watch that video. 🙂

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