Astronaut Chris Hadfield
Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield In Space

Canadian Astronaut “Chris Hadfield” has been popping up all over the internet lately, sharing many inspirational videos from his journey through space. Chris is a great role model and is full of amazing advice.

Watch this video as Chris Hadfield shares his knowledge on how you can become anything that you want to be.




Astronaut Chris Hadfield – Achieving Your Dreams & Becoming The Person You Want To Be

Here is a great cartoon sketch version of this video if you would like to print this inspirational message out for your bedroom wall or cubical: (Image) Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s Advice On Following Your Dreams


  1. This guy is awesome. Full-o-Great stuff.

    I love how at the end the astronaut went to give Chris a Fist Bump and Chris grabbed and SHOOK it ha ha ha Classic!

    Nothing beats Astronaut ha ha.

  2. This ranks as one of my five posts on this site because the message is so critical to success in anything that you do – the decisions you make and the actions you take today create who you are tomorrow. I teach that in my programs too, and to take it a step further, it is critical to have a daily plan in place to follow to MAKE SURE you make the right decisions. Whether it’s a plan to accomplish your professional goals, to get control of your drinking or a diet or fitness program, it’s important to have a plan in place so that when vulnerabilities come up – such as stress, hunger or anxiety- you make the right decisions and take the necessary actions in the moment. Another awesome post Joel!

  3. I often find the challenges of self doubt and learning skills to be what prevents me from living my dreams. It is sometimes a constant struggle. But everyday I push on. This was awesome thank you.


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