spirituality in the workplace

Work is where people spend much of their time. Yet our spirituality can get shut down in the act of making a living but selling our soul. When it’s a job rather than a vocation, our personal impact declines. So how can you reverse this trend?

Here are 5 ways to invite spirituality back into your work life:

1. Start by connecting with your values

Many people search for a job that is high paying with great perks. Instead, find a place of employment focused on core values consistent with your own. Pay close attention to what companies stand for.

Take a look at websites and annual reports. Examine mission, vision and core values statements. Are the company’s actions in keeping with those statements? If you can, speak with others involved with the organization to get their feedback too.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you are in the unique position to set the tone for yourself. Make your own values an essential part of the package of products or services you deliver. Never sacrifice your own values in favor of money. That’s a huge risk to your business and an even greater one to yourself.


2. Be the example

The draining influences of workplace stress, conflict and overload seem to be everywhere nowadays. Unfortunately, that can spill over to your personal life as well. Illness, family issues, money problems or death can enter your life. Coping in the workplace then becomes more difficult. That’s true for everyone.

What can you do to ease the burden for others? Begin by choosing your words and making them count. That means your words reflect your actions. Admit when you are wrong. Celebrate the accomplishments of others. Stay away from water cooler gossip.

Tackle the sapping surroundings by raising the bar. Take the lead on encouraging cohesiveness. Propose more communications between ownership, management, staff and departments. Bring up the idea of a weekly update to keep everyone connected. Consider work from home arrangements. Or start a process improvement program to address problems and opportunities.

Watch for your cues. In a troubled workplace, you will have ample opportunity to stand out. Understand you are there for a reason and make it count. Your example can spread like wildfire and enliven the culture.

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.” – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.  

3. Figure out what’s important to your coworkers

Take an active role by getting in tune with what’s important to those around you. That could involve a workplace issue or something happening in their personal life. Keep the inspiration of others fueled and they will often return the favor.

How can you help? Just listening is usually a good start. When you show you are a true listener, others will be more inclined to open up to you. Make time even when you don’t seem to have it. Don’t be judgemental. Be ready to share your own experiences too.  

Pick up an extra task when a coworker is off sick or out on vacation. Try to keep things light and share a laugh or two. If you see someone skipping a break, pick them up a snack. There will be days when you are dangling. That’s when workplace spirituality can kick in to help you too.


4. Take a gifts inventory and take action

Part of spirituality is recognizing the gifts and goodness each one of us possesses. Once you  have gone that extra mile don’t just discard the information. What have you learned? Write it down and put this knowledge to work.

Are you a manager or entrepreneur? Tapping the creative capacity of your employees should be an important goal. That’s a key reason workers feel appreciated. It’s also why businesses thrive. Don’t fail to realize this potential.

Permit low cost experiments. Make plenty of small risk, high reward investments. Spirituality calls for tapping hidden talents to bring out the best in people.

From CEO to secretary, make sure everyone understands the big picture. Engage them in the strategic planning process. Ask employees how their gifts could help achieve crystal clear outcomes. Then let the entrepreneurs do meaningful work. That’s called Success 101.

“There is no limit to the amount of good a person can do if they don’t care who gets the credit.” – Unknown

5. Create a work environment that fosters spirituality

There are two types of individuals. One divides people; the other bonds them. Aspire to be the latter. Shared purpose results in an enriched life experience.

Take the pulse of your organization using a work climate survey. This is a questionnaire that can help assess work life, what’s important to employees and working conditions. As an entrepreneur, ensure that your values are still relevant. As a manager, be certain your values are being embraced.

Spirituality can only manifest itself under the right conditions. Be the type of person who takes the responsibility to create an environment that fosters it.  

We are all called to do and be more. So forget about having to go undercover to discover. Invite spirituality into the workplace to cultivate purpose. Then enjoy the fruits of multiplying good!

What steps will you take to bring spirituality into your workplace? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


  1. Great Article Mark! I think number 3 would be the most important to me. It does foster a sense of empathy, thus creating a much more inclusive atmosphere. This would be imperative for maintaining a nontoxic workplace. This in itself is a huge asset in sustaining and even promoting productivity.

  2. Thank you Mark for this wonderful article. First of all we have to sense what our coworkers want and this point is perfectly demonstrated in the article. I think this is a very good point in the article. I am waiting for more from the Mark soon.

    • Thanks Simone! Many people spend more time at work than they do with their own families. Developing spirituality in the workplace can strengthen bonds and create a deeper sense of purpose.

  3. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing this article. I believe that spirituality is becoming more and more important. It’s not just about making money anymore but about contributing and using your time in a meaningful way. This can be achieved in almost any activity if communication and the people in your environment show up with value, energy and spirit.

  4. Thank you, this post is full of valuable information. I like spirituality and most of my blog posts are on how to cultivate strong spiritual values for a better life. One question I used to ask myself is, do people really care about these stuffs of spirituality ? In a work place, can people try spirituality ? We live in a world where most people don’t want to change their habits. Anyway, without any spiritual habit or ritual there is no way for a happy life.

  5. The crossroads of work and spirituality… thank you for writing about this! I believe when we find our place between these two things we can be truly happy all week long.


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