A lot of people nowadays are in hopes of becoming the next quick money making startup, like Instagram or GoodReads, cashing in on Millions or even Billions over night. Well it aint all sunshine and rainbows for everyone who decides to “set up shop”.

This very neat Infographic by presents the chances of startup failure or success, along with some highly researched results on projection of industries that may have a higher startup success rate in the coming future.

Interesting stuff, Check it out!


The Chances Of A Startup Becoming Successful Or Failing presents What’s the change a startup business will fail - Infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent


  1. Most businesses do not succeed because they don’t start and other fail to follow a simple protocol used by all moguls and tycoons.

    1. Gain Intrest
    2. Establish Creditbility
    3. Establish Need
    4. Offer Solution
    5. Have System For Ease Of Transaction

    I teach this protocol to all my clients.


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