Mike Dooley

Mike Dooley is a former international tax consultant, turned entrepreneur.

Mike is best known for his free “Notes From The Universe” emailings and his New York Times bestsellers Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams and Leveraging the Universe: 7 Steps to Engaging Life’s Magic.

Mike travels around the world and speaks about life, dreams, and happiness. His teachings are based on the idea  “thoughts become things.”

Here are some of the takeaways from this podcast interview with Mike Dooley:

1. When you feel that you have crashed and burned

You start questioning if this is the best life could be. You feel like you have no direction and life is just passing you by. When you start to feel like this just choose the least sucky path and just go. Don’t worry about how you will get there.

Surround yourself with great friends and laughter. Show up even when you don’t feel like it and you will start to discover your creativity and insight. Things will start to transform without you even realizing it.


2. They only see the glory but they don’t know the story

The story, not the glory, is so meaningful. Glorious destinations are great, but it’s the journey that we feel such fondness for. The destination makes the journey possible.


3. Signs from the Universe

Be careful if you are looking for signs. That could be a sign in itself, that the answer is within you and not outside of you.

When you feel like you are going nowhere, just stick with it. Your inner senses know you are after something bigger.

Mike Dooley

4. Mike’s definition of success

Becoming more, being more, and going somewhere you have never been before. Being addicted to the process and enjoying the journey. Enjoying the journey is so cliché but when you have a journey where you feel you are at the bottom of the barrel, you look back and realize there wasn’t a bad step. Everything was a gift. Eventually you realize that everything is a lesson that adds to you.


5. Appreciate what you have done

Touching a person through kindness has changed the orbit of the world. We need to give ourselves credit of what has been done and not define it in terms of accolades or exterior recognition. We need that sense of peace; I am in motion, I am moving towards my goals and enjoying every step of the path.

We only have today. No matter what our destinations are, we still only have right now.


6. The reason more people don’t live more fulfilling lives

The number one reason people don’t live happier, more fulfilling lives is because they don’t know any better. They think life is hard, that people are mean, that it’s all a test, that god decides, and through each of those misunderstandings they give their power away.


Mike has a phenomenal outlook on life. Listen to the full podcast in its entirety. Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.


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