High Performance Habits That Lead To Success

You can’t expect to get the results high performers do, if you don’t adopt the habits high performers have. When you look at the successful people of the world, don’t neglect to consider the hours of work, the multiple failures, and the daily sacrifices they made to get there. If you are serious about taking your performance to the next level you’ve got to leave the ways of mediocrity behind to develop a new and improved you.

Here are 10 high performance habits that may require you to go against the grain but will aid you in reaching success like the pros:



1. Win the Morning

While the world sleeps, the high performer works. Could you imagine if you woke up on purpose, with purpose every day? How can you expect to achieve excellence when the first decision you make on a daily basis is to procrastinate the day by hitting the snooze button?

Win the morning by waking up earlier than you normally do to get a workout in, feed your mind with good books, and fuel your body with a good breakfast—all before the rest of the world is deciding whether to get up or not. Win the morning.


2. Do Hard Things

We are surrounded by people who want the fastest and easiest path to success, but not you—not anymore. Rather than run from the challenge that is keeping you from doing what you want, stare it in the face; learn about it; and embrace it.

“The road to greatness is easy”, said “no one ever”.

Doing hard things will teach you lessons you wouldn’t learn otherwise, and will make you stronger than you thought possible.

You can do hard things.


3. Embrace feedback

The average person hates to be told what they are doing wrong or what they can do better. Learning to accept feedback is not easy, but once you decide to seek it out and act on ways you can improve, you will dramatically improve your progress.

Embracing feedback doesn’t mean to do what everyone tells you; identify key mentors or coaches who are great at what they do and more importantly, who care about your future, then allow them to take you places you wouldn’t have gone otherwise.


4. Learn from Failure

No one likes to fail, lose, or mess up; but high performers use adversity to learn lessons, and refuse to allow them to disable them emotionally. When you fail, identify what you did well, what you can do better, and what you are going to do about it right now.


5. Choose your attitude

One of the most important decisions you make every day is the attitude you are going to have when you walk out your door. Don’t take your attitude for granted or it will get the best of you.




6. Do one more

As an athlete, you can do 10 reps in the weight room, or you can do 11.  As a sales rep you can choose to make 15 calls or choose to do 16. One of the best ways to build mental strength is to do something you might not want to do, but you know will help you.

Do one more—because the average person won’t.


7. Have a purpose

The clearer you can see your target, the more likely you are to hit it. High performers don’t do things “just because”, as mentioned earlier, they do things on purpose, with purpose. When you know why you do what you do, you’ll have more power to do it.


8. Recommit every single day

One reason the average person doesn’t achieve their goals is because life catches up to them and they allow the things that they have to do blind them from the things they want to do. Every day, recommit to the things that matter most.

You empower yourself when your priorities are in line.


9. Be patient

Success is made in a slow-cooker, not a microwave. High performers understand that overnight success comes after years of hard work. Be patient with yourself, keep your eyes on the prize and focus on the process, the results will take care of themselves.


10. Fear no one

Refuse to allow people to intimidate you. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do something great. Putting others on a pedestal because of their talent, experience, and or accolades makes you susceptible to beating up on yourself because you feel that you’re not as good as they are. Anyone can be beat, including you; so respect your competition but refuse to fear them—who knows, they may fear you.


  1. Great post Justin! You’re right, if you want to achieve what high performers do, you have to learn from their actions and imitate them. I personally began a morning routine that sets me up for success throughout the day. The book The ONE Thing taught me the importance of setting “time blocks” to work on my ONE thing and increase productivity. Then after reading The Miracle Morning, I adjusted my routine to increase it’s effect. Thanks for sharing these tips!

  2. Your success is built on your drive. Set your goals, prioritize and manage… take charge and ownership of achievements and failures. Success is in the beholder. Never be stagnant!
    Good advice in this article…

  3. Win The Morning? There’s nothing that you can do early in the morning that you can’t do later in an evening. You wake up early, go to bed early. Wake up late, stay up late. You still have the same amount of hours to be productive. The most successful & creative people I know are night owls. They’re at their peak creative self when the world sleeps. If you have to be up early, you miss the opportunity to stay up late so I don’t agree with this at al.

  4. There are 2 type of people in job,one who do job only to save job and another for performance only.if first type of person wil become the boss of second type think about the detrimental effect??????????????????

  5. If you perform better in night, fine. Then you wake up in the morning, an things are done ahead….I did it this way and I dare to say it worked. My downside was having third child, and suddenly all was on me. I had to set priorities, it was the child. Now I am back, she is bigger and I can go on again..

    • Great point! The key is to find what works for you, I have three children myself and it takes time get into the grove; but once you do, that’s where the magic happens. Thanks for the comment!

  6. This is very true. And mind you passion is one weapon which you will never go wrong with when chasing success. all you have to to is have passion for whatever you are doing and have the believe that you can make it through whatever.

  7. Justin – really appreciated the pep talk, and like everyone else, I dig the idea of conquering the morning! I’ve found that one practical way to accomplish this is to envision as you’re laying in bed at night what your first steps will be as soon as the alarm goes off. Like a quick pre-plan of the morning activities. It’s weird, but this trick works. I wake up and feel pre-programmed to get cranking on the day.

    Thanks again!

  8. Yes! I get up at 5am everyday. I have worked out, showered, and had breakfast before most people even get up in the morning. Once you make it a habit, it will be easy.

  9. Mastering the morning.. I’m really fighting with this one. I tried for a long time to get up early (and earlier), but this is killing my vibe for the rest of the day. This is because I also sleep late… And the combination of sleeping late and waking up early is not working for me.

    Should I just sleep earlier and get up earlier to achieve this point?

    • I did it in increments. I started by getting up 15 minutes earlier, then 30, then 45 and now I am up an hour earlier everyday. I use the time to do yoga and read/listen to inspirational/motivational books. The combination of the two put me in a solid focus that lasts all day.

    • I found it really hard to be getting up early if you have no goal – no desire to get up early.
      If you have the goal that you want to accomplish, it will be fairly easy to convince yourself to get up earlier. Going to bed will come at its place by itself after managing to do the previous thing.

    • I had sleep problems for years until I realised that if you go to sleep early you are able to get up early. “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” Benjamin Franklin

    • Thanks for your question Melkon! Sorry for the delay. I agree with Ricardo, getting enough sleep is crucial to winning the morning. It’s hard to win the morning when you’re dragging. Good luck!


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