david ts wood

This morning I caught up with the world class trainer, speaker, humanitarian and entrepreneur “David T.S. Wood” to talk about living an authentic and fulfilling life.

David is the founder of AmplifiedLiving.com, a website that helps you unlock your full potential and ultimate life dreams. He is also the founder of 3 successful podcast shows, “The Kick Ass Life”, “Amplified Network Marketing” and “The Crank It Up Show”.

Checkout the podcast below to find out how you can amplify your life and live with authenticity.



How to live an Amplified Life by David Wood:

david TS Wood picture quote2– Forgive immediately

– Love with every fibre of your body

– Say YES to everything

– When you feel afraid, jump in with both feet

– Create friendships

– Keep your heart and your home open for others

– Enjoy the pot lucks, parties, stay up late and have great times together

– Pull an all nighter now and then to experience a 24 hour day

– Tell the truth as often as possible

– Share who you really are with others and be unafraid to do it

– Take more time out to go on an adventure



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