A few years ago my entire life changed, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I decided that I had reached a point in my life where I wasn’t happy and needed to make massive changes. I began a long process of understanding what it would take to experience massive success and become a magnet for all things good in life. Addicted2Success was part of that journey, and so were a number of other great resources.

Below are my fourteen quick tips for turning your life around


1. Do a clean out of all your friends

I went through all my friends and asked myself one question, is this person helping me to succeed or bringing me down. If the answer was the later, I deleted them from my social media and my address book, and moved on. This might seem drastic but sometimes it’s the tough decisions that will help you achieve massive success. The only exception to this was that if someone proved that they were going to change, then I allowed them back in again. Doing this made me feel like I had control over my life again.


2. Listen to audiobooks every single day

The one habit that started this whole transformation for me was listening to my very first audiobook, which happened to be “Tony Robbins Get The Edge.” I started by deciding that I needed to do some exercise and that walking around my neighbourhood would be a good start. I could often be seen walking on the main roads of Melbourne, in the middle of the night, listening to these audiobooks and looking very animated because they were literally addictive. These tapes taught me the information that school did not, they taught me the basic success principles that I was now going to live my life by.


3. Start a LinkedIn page

For a long time, I avoided LinkedIn because I thought that people might bother me or that my privacy would be breeched. I have now learnt that if you are authentic and genuine online and have nothing to hide, tools like LinkedIn can become very powerful – read why here.

“LinkedIn is for your network what venture capital is for startups, it allows you to scale at a rate that you never thought was possible”


4. Remove negative media from your life

One of the best things I did was get back time in my day by not watching anymore TV and ditching the habit of watching or consuming any mainstream news. I replaced this wasted time with my new favourite hobby, reading Kindle books on my iPad. For many years, I was unable to read a lot of books because my eyes got tired from reading. Then I started reading on an iPad screen, which was much brighter and easier on my eyes. It was like discovering reading for the first time, and I begun to read anything from “Think and Grow Rich,” to amazing entrepreneur books like Lisa Messengers “Daring & Disruptive,” to books about Wall Street.

Tim Denning - Read Lisa Messenger's Book Daring And Disruptive
Replace negative media with amazing books like Lisa Messenger’s “Daring and Disruptive.”


5. Start juicing and rebounding now

Green Juice - Vegie Girl - Urban Projuice Tim DenningAfter attending a Tony Robbins seminar, I learned about the alkaline diet and took up drinking cold press, green, juice every morning. Never have I felt so good and I now have all the energy to get me through the day. Gone are the headaches and rumbling stomachs because my body is finally nourished and alive again. If I suggest that you do one thing to turn your life around, it would be to take up the habit of juicing.

I also started using my net time (no extra time) by combining important mobile phone conversations with walks in the park. I found this to be very relaxing, and it made me very productive. I then added watching my favourite “Ted Talks” while rebounding on a mini trampoline. This practice helps clear my lymphatic system and is a great way to get me started in the morning.


6. Walk away from conversations that involve negative people

When I decided to go and work for a corporate organisation, I started my career in a very negative team. I would often come to work and hear my fellow teammates talking about how much they hated life and the company we all worked for. They could often be seen planning coups and talking about various conspiracies. This was the best lesson of my life! I got to see exactly how I didn’t want to be and why I would never settle for less again. Even now, if I am part of a conversation and it goes down a road that is not congruent with my beliefs, I remove myself. Doing this is such a blessing in disguise because I feel like I am in control and not like life is in control of me, or worse yet, somebody else.


7. Don’t worry about the outcome of everything

Before I underwent this change is psychology, I used to try and worry about the outcome of everything. I use to think that I could always control the outcome. When I learnt that it was better just to have faith and know that every outcome happens for a reason, I had completely transformed for the better. When things that most people would consider to be major failures in life occurred to me, I would just shake it off and learn the lesson from it, knowing that every lesson was making me stronger and stronger – I adopted the phrase, “Fail Fast.”


8. Have faith in yourself

Something that rejuvenated me was learning to have faith in myself. I began to play a game with myself and tried to be in situations where I had completely no idea. I remember being asked to look after a billion dollar relationship with a client and having absolutely no idea. I said yes because I knew this was a chance to learn. From there, I always said yes to things that I thought I was not ready for. I knew that when I wasn’t ready, it was time to grow. Tony Robbins seminar taught me that my strongest human need was growth, so I tried to feed this need as much as possible. Sure enough, the more growth I experienced, the more confidence I gained. This confidence led me to have faith in myself even when nobody else did.


9. Travel the world more

For a long time, I believed that working myself to death was what was required to achieve massive success. While hard work is definitely required, working yourself to the bone will not do you any favours. I began to start travelling more and before I knew it, I had flown to more than eight destinations in the space of 6 months. I found that this travelling helped put my life in perspective and gave me new ideas. Whenever a new thought occurred about something I should be doing in business, I realised that it had come from when I was travelling. It’s easy to get lost in your own community, so get out there and see the world because one day you might not be around to see it.

Tim Denning in New Zealand - Success Travel


10. Change your career

Most people fear change and the thought of trying another career is daunting to them. I began studying people’s LinkedIn profiles and looking at their various career paths. I saw one common pattern; almost none of the people I studied had actually done the same thing for their whole life. In fact, the ones that had reached the most success had usually taken a massive change in direction at some point in their life. I started to do the same with my own career and try new things out. I discovered that my network grew, and my inner circle of influence became stronger and stronger. Don’t be afraid of change ever!!!

I later started to play a game with job interviews. I purposely went and interviewed for jobs that were way out of my league that my education wouldn’t normally qualify me for. To my surprise, all the personal development and change of character became like a magnet. Everyone was offering me jobs that I could only dream of. When I asked them why the offered me the opportunity they told me that it was the confidence, attitude and way I went about things – who knew this was the most important thing.

Want to know something even more strange? One of the jobs I applied for I was unsuccessful at getting. About 12 months later one of my work colleagues was successful at getting the same role. I asked her to ask the manager why I didn’t get it, and she did. The answer they gave, we thought you were overqualified and would get bored easily. I was convinced that the reason I didn’t get it was experience, yet I was totally wrong. Always back yourself 1000% !


11. Reach out to successful people

As a joke, one of my closest friends dared me to try and contact people within my organisation that most would consider to be unreachable. I began ringing CEO’s, Heads of, General Managers; anyone that I thought would see me as the lowest person in the organisation. To my surprise, I was able to get a meeting with every single one of them and talk to them about whatever I wanted. Never underestimate how much other people want to help you and share their advice. The act of doing this taught me about my beliefs and about people, which changed my perception of life.


12. Give as much as you can

Giving was something that I was always told was important but I didn’t really know the power of. In the early days of business, I thought it was all about protecting your intellectual property and not telling anyone about your ideas. What I now know is that ideas are not worth anything unless you do something with them. Even if you have a great idea, most people are too lazy or too negative to bother trying to steal it from you. I now tell everybody about all my ideas, and I often find that it opens doors I never knew existed. People now see me as an ideas man because I share everything I know. You will never have all the information about a particular subject no matter how hard you try.

Information is so easy to find thanks to the Internet so share away. I even share my address book because everyone is searchable thanks to LinkedIn and Facebook.


13. Attend more networking events

An easy way to expand your influence is to expand your network. I remember hearing a few weeks ago “your network equals your net worth.” A lot of people ask me where I get all my opportunities, my answer, they come from my network. I hear about things before anyone else because my network tells me about them. I do the same so now I have a mini “Pay It Forward,” game occurring within my network. Some of the best people I have connected with in the last few years I have met at networking events. No matter how exhausted I might be after work, I always try and attend events because it lifts my energy and opens my mind to ideas I haven’t thought of before.


14. Give everybody a second chance

Last but not least, I learnt to give everybody a second chance no matter what they had done. This forgiveness allowed me to see people’s weaknesses and understand that nobody is perfect. Giving in to accepting that no one is perfect has made others not expect me to be perfect. Nobody does anything to upset you on purpose; it’s how you’re interpreting it that is the issue.


So there, you have it, my top tips on how I turned my life around. So many people have asked me, and now you have all the knowledge that I had to do the same. Even if you only do 3 of these tips, I promise you, you will experience a change in your life for the good.




  1. Hi Tim,
    What a joy to be here today.
    I am here via Linkedin.
    Happy to read these 14 amazing ways or tips you shared here.
    It is indeed a great joy to know that some of them I am already following, and as you said: I could experience a change in my life.
    I too have a slight hesitation at the beginning with Linkedin, but later I found that it is indeed a wonderful platform. Thanks for sharing it.
    And Ha, the last but not the least is really a rocking one! One need to follow this very diligently. I am sure that attitude will make a great impact on others.
    Keep sharing.
    Best Regards,
    ~ Philip

  2. Mr. Denning,

    I’m literally in awe at the quality of your writing.

    Here’s how I came across you – I recently have been stuck in starting my business and wasn’t sure about the next step to take. (I live in Dallas, Tx we’re an entrepreneurial bunch down here.) I signed up for a curated content last year and NEVER read one single email.

    Well today, for some reason, I opened up that inbox and read the email at the top of the list and in was an article titled, “What I Learned From the World’s Greatest Venture Capitalist”.

    As someone who has never even said the phrase “venture capitalist”, I honestly can’t tell you what compelled me to open the article.

    I didn’t just read it, I was absorbed by it. Your content is rich, my man.

    I instantly knew I needed to be on your list to learn more about you. Your article (indirectly) showed me a path for my business that I had NEVER previously considered. So for that I thank you.

    I’m not sure what to call it, but I feel you are filling the exact role you are supposed to be filling in life. And that’s rare to come across randomly.

    I’ve downloaded your Game Changing Influencer eBook and have read most of your work on Addicted2Success. Oddly enough, I don’t see a place where you offer a product. So, this may sound weird, but…can I buy anything from you?

    You’ve blown my mind and I had no idea who you were an hour ago. Ha! As someone who truly embraces the power of the internet, I am very pleased at the moment.

    Thank you again, Mr. Denning. To your continued success.

  3. Hey Tim,
    This is great practical motivational article I ever seen. thanx a lot Tim. I appriciate ur concern about green meals,friends and giving second chance. who ever wants to stay tune I belive this is the article for them.thank you very much again for the ideas.ideas.keep inspiring people. all the best Tim.

  4. I’ve done all of these suggestions and am SO HAPPY! It just all came natural to me over time and now I’m investing in myself and my health. I quit an unhealthy job, chopped out unhealthy people and situations and am learning to like myself. All of these suggestions are absolutely a part of enlightenment. I love seeing someone else encouraging others to push on and give suggestions like yours. Great read for anyone who needs a different direction.

    • Thanks Nina and congrats on making the change. Over the next few months you will see some rapid changes and find that your happiness increases. Don’t forget to try the green juices.

  5. Hi Tim

    This ia a great read….I have been in the coporate world for almost 5 years and in different compaines and I have realised that I always find something that makes me unhappy hence the jumping from one job to another. so I want to pursue my business idea that I have had for a good 6 months now and the fear of leaving the safety of having a job is over powering me however I feel the need to start my business and find hapiness in what I do and love.
    What is your advise in quiting my current job to pursue my business?

    • Nkuli, I have known quite a few people over the years who have gone through the same thing. Changing from job to job won’t fix anything, the two things that will help is personal development and entrepreneurship.

      If you have that entrepreneur bug then it’s time to pursue it as your only on this planet once and regrets are the worse thing that you can suffer from. I wish you all the success with your new business and go out there and crush it.

  6. i so appriciate this post as inspired me fr to take my stand nw .spend sm years as a emotional fool n stuck .as very appropriate to delete negative ppl ,thoughts from life n nvr gv a second chance to thm .thanks again.

  7. Hey Tim .. I am really motivated after reading this .. thing is I am in a the middle of medical school course and I am not even interested in this field. All I did was fool thing I know. But now I am 23 do you think that I should change my career ? Im so afraid because people of my age started earning money and I am here like stuck in situation its like life is stopped at a point.

    • Sakib, glad you got some motivation from this article, but its purpose would be completely useless if you didn’t go and take some action. If you’re studying something you are not interested in and can’t see yourself doing it for the rest of your life then maybe it’s time to look for another opportunity. 23 years old is still very young and most people change their career lots of times in their life, so don’t feel like its too late because it’s not. Earning money is good but it’s nothing to be proud of. What you should be proud of is finding your passion and making a living from that. It’s going to take some time to find that one thing but unless you admit where you’re at and start looking, things will never change and you won’t get the happiness that I believe you deserve.

    • Marko, success is the outcome you get, from changing things in your life, so you will grow and do what you are passionate about. Only you can define what success is in your life and it’s not necessarily monetary related.

    • Thanks Janet. You hit the nail on the head, you have to do away with old habits and replace them with new empowring ones.

  8. Love it, thanks for sharing!!! A great read for someone who wakes up at 4.30am most mornings in frustration of their current situation. This really helps.

    • Your certainly better than me Katrina I wake up at 5am so you’re getting 30 mins of extra reading time than me. Don;t be frustrated with your current situation. This situation is temporary and you will soon be out of Winter back into Summer.

  9. Thank you for this, it was a very inspiring morning read. I read a lot of articles but yours was very sincere and really spoke to me. I’m planning on a career and life change at the end of this year, moving from Japan to Hawaii. So I’m looking to start enriching my life. Do you have a blog? I would love to read more of your articles.

    • Thanks for commenting Erick. Best of luck with the change in country. I write exclusively for Addicted2Success but you can view all my articles I post on the site via facebook.com/timdenning

    • Thanks Cristi. I think giving is a common law of success and that’s why it is mentioned so much in the world of personal development.

  10. Hey, I’m 20 now. I live in Malaysia. I’m deciding whether to further study or go to work. Some major that cross my mind is Civil Engineering(don’t know if I will like it, but I’m considering it because I could work in an office while still going outside),Marketing(fear that I would get a lowpay). If work, I will work as a Salesperson to get many money and start a business. My goal is to get my dream car. And Travel. What is your advice? Your article ia great and that’s all the thing I’m working towards.

    • Hi Raymond, thanks for your comment. Do what makes you really happy. If you’re not sure which option will make you happy then try a secondment or a 4 week trial. Consider taking someone out for coffee who already has the job that you want. If none of these options work then there is a chance you might be destined for the entrepreneur world. Don’t fear about low pay. You can make lots of money doing pretty much anything as long as you’re passionate about it. I have seen people clean toilets and drains and make plenty from doing this. Getting your dream car will only be short lived joy and then you will get complacent again. I have been through this already and no dream car will ever satisfy. What you are really chasing in the feeling that you get my driving your dream car. Try and get that feeling through doing something that may not involve money. Hope those tips give you some clarity. Feel free to connect via http://www.facebook.com/tim.denning to keep in touch

  11. Thanks Tim, this is really useful. I am on a journey to redesign my life as well. I have done many of these things and am working on a few others- like not worrying about the outcome. It is a process!

  12. Great Tips. My Favorite ‘ Dont worry about the outcome of Everything’ . I am working on it. Patience and persistence is key. Today we are used to seeing ‘instant’ results when we have just started putting in the effort.

    Thanks Tim

  13. Great article!! I can see myself in so many of the steps you’ve mentioned, and I can see that the others are the ones I need to take.

    I attended UPW in San Jose, CA last year and it was a life changing event for me as well. Tony Robbins is such an amazing guy.

    Thanks for the great tips!

    • I can totally relate James. I went to UPW a few years back in Sydney and it was phenomenal. I think the walking on fire part was the most fun, although day 4 on health was a bit of a shake up.


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