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8 Reasons Why Your Morning Routine is Not Working for You




Why your morning routine isn't working
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Want to have more kickass days? Days where you slay your workload with little effort and meet problems with zen-like insight? Of course! If you are anything like me, you’ve tried (and will try) just about anything to increase your productivity and boost your success. That’s why you committed yourself to do a morning routine.

Inspired by your entrepreneurial superheroes and mentors, you penned an elaborate routine into your schedule. If Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, and Darren Hardy do them- they have to be good! Jim Kwik, a prominent entrepreneur and a thought leader on brain performance, not only practices morning routines, but promotes them. He says, “If you win the morning, you win the day.”

Without question, a solid morning practice can 10X your productivity. This boost is a natural byproduct of the clarity and focus you get from your morning routine stimulates. Obtaining these benefits requires two elements:

  1. Building the perfect collection of activities that will jumpstart your day.
  2. Doing these exercises daily, which is not an easy task for an overworked and overextended entrepreneur.

There is a good chance that you are not seeing the benefits of your morning routine. Or worse, you don’t have one anymore. 

Here are the top eight reasons your attempt to have a morning routine is not working, and a few practical suggestions on how to fix them:

1. You plagiarized

You wouldn’t dare steal, borrow, or repost the words of another and incorporate them on your blog and marketing material as your own words. Well, this is what you are doing when you use someone’s full blow-by-blow morning ritual without editing it or adding your flavor. When it comes to creating a morning routine, you CAN’T follow the same one as your entrepreneurial crush.

An authentic morning routine can’t be copied and pasted. Your morning pep session must work within your daily routine and blend with your emotional disposition. It has to motivate you. What drives you is unique.

Identify your specific morning needs. What energy do you want flowing into your day? What gets you fired up? Maybe meditation makes you too relaxed and takes off your creative edge. Equally, a cold plunge in the pool (which is what Mr. Tony Robbins does daily) may make you mad. Whatever you do, make it your own. Don’t take someone else’s prescribed medicine. What works for them could kill you.

2. Half-assing

It takes discipline, aka, mental energy, to practice your morning routine with dedication. If you start your morning with stress, worries, and split energy, it won’t be effective. You have to include an exercise in your morning system that can massacre these burdens.

In the book, “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Nobel prize-winning economist Daniel Kahneman calls this condition, “the lazy controller.” Kahneman suggests that “maintaining a coherent train of thought requires discipline.” Likewise, maintaining a cohesive morning routine requires discipline and dedicated energy. 

“My future starts when I wake up every morning.” – Miles Davis

3. You do it because you think you should

Doing something out of peer-pressure, or following the crowd is akin to going out on a date with someone you find repulsive because your 12-year-old sister thinks it’s a good idea. There are a lot of methods, techniques, and strategies you can use to achieve what you desire. To make sure you are on the right track, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it right for me?
  • Is this the best way for me to achieve my desired outcome?
  • Is there a more natural, direct path I can take that will give me the same or better results?

4. Neglecting Your Night Routine

There is so much hype about the morning routine that you may forget to close the loop of your day with an organized nighttime routine. Think about if you go to bed with a bunch of issues on your mind. How do you think your sleep is going to be? And if your sleep suffers, how easy do you think it will be to wake up with the energy you need to get the most out of your morning routine?

  • Night routines will help you: 
  • Review the productivity of your day
  • Release the details of the day
  • Prepare for a rejuvenating night of sleep
  • Pre-pave the next day

Most importantly, a nightly ritual will prep you for your sacred morning routine.

5. It’s Boring

Set it and forget it is not the model here. You are not baking a roast or investing in your 401K. Your morning routine works better when it is fun and engaging. Shake it out. Make sure it is not stagnant. Make small changes like drinking an exotic tea mixture instead of your standard morning coffee. Your morning rituals should adjust to your needs.

6. You don’t budget it into your schedule

You are busy! All entrepreneurs are. If you don’t place this in your schedule, it is not going to happen with consistency. Add it to your calendar, and compress the time you commit to doing it. Instead of doing 30 minutes, do 15. Building a 5-min daily routine is better than a 30-min inconsistent one.

7. Having an all or nothing attitude

If your business made $1,000, but your goal was to generate $10,000, would you give the $1,000 away? No, not if you are a smart entrepreneur. You would take the thousand dollars and invest it into reaching your $10,000 goal. You want to take the same approach with your morning routine. Five minutes is better than no minutes.

Sometimes the only thing holding you back from your 2-hour morning routine is that you only have 30 minutes. So, do 30 minutes. Do 15-mins. Do something. Honor your practice. Just like in your business, you may have to make adjustments and invest until you get the results you want.

“Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” – Daniel Handler

8. Punishing yourself if you miss it

If you spend the rest of your day beating yourself up for missing your morning routine, it’s counterproductive. That is counter-productive to the spirit of your morning sessions. Find a way to fill in the gap if another obligation preempts your morning routine. Make it up as early in the day as you can. Yes, it can be made up, schedule it for another part of the day.

Here is another benefit of having a night routine. It can become your scheduled second chance if you miss your morning routine. Knowing you have this failsafe takes the pressure off, and alleviates any self-loathing that would have clouded your day. Adjust and then get back in the saddle. You’ve tried your hand at morning routines. You’ve experienced some success, so you know it is worth it.

How you focus your morning energy can turbo-charge or suck the life out of the rest of your day. Reap the rewards of consciously setting the stage for your daily success. If you make these small adjustments, your success is guaranteed.

Do you have morning rituals? I am curious to hear what is working or not working for you? Can you identify why or why not? Do you have any personal suggestions you can share? 

Personal-development writer and coach, Nyaima Smith-Taylor, is the trusted advisor to High-Performing, Entrepreneurial, and BadAss Women.  She helps them nurture their inner perfection so they can crush their goals and achieve their biggest visions. How congruent is your outer life with your inner world?  Take this short quiz to find out.  Or, if you simply have questions or comments about morning rituals, mindset, or living in alignment, email her, she loves connecting.

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5 Things You Can Learn From The 5am Club by Robin Sharma




It has been said by Robin Sharma, “5 AM is the time of least distraction, highest human glory, and greatest peace.” This also happens to be the central idea or the core value he has discussed in his book, ‘The 5 Am Club.’ Speaking of early mornings, at what time do you wake up? Are you annoyed by the fact that you wake up on the edge of time and then rush to work in haste? 

The life lessons put forth by The 5 AM Club are exactly the learning and motivation you need to challenge your complacency. In your race against time, you may not have the time to read this fabulous book. So, we have summed up the key book’s takeaways for your convenience.

1. The vigor of waking up early

This is what the book’s most fundamental advice to everyone is. Waking up at 5 am every day can work wonders to avert failures and make success a natural habit. When we wake up at 5 am, we have more time on our hands than others. Besides, this is when we have minimum interruptions and maximum powerfulness of the mind. 

To add, the early morning peace is priceless! You can schedule your most important tasks of the day between 5am, and 8am. This book teaches us in the simplest way, how we can train our mind and strengthen it to deliver the highest productivity by waking up early. This energy that you have when you wake up in the morning and the few additional hours in your day are what serve as perfect ingredients for success.

“The secret to productivity is simplicity.” – Robin Sharma

2. The power of finding the right balance in life

The book talks about a precious lesson of finding the right balance within. We often talk about the need for mindfulness and achieving the right mindset to perceive things. But this book goes a few steps ahead of our usual approach to life. It highlights the vitality of mindset and introduces the concepts of heartset, healthset, and soulset.

These terms may seem new, but they are self-explanatory. The idea of heartset endorses the essentialness of emotional stability and well-being. Next, the perspective of healthset indicates the need to look after physical health. At last, soulset is an attribute of spirituality. As explained in this book, success prospects can be enhanced big time by achieving the right balance between these internal virtues.

3. The iconic 20/20/20 modus operandi

What is the first thing you will do if you start waking up at 5 am every day? Did you ever spare a thought about it? This book has the answer to this question, and you will be convinced that it is a great way to begin your day!. The author suggests that you should split the first hour of the day into three equal parts of 20 minutes each.

In the first 20 minutes of the day, you should prioritize your physical fitness and exercise. In the next 20 minutes, you should energize your soul and spirit via self-reflection and soulful meditation. This will prepare you for the rest of the day and will enable you to bolster your commitment and focus. In the last 20 minutes of the first hour, you should read and learn. But what are you going to read about in those 20 minutes? Read about successful people and their inspiring journeys to the pinnacle of success.

4. The significance of a proper sleep schedule

In this book, there is a mention of ‘a ferocious global sleep recession’, which is intriguing and enlightening. It hints at the state of sleep deprivation that this world is sinking into gradually. We often associate success and hard work with the notion of staying up all night and testing our endurance beyond limits. But that is not the right approach to accomplishing success, or rather, it is a flawed methodology.

Sometimes even if we do not have any critical work, we keep whiling our night time on social media or television. What are we gaining from it is the real question, and I am afraid the answer is nothing! We learn from this book that it is critical to look after your sleep cycle and start your day at 5 am afresh. Sleep and rest are indispensable for mental and physical well-being, or your productivity will decline.

“If you want to have the results only 5% have, you must be willing to do and think like only 5% do and think.” – Robin Sharma

5. The art of evolving

The book sheds light on the need to be spiritual and master self-reflection. However, do you realize the purpose that the routine of reflection each morning serves? The idea is to keep learning, keep reflecting on the mistakes and keep evolution an ongoing process. You should evolve every day and strive to be a better version of yourself every day. So, one of your primary goals after waking up should be to reflect on your actions and missed opportunities of the previous day.

To recapitulate, The 5 AM Club is a must-read book if you are a passionate reader. It has the prowess and charm to refurbish your perception of life altogether. Even if you cannot read the book for some reason, make sure you incorporate the above key takeaways into your life. By starting your day at 5 am, you can rediscover your lost soul and enthusiasm, and you would not have complaints to make about the lack of time. If you can own your mornings, you can go places on the ladder of success, for excuses are only for those who are not committed to their goals.

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