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Here’s Why I Love Monday’s And Hate Hump Days



If you are waking up on Monday morning and dreading going to work then Houston we have a problem. I know many of you feel like that every Monday.


Me personally, I bloody love Monday. Mondays are the start of a new week and the end of the weekend. If I’ve played the game right, I’ve spent enough time relaxing on the weekend to hit Monday morning with a spring in my step.

I’m fired up and ready to hit the ground running on Monday morning because I love what I do. No one has to force me to do anything because I make my own decisions. The moment something is no longer fun or fulfilling, I drop it like a sack of potatoes (my grandpa used to say that).

Hump day

Then there’s this hump day BS. I don’t get it and it must be “A Thing.” Wednesday is supposed to be hard because it’s the middle of the week. Do you mean to tell me that you work two full days and your bloody exhausted and upset about that?

Come on seriously? Try working seven days straight in the emergency room of a hospital. I’ve met some cool people that do that and it’s way bloody harder that sitting in an office and staring at a computer screen for eight hours.

“Wednesday should be just as good as Monday was. If it’s not, Houston we have a problem”

There may be a bigger problem

If you don’t love Monday’s and hate Wednesdays, then there is something else going on. There should be a siren going off in your head telling you it’s time to make a change. The top 1% of successful people don’t hate these two epic days.

You have to realize that and stop thinking that’s it’s normal to hate on these two magical days where you get to work on your dream. When you get home from the office, that’s when you need to work on your side hustle.

If you come home from work pissed off because of what day of the week it is then you’ll have zero energy to put in work after hours on a pet project that could become your future. I get asked all the time how I find time to blog.

It’s not that hard guys and girls. I’m doing what I love so how could I not find the time? I’ve quit worrying about what day of the week it is and decided to live with passion 24/7.

“I’ve decided not to do crap that makes me pissed off, frustrated and lack motivation”

I’m not better than you I’ve just made different decisions. This post is not about me telling you how much of an amazing boy scout I am with some pretentious advice handed down from the “Oh great one, Tim Denning.” I’m not some guru that has all the answers.

The point

What I am telling you is real simple if you’ll just break your own pattern of lying to yourself and get focused on what you want. What makes you feel on top of the world? Come on we all have at least one thing that gives us that feeling.

Find it and then use it to help you kick some ass in life. I’m tired of complainers and people that don’t take action. All the answers are out there you just have to go find them for yourself.

Sooking about the day of the week is for losers and nobody reading this fits into that category. I don’t write for losers; I write for people that want a better life and are looking for inspiration and strategies that will take them there.

I write for people that love Monday’s and don’t acknowledge this lame ass term called “hump days.” Get out there and show the world what you got. Throw your excuses in the bin and quit complaining. You’re so much more than you think you can ever be.

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Change Your Mindset

5 Ways To Achieve Your Goals (With Examples)



Accomplishing mountians

Setting goals is a crucial first step, whether you’re striving to reach personal or professional milestones. However, achieving those goals requires planning, determination, and focus. In this post, we’ll discuss five actionable strategies that can help you achieve your goals in 2023, and we’ll provide real-life examples to inspire and motivate you. By implementing these tips, you can train your brain to achieve your goals and make meaningful progress toward your aspirations.

1. Write Down Your Goals

The first thing needed to achieve a goal is to have one. A goal becomes very clear and precise once you have written it down most simply and easily to remember.

Here are some examples:

  • I am the world’s best dancer!
  • I am the greatest athlete!
  • I have created the world’s most innovative tech company!

They are all written with the belief that these things have already happened. Once you start believing it has already happened, other people too can sense your confidence and things start happening.

“If you want to be happy, set a goal that commands your thoughts, liberates your energy and inspires your hopes.” — Andrew Carnegie

2. The One Page Plan

A simple one-page plan to accompany your goal is much more powerful than a detailed 30-page plan. After you have written your clear goal – write down all the things you will have to do to achieve it. Make it as simple and direct as possible so that you can refer to it every day and take action. A simple plan is easier to follow and keep up with.

3. Get The Right Skills

Once you have a clear goal that has been inked into your mind, and a clear plan in place, it is very important to invest in the skills you need to achieve your goal.

So for example, if you want to become a movie star, you should immediately start developing your acting skills. Observe how other actors perform, join an acting class, read about acting, and most importantly, start honing your craft by joining a local theatre group and going for as many auditions as you can. Practice is very important for mastering any skill.

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4. Surround Yourself With The Best People

The best way to achieve our goals is to make sure we have the best people supporting us. People who succeed are always those who understand the power of people.

So let’s say your goal is to be an entrepreneur and you have developed your entrepreneurial skills, the next step would be to get the best people to join your team to help you achieve your goal. These would be people who you consider to be the best marketers capable of getting you the best customers and investors.

Once you have the best people supporting you, it becomes much easier and faster to achieve your goals.

“It takes tremendous discipline to control the influence, the power you have over other people’s lives.” – Clint Eastwood

5. Power of Faith

Nothing beats the power of faith and belief. Sometimes you might face challenges, sometimes things might not be going your way, and you might feel like giving up – these are the times when faith and belief will keep you going.

So many people give up, just a few inches away from victory. I am sure you are not one of them since you are investing time into self-development which gives the highest returns! Now go out there and start achieving your goals!

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