Four Ways to Live an Epic Life – Preston Smiles & Alexi...

Four Ways to Live an Epic Life – Preston Smiles & Alexi Panos

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My name is Erik Andress. I am a high-school teacher, a family man, a hot-wing connoisseur and the host of “How to Be a Grownup Podcast”, the first show on the new Addicted2Success podcast network.

Alexi Panos is a former model & rap star turned motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and compassionate coach whose MISSION in life is to enable you to be the powerhouse you were destined to be.  

Preston Smiles is a motivational speaker, thought leader, and social entrepreneur who’s spoken word motivation is exploding in popularity on YouTube.

In this podcast, my favorite power couple shares valuable insight on how their past experiences and personal choices have given them rare insight into what it means to live a truly happy life. I have compiled some of my favorite bits of advice that Preston and Alexi had to offer, and have summarized them here for you:

1. Your history doesn’t dictate your destiny

You are not the mistakes of your past.  Part of being human is screwing up.  We all fall down.  We all stumble from time to time.  However, the scars that your past heartache has left, do not dictate your ability to be amazing today.  Those scars are lessons that are there to push you and teach you to be the unbelievable person you are destined to be.  Whether you know it or not, you have boundless and infinite potential within yourself just waiting to be unlocked.  Let go of who you were and take steps to become the person you want to be!

2. You are the average of the five people you hang out with most

Want to be successful in business?  Want to be healthy, fit and vibrant?  Want to enhance your relationships? Great!  Stop kicking it with people who enable you to make choices that keep you stuck and stagnant in life. Start hanging out with people who are obsessed with progress.  Chill with friends who view themselves as victors not victims.  Surround yourself with individuals on an upwards trajectory and learn from their successes and failures.  When you find yourself in this new circle of influence, don’t be surprised when you start to experience abundance on a level you have never seen before!

3. When you let go of labels, you see that love is the one thing we all share

We are not defined by the labels that other people place on us.  Beyond our race, creed, sexual orientation, or political leanings, we are simply people of love.  We all want to feel safe and loved.  We all want to feel validated and know that we matter.  We all want those that we care about to find success, feel safe, and loved.  As soon as you accept that these are fundamental truths that we all share, the sooner you can start to connect on a deeper and more heart-centered level with others.

4. Practice gratitude and watch your life change forever

Take the time to notice and reflect on the things you are grateful for in the “here and now”.  Too often we get stuck in the haze of past decisions or get lost in our vision of the future, and forget to see what is in front of us in the present moment.  When you practice gratitude on a regular basis you will sleep better, experience more positive emotions, have more productive business interactions, find that it is easier to express kindness and even get sick less frequently

Check out this podcast interview with Preston and Alexi to learn all their tips, tricks, and techniques they want you to know to live a more epic and empowered life.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the “How to Be a Grownup Podcast!”  If you have some takeaways from the interview I missed, SOUND OFF in the comments below.


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