27 Confidence-Boosting Picture Quotes From Kick-Ass Bloggers

It’s tough, isn’t it? You just never know if you’re doing it right.

If you’re a blogger (and let’s face it, what savvy entrepreneur isn’t these days) chances are you’ve experienced one or more crises of confidence in your time. It almost goes with the territory.

Your non-blogger family and friends are no help. Clearly they don’t understand.It’s not just a blog. It’s a gateway to the rest of your life. To freedom, flexibility, and an opportunity to do work that makes a difference. 

So kick the naysayers or well intentioned non-bloggers out of your head and listen to these 27 Kick-Ass Bloggers instead.

They understand the unique emotional (and everyday) challenges of blogging and come armed with powerful yet practical advice to help you overcome them.

Here’s some of their best advice:

1_Timothy Ferris 2_Henneke Duistermaat 3_Darren Rowse 4_Pat Flynn 5_Kim Garst 6_Michael Hyatt 7_Brian Clark 8_Andrew Sullivan 9_Seth Godin 10_Marie Forleo 11_Michael Stelzner 12_Melanie Duncan 13_John Lee Dumas 14_Naomi Simson 15_Amy Porterfield 16_Neil Patel 17_Sonia Simone 18_Jon Morrow 19_Melonie Dodaro 20_Ann Handley 21_Jeff Goins 22_Ian Cleary 23_Gary Vaynerchuk 24_Marcus Sheridan 25_Mari Smith 26_Ramit Sethi 27_Danny Iny


I hope you enjoyed these picture quotes. Please leave comments below!


  1. Fun! Inspiring! Moving (both emotionally and get off your couch and DO!). I loved the approaches to blogging from all the contributors . Particularly loved the extreme sports comparison – more alive and free form. – yay!

  2. hi Helen,

    What a fabulous compilations of quotes! I love that you addressed the insecurities that every blogger seems to face. Am I good enough? Am I working hard enough? Am I doing enough? Thank you for reminding me that I am always a work in progress….and more importantly, that there are others going through the same process.


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